Hard Work And Talent At The Second Standing: Did Reservation Win?

Posted on August 29, 2012 in Learning+

By Manisha Bhadoria:

Like all other students, after passing class 12th, we  gave all the entrance exams we could. Since me and my friends had maths as one of the major subjects, the most awaited results were of our state engineering entrance test and AIEEE. Result of AIEEE was declared and nearly everyone got what they deserved, except for two students. One secured around 20000 rank and was sure that he won’t be getting any colleges of his choice and the others rank was in lakhs and obviously nobody bothered to know where he would be getting. But something ulterior happened after the counselling. The latter got into an NIT!

Well, I think most of you have guessed what could have been the possible reason behind this. He got this seat under ST criteria. But the story doesn’t end here. The former had to take admission in a private college and all he could think of was that despite of all the hard work he had put in, he still wasn’t able to get into a decent college. He remained dejected for a long time and slowly developed a kind of dislike for the “reserved people” which wasn’t ephemeral but continuous.

This isn’t just the story of those two boys. Thousands of students in India go through this every year. Reservation is not balancing our society, rather it is creating a dislike among the people and most importantly, among the youngsters.

I call it a dislike because this hasn’t yet turned into hatred which I fear will be witnessed in the coming years. Reservation was necessary when the people of lower class were suppressed by the people of upper class. Or it is justifiable for the people who are below poverty line. But reservation for people who don’t need it is creating a much intricate problem.

Recently an attempt by a student to get into the college of his choice in DU by procuring false SC certificate in spite of having 90 above percentile in board exams has acted as a whistle blower for our government about the deleterious situation which has resulted due to the increasing percentage of reservation day by day .

The vote bank politics of this country has reached its nadir. Now reservation in government jobs for getting promotion would only promote more hostile feelings among the workers and would discourage work enthusiasm.

In my opinion reservation should be removed from the existing education system completely, because the point of reservation was to give justice and rights to the oppressed people of this country. But now it has become a contradiction to the vary existence of this system itself. A rift is occurring in the minds of the young generation who don’t get reservation. Moreover, we are compromising with our nation’s growth. We cannot have a scientist, doctor, an engineer or anyone who is not worthy of being where they are, irrespective of their cast.

In this article I have been forced to use words like “upper caste”, “lower caste”, or phrase like “people with reservation” which I don’t think are of much importance and should not be present in anyone’s vocabulary. But this subject makes people relive the past use words like this. The point of reservation should be to remove that FEELING from people’s heart that they are of upper caste or they are of lower caste. Even if reservation should be there then it must be given to those who desperately need it, like people living below poverty line, for this will justify the true meaning of reservation.

And even if some think, that I am wrong then I would merely like to ask a question to them: What possibly could be the future of a country where hard-work and talent are given second standing?

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Mohit Tiwari

I am totally agree with you manisha, even i almost hit the roof when was
about to fill the CBI’s recruitment form. If such kind of agencies
(RAW, NATGRID, CBI) choose their candidates or main employees on the
basis of reservation, then i don’t think we should blame Ajmal kasab,
Dawood Ibrahim and other terrorists for their activities as they are
doing what they should do but Govt. of India is not surely doing what
they have to do. See this link



the point of growing hatred is altogether true. But, one doesn’t care about anything as long as he gets what he deserves. An incident that took place about two months back at ISI Kolkata during their interview process moved me to such an extent as to requiring me to consult a psychiatrist. Among about 2 lacs people who appeared for the entrance test 35 students were selected for the interview round, of course more than 50% of them being from reserved category. The interview went very well and after the commencement of it , one of the faculty members came to me and said, ” we expect you to see in our next batch, beta.” I were so happy that i would get a chance to get into the most reputed institution of india,, forget IIT’s and IISc. two of my friends also had their interviews there, both of ’em belonging to the reserved category( one scheduled and one obc i think), they came out with very sad faces; told me that they couldn’t answer anything and many of the people there told’em you hardly know anything about mechanics, you hardly know anything about maths. Much disappointed i thought about taking’em out to lighten their mood. But the next day came as a big surprise to me. Their names was in the list of students finally selected for admissions and i wasn’t there. i checked their websites many a times, composed numerous mails to the dean’s office only to know that out of 20 – 14 seats were given to the reserved category and PH candidates. Now, those two are studying in ISI and i, the culprit of being a general caste student is at home preparing to get admitted into the next batch of theirs. Reservation sucks.

Rigya Singh

I am a General Category student who suffers from Reservation. But, it is needed. Read Derrida’s Deconstruction theory and apply it to this situation. One group always becomes Dominant and overpowers the other. To achieve equality, we need to reserve the situation, which would mean empowering the oppressed group. And then we bring both the groups at same level.

I used to be irritated with the whole Quota system, until I read Derrida. 2 of the best Professors I have met, are in the college because of Quota system.

I agree corruption has seeped in to Reservation too, our job is to make sure it reaches the people for whom it was devised and not to remove it.

sachin kumar

we all are d victims of reservation system.

Rohith Ch

Reservation process was introduced into Indian judiciary system for some purpose, a long time ago by Ambedkar. The purpose of his mission was fulfilled and now his implementations were being misled by the present scenario and politics. The main aim was to help the oppressed, to give them equal opportunities. Now everyone has equal opportunities to prove their talent and skills, still following the reservation system is biggest mistake.
The talented and hard-working people are being oppressed and even if there are 100 Ambedkar now who rise their voice against reservation, damn sure they will also be crumbled under the present political administration.
The people who have reservation should know that it isn’t worthy for them.
The people who have no reservation should raise their voice against reservation.
Finally the Politicians should realize that “It is ultimately the Talent, skills and innovations of the youth that develop a nation in all fields rather than the votes offered by defending the Rights for Reservation System”.

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