Closure of the Ruchika Girhotra Case: Shameful Defeat of Hopes for Justice at the Hands of CBI

Posted on June 3, 2012 in Specials

By Rohit Singh:

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has once again failed the expectations of the common man when it failed to bring justice to the family of Ruchika Girhotra.  The family of Ruchika Girhotra, a minor girl who allegedly committed suicide after molestation by former Haryana director general of police (DGP) SPS Rathore, gave up its fight for justice in the court of law after 22 years.
The security cover provided to the family was removed three months before a local court accepted the closure of the case. A PCR van stationed outside the Girhotras’ residence in Panchkula’s Sector-12A area now has nobody to operate it. The van was there for the family’s security along with the cover three years back.

Panchkula DCP Parul Kush said she was unaware of the removal of the security. “I will have to check records as I have taken over recently,” she said.

The special CBI court in  Panchkula accepted the closure report submitted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in two cases – Attempt to Murder, and Forgery of Documents- filed against former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore. “When Rathore was convicted in 2009, I met Union Home Minister P Chidambaram who assured me of justice. I thought time and system had changed and dared to move fresh complaints against Rathore”, said Ruchika’s father Mr. Subhash. On January 12, 2010 the CBI registered three fresh FIRs against Rathore – Attempt to Murder, Abetment to Suicide and Doctoring of Documents.  Recently, the special court accepted the closure of two files out of the three, which included Attempt to Murder and Forgery of Documents.

Ruchika’s father and brother have raised no objection over the closure of the file. “I do not see any hope now. We feel cheated. My family is vulnerable. The circumstances have pushed us back by 20 years“, said Ruchika’s father while talking to a leading newspaper. “But now after finding that the system cannot be changed, we decided not to pursue it further,” Mr.Subhash Girhotra said.

Ruchika’s  father said that he had presented a lot of material and some witnesses related to the fresh cases before the agency, “But the agency was adamant on closing the case,” he said.

Subhash pushed his son and family into exile after Ruchika’s death, fearing further harassment at the hands of the former DGP. During this period, the family shifted between several cities and returned to Panchkula many years later only to lead an inconspicuous life.
Besides Rathore, former Ambala SP KP Singh, sub-inspector Prem Dutt and assistant sub-inspectors Jai Narayan and Sewa Singh were also named in the FIR related to the abetment of suicide.

The following is the timeline of Ruchika Girhotra’s case:

August 12, 1990– SPS Rathore, then IG and President, Haryana Lawn Tennis Association (HLTA) reportedly molested Ruchika
September 1990–Ruchika was expelled from school for ‘indiscipline’ following her allegations against Rathore
September 3, 1990– An Inquiry report indicted Rathore
October 23, 1993– Ruchika’s brother arrested in several theft cases
December 28, 1993– Ruchika consumed poisonous substance
December 29, 1993– Ruchika died
August 21, 1998– High Court directed CBI to conduct inquiry
December 21, 2009– CBI court sentenced six months of imprisonment to the accused
January 12, 2010– CBI registered three fresh FIRs  charging of Attempt to Murder, Abetment to Suicide and Doctoring of Documents.
November 10, 2010– CBI filed closure

In its closure report, the CBI  said that the allegations levelled by Subhash Girhotra and his son Ashu against Rathore were unfounded. The CBI also claimed that the allegations could not be substantiated “as per the documentary evidence and oral testimony of witnesses“.

What we need to understand here is that the executive and judicial bodies of India have not only failed Ruchika Girhotra and her family but every common man who has either faced such a situation and has been expecting justice or who has women in his family and yearns for their protection. The time is not far when people will be frustrated because of the injustice caused to them and become belligerent, pick up guns and revenge upon all those who have inflicted pain upon them. It’s high time that the system in India and people working in it show enough shame to bring justice to the people for whose protection they had vowed when they joined the service and show valour enough to stand against the wrong no matter how powerful it is. We need a system that can ferociously attack the bad elements of the society and once again reassure the common man of India that he is in safe hands.


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Yes, the closure of the case does indeed shatter my belief in the Indian judicial system. It only goes to show that in India power, corruption and crime have become a culture, a way of life.
No one heeds to the trauma that the common man faces when they are grinding helplessly in the judicial system which has failed countless number of times. All they look for is justice which the Indian law has sadly often denied her/him. 

nvragn nvragn

Anybody and I mean anybody who is not a criminal money bag and has the misfortune to get stuck with the police and the judiciary is doomed. That is the fate of the ordinary citizens of the largest democracy on earth-no recourse to justice, ever.

nvragn nvragn

Anybody and I mean anybody who is not a criminal money bag and has the
misfortune to get stuck with the police and the judiciary is doomed.
That is the fate of the ordinary citizens of the largest democracy on
earth-no recourse to justice, ever.


Please do something about the travesty of justice in the Ruchika Girhotra case.

SPS Rathore the molestor of Ruchika drove her to suicide by tormenting and harassing her and her family. Her then 13 year old brother Ashu was illegally arrested (kidnapped) on the trumped charges of stealing 11 cars by SPS Rathore and third degree tortured on many occasions, beaten till he was near death. Ruchika was expelled from Sacred Heart convent school at Chandigarh and the Principal-Sister Sebastina admitted that she did it at SPS Rathore’s behest. Every institution of our country-the police, the administration (SPS Rathore got his promotions, medals and pension),Ruchika’s school, Sucessive governments of Punjab and Haryana and the Centre, the CBI and now finally the Judiciary have failed Ruchika and her family.

What is the hope for justice for the ordinary citizen in India??? Only criminal moneybags, criminals in uniform and criminals in the state assemblies and parliament are able to live a fear free life, no matter how many crimes they commit, they get away with all of them.

What was Ruchika’s crime? That she spoke out against the molester and tried the only possible legal recourse? If she had just swallowed the violation of her rights and had let SPS Rathore have his way with her, she would have been probably alive.

What does that say for the so called largest democracy on the face of earth? Is this how India wants to shine?

Please do something. I beg of you.

The only thing I can do is that I am writing to everybody that I can for two days since the case was closed by the CBI, with no avail. I don’t even want to imagine how Ruchika’s brother Ashu who underwent torture, lost his sister in such a callous manner, has lost his whole childhood, good education and career and Ruchiks’s father who has fought for justice for his murdered daughter and tortured son for the last 20 years must be feeling. They have been beaten into defeat by the might of  SPS Rathore and the state machinery behind him.

Such cases-Jessica Lal, Nitish Katara, Priyadarshini Mattoo were dealt by the state machinery in the same manner until the citizens of India got together and unitedly protested for justice. Here the case is even more heinous because a police officer who is supposed to protect citizens is the molester of a minor, harassed the victim to suicide, put all kinds of illegal pressure on the family and friends of the victim for the last 20 years and has gotten away SCOT-FREE. He hasn’t been incarcerated for a day. Please help Ruchika’s family, they don’t have any physical and moral energy or financial means left to pursue SPS Rathore any more. SATYAMEVA JAYATE’s taking up Ruchika Girhotra’s cause would definitely encourage Ruchika’s family and make the state govt., law-, home- and prime- minister take an interest in this gross travesty of justice. PLEASE.

Srishti Jain

I believe that we have not failed as a democracy, because the presence of numerous departments at every level be it district,state,central ,that is ,that we are a bright nation when it comes to making laws and institutional implementation, but what we lack is the INTEGRITY , and have failed as the very nation where the parents weren’t able to impart good value system and virtuous principles to their sons who then grow up to become tyrants like RATHORE! in this case. 

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