Mission Hazaras: Target Killing Accomplished

Posted on May 13, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Mmrityunjay Nanda:

At some point of time in your life you will realize that you have been emotionally debating around issues being unaware of its deep and diverse roots.When we see an act of brutal discrimination against a poor race, we start feeling squeamish and yell around what we witnessed. But believe me, you can never understand or experience the pain and torture that these Hazara people have been through since the birth of their race.

Hazaras are generally Persian-Speaking people who solely count themselves as Shia Muslim. This race finds its residence mostly in Afghanistan, Iran and Quetta of Pakistan. Quettais the largest city and provincial capital of Baluchistan where Baloch and Pashtun are the two main ethnic groups; the city holds a population of 13 million. Hazaras who live in Quetta are pretty poor in number, about half a millionin number currently and gradually losing their population due to unimpeded slaughtering and sectarian attacks. Because of their mere inhibited strength and lack of resources, these people are getting sandwiched between the Balochi and Pashtuns groups.

In 19th century, when Hazaras were evolving as a civilization, Emir Abdur Rahman Khan came in to power and slaughtered nearly half of them. Furthermore he plotted Sunni Muslims against Shias and the act of brutality is still flashing its red colour in the eyes of every Hazara. Even in 21st Century, the catastrophes have not stopped shadowing these tribes.Though worldwide protests have caught much foreign attention towards systematic discrimination, ethnic cleansing and genocide of Hazara people, but the number of massacres has not diminished yet. Where the racist tyrants keep on targeting them in broad daylight while the government is still dozing, lost in fantasy.You will be shaken when you will come to know that 2410 people have lost their lives only in Baluchistan since 2006. It’s also a matter of great disgrace that one-third of the victims are children.

Sunni extremist militant groups like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and terrorist groups like Baluchistan Liberation Army are held responsible for the slaughtering. These sectarian killers are targeting Hazaras in shops, market places, hotels, mosques, hospitals, in fact wherever they can get their hands on this marginalised race. If you are a Hazara then you will never know when and where a bullet will hit you and untied your soul from your mortal body. When you close your eyes at dusk, the dawn can only be described as an uncertain future.

A report displays that 85%, i.e. 454 people, have lost their lives in sectarian attacks out of total 534 casualties since September 2011 to 2012. I do fear, life out there has become just like a water bubble for these Shia Muslims.

Reacting to the situation a Pakistani citizen says, ‘‘something very corrupt and evil has seeped into the psyche of the country and appears to be spreading and it looks like no one cares.’’Law and enforcement system of the province -the only hope of these innocent people — refuses to lift a finger against it wherein the police forces are truly falling short before these man slaughters. No one is there even to throw a straw to these drowning tribes of Quetta.

Where it is suggested that Pakistani Military commands are immunizing these terrorist groups, there the involvement of Taliban’s Quetta, an Afghan-Taliban militant organization, can’t be excluded. When the chief minister of Baluchistan Nawab was questioned about the connection, he just replied with a funny statement,‘‘Look, I have heard of Quetta Shrove(soup), not the Quetta Shura’’. Replying to another question he added, ‘‘Why don’t you go and ask people why it is that they cry so?If they are going to cry like this, we will send them a truck load of tissue papers, so that they can wipe their sorry tears.’’

So it is crystal clear that these public servants are openly accepting their strong ignorance towards on-going sectarian attacks.But I really don’t understand the peculiar behaviour of these bureaucrats;is it because of fear, negligence, and incompetence or is it pure politics? Whatever it may be, but there are thousands of innocent lives still hanging in jeopardy and this has to stop.

I have truly no words to describe what Hazaras have been through but no one can deny that this is another heinous example of tactical barbarism in the pursuit of prejudice that the world has ever seen.

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This report is not impressive at all.The information provided is incorrect. Quetta’s population is not 13 million as stated in this report.

The writer has mentioned killing of hazaras with overall killing in Baluchistan, which does not give the real picture of the killings. She mentioned “You will be shaken when you will come to know that 2410 people have lost their lives only in Baluchistan since 2006. It’s also a matter of great disgrace that one-third of the victims are children.” which is totally wrong.

The writer also has mentioned that BLA is behind the killing of Hazaras which is wrong. BLA not even in single statement has claimed involvement in killing of hazaras. I think she has some secret agenda, by putting hazaras more in risk by mentioning BLA’s involvement. I personally am in the opinion that BLA is not involved in these killings and the records verify this.

She has also mentioned that ” A report displays that 85%, i.e. 454 people, have lost their lives in sectarian attacks out of total 534 casualties since September 2011 to 2012. I do fear, life out there has become just like a water bubble for these Shia Muslim” This is totally rubbish and I doubt on the credibility of the figures given. You guys agree with me because we have all the figures of killing in the past one year and even in the past 10 years.

I appreciate if you do not share such reports from unknown authors as these may have negative impacts. We are the victim of terror but dont be the victim of hidden agendas of any unknown people.



    I don’t think you are right either, because rejection of some of the facts she has mentioned is as fool as living in a fool’s paradise.On the following points she is 100% true.
    Is not true that Hazaras are heavily discriminated in Quetta and around Pakistan due to their Mongolian feature? Is not true the Taliban Shura is in Quetta? Go and survey if you are not satisfied with the figure of children effected as a casualties and orphanage. Is not true that Mr. Bombo Raisani is always dosing and lost in fantasy. Did not he (Mr. Bombo Raisani) said this in front of many reporters that, ‘he will send truck load of tissue paper to wipe out their tears’? What does this mean? is not he a Baluch nationalist?
    Is not true sunni extremist Lej accepted the killings of innocent Hazaras for the last decades?
    Any Hazazras happened to be in a Baluchi area or gone for any business in the baluch area all them are being shot dead in a broad day light. If BLA is not involved then why any culprit is not captured by the Baluch civillians? who are always around the incidents.
    Remember if the Baluch awam is not with Hazaras then why they do not capture the attackers? and why they do not show them to the law enforcement agencies?
    There plenty of questions that needs to sort out? before you point out your fingers to a writer!!

    Mr. Muzaffar Truth is always bitter, nobody ever accepts his mistake.

    Which agenda would be better than your nations life? Think it again!!!
    Don’t be afraid, living in hell is better than living in fear!!!
    The more people write about the ethnic cleansing of Hazaras the better it will be in order to educate the world about this heinous crimes of discrimination and genocide take place in Quetta.


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