How Important Are Marks In Today’s Era

Posted on July 22, 2012 in Learning+

By Meghana Chandani:

When we were kids, our grandparents would tell us stories based on their life experiences. To start with we were told about how they would get just about 20 rupees as pocket money. They had the privilege to decide how to spend those 20 bucks which meant the world to them. They would narrate how each one had twenty siblings or more, the fun they had, the fights and the partiality between the siblings .We were told how they wouldn’t study but at the end of the day most of them have earned a living.

Today small family norms, studies and education have become very important for the youth. If not for a 99% cut off we are refused admission into many colleges. Even if we are given admission the credits do not go to the student who has worked hard enough. This is because of the extent to which corruption has reached. The donations asked for, by the colleges are not affordable by majority of the people. This hinders the confidence of the students.

In the 21st century education is one of the most important factors .But the big question is whether education NEEDS TO play such an important role among the youth or not. We need to accept the fact that not only education counts, but it is the values, smartness and one’s personality which will help us be someone someday .I do agree that a major portion of credit goes to education. Without education there would be no smartness, no values learnt and no employment. But it shouldn’t cross the border line where very soon cut off percentages for colleges would be a 100%.

Today the pressure of competition has crossed limits due to which people are committing suicide and losing their self confidence. This is a major issue which needs to paid emphasis on.

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Anshuman Saxena

i cannot understand the point you are trying to make.!

Neha Jha

I’m 21 and from my little experience, I’m sure of one thing. Grades don’t take u far in life. Its ultimately your own mind, cleverness, adjustability and other such ‘soft skills’ which get u where u want to be. While parents and teachers refuse to accept this even today, fact remains the same. I’m giving entrance for MA in some universities and all of them ask only for 50% as cut-off in BA. It all depends on entrance. When I applied for my 1st job, they did not even take a look at my marksheet. 10th and 12th marks are seen only when u qualify for entrance. My mentor wasn’t really sure of his marks or anything in life. But, today he has risen up to be a self-made man…and is instrumental in guiding me when it comes to career and even life.

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