There”s Enough For Everyone”s Need, But Not For Anyone’s Greed

Posted on April 3, 2012 in Short Stories & Poems

By Shruti Shreya:

I sat at my window, gazing out,
Not a soul in the woods, not one about.
The great dark giants with their hands outstretched,
Beckoning to the Phoebe as the clouds passed ahead.

And then I saw that fluttering stranger,
Emerging out of shadows, I knew he was danger.
Not a twitch of a twig, nor a rustle of a leaf,
He moved about as to a lurking thief.

He chose his victim and got to work,
With his axe in motion, his face a smirk.
I witnessed with bated breath an evil sight,
As the giant Ebony gave in to his might.

And then it was all over!
The tree might fetch him a great new pullover.
But he was a man so greedy, a beast, a hog,
Who turned the tree into a mere log.

I sat back, tears welling, my eyes shut,
Wondering what will happen with the trees all cut.
“Yes, there is enough for everyone’s need,
but surely not for anyone’s greed!”

These words of Bapu are really true,
But who is there to listen, WHO?

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sonakshi madan

amazing work…very true there is enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed.If this greed is controlled then this world will be the best place to live in.


I think u did amazing ……….. I like it very much


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