The Acid Burn #Poem

Posted on June 22, 2012 in Short Stories & Poems

By Nazreen Fazal:

I want to know
Your thoughts that day,
When you picked up that vial
From the chemistry lab
Turned right around and flung it on my face
What were you thinking,
When you saw the liquid blind my eyes then
Slowly drip down my cheeks
Down my neck and through my shirt
Burning its way through.
What did you think
When you saw burning trails of flesh where once
Were cheeks which could blush
Cheeks which turned away your advances
What made you think you could,
With this burning liquid
Alter my face
Mess it so bad
That I now have this grotesque mask
Of burnt flesh, melting, parting and meeting at different spots
Blotches- black, brown, blue, grey-
Of pain numbing my insides
What do you think now
That you see me in this bed
Writhing in pain, wishing to die
Tell me. I want to know.

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