A Late Valentine’s Song #Poem

Posted on July 3, 2012 in Short Stories & Poems

By Nisha Kutty:

The crooked cans sing a crooked song,
As you pass along these withered willows
You can hear them clank – through these roads rather long.

She basks in the glory of her idiocy,
She basks in the beauty of the dark
She speaks of a world long forgotten –
She lives through whirls of snarl.

This great abeyance then,
Shall lead to no everlasting hills.
Oh, onlooker! do you see their marbled facades of blue smoke?
Rueful and vexed – his tender skin you see
But, do you never wonder – What else it might be?

Aurora pinned me to this world of desolation –
where be her light?
But, you forget –
My soul is a bride here – dressed so beautifully in white.

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    Nisha Kutty

    thank you so much :)


And onlookers will be stupefied with awe and fright while the bride will dance late into their nights :)

Nisha Kutty

you’d know better – onlooker :)

sohini chattopadhyay

I just happened to chance upon this. Ethereal, Nisha. :) And The Onlooker should learn to disguise better. 😛


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