Why Arvind Kejriwal Is Capable Of Freeing Our Country From The Chains Of Corruption

Posted on September 2, 2012 in Politics at Play

By Dyuthi:

He might be accused of laying the foundation of ‘Team Arvind‘ while stealing the limelight from ‘Team Anna‘. He might be the one having to take the blame for all the commotion back in Delhi that led to fallout between Kiran Bedi and the rest of the team. I however still believe that Arvind Kejriwal is a man of substance. Kejriwal, in my opinion has everything that a good politician needs to have:

A man of morals: In a country like ours, anyone can become a politician. But a good politician is like a rare and extremely precious gem. Kejriwal’s intention to serve people: something that is very hard to find today, has been the driving force throughout his career. It was this desire that made him resign from his job at Tata Steel and work for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, the Ramakrishna Mission in the North-East and the Nehru Yuva Kendra.

Excellent oratorical skills: A good politician is someone who can easily put up a one man’s show and make a great impact despite having no one to help him. We’ve have seen from the good old days, that a person who talks effectively influences people in ways no one else does: be it Mahatma Gandhi or Mrs Indira Gandhi. Arvind is someone who has always satisfied this condition. After Anna Hazare, it was his words that stirred thousands of people to follow him to the residences of those who held power, to protest against the corruption involved in the Coalgate issue. His words took over the hearts of millions in our country.

Be the change you want to see in the world: Arvind is someone who has always stood by these words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi. You cannot expect the system to be corruption free until you be a part of the change, you have to go out there and clean up the dirt. It was this urge of his that led to the foundation of Parivartan, a Delhi based citizens movement which works on ensuring a just, transparent and accountable governance. Kejriwal, along with other like-minded people campaigned for the RTI (Right to Information) Act. Thereafter, it became a law at the national level. Similarly, when he urged people to support the IAC (India Against corruption) for passing the Jan Lokpal bill, he himself went on hunger strikes for days.

A man with a lot of experience: Being a part of the system accounts for better experience than being a graduate from some XYZ school of business or some obscure foreign university. Interestingly, Arvind Kejriwal has been a part of the system ever since he left his job at Tata Steel. Right from being associated with charity work or being a IRS officer, he has worked with the people and seen it all. This experience has clearly made him someone who understands that corruption is the root cause of every problem in our country.

The never give up attitude: It would have been very easy for Mr Kejriwal and his supporters, to accept the weak Lokpal bill that was drafted in the last monsoon session. But this basic intention of striving for the better has been the cause behind having things the way they are today, Arvind Kejriwal is proof of the fact.

Everyone has their own definition of a politician. Some see politicians as people who are fake, corrupt, diplomatic and scheming – the ones that actually manage to achieve success in this country. On the other hand, some believe that there exist politicians who are genuine, morally driven people who intend to make our country a better place to live. I would always second the latter part of the statement and firmly believe that Mr Kejriwal is one of those rare politicians.

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Hemanth Babu

good work Dyuthi,All the best .

Vimal Raj

lets say Mr.Arvind is the messiah the nation has been waiting all this while for. One man cannot bring about a change in the system that has corruption drilled so deep into it. Call me being a pessimist but wake up India, One Anna or arvind is not going to do, the will of every one of us only can bring about the India we want, they say. Before we go about loosing our jobs by participting in protests, we must ask ourselves if we are doing it for all the right reasons or just for the sake of our superiors or friends or someone we like participating in it. From what I see from my college at least is that people know nothing about the lok pall bill but claim themselves to be an Anna hazare activist and change their profile pictures to anna. Changing profile pictures, posting links, giving missed calls, sending forward messeges, fasting is not going to help India. We talk about ‘Change’ we talk about ‘revolution’ but are we ready to change ourselves? We point fingers at politicians and call them corrupt, are we clean ourselves? how many of us quote the right amount when buying a property? How many of us look for loop holes just to save our income from taxation? How many of us prefer bribing officials instead of waiting for the process to take its time? A billion questions likewise can be framed. I saw a lot of references in this article to Mahatma Gandhi, let me re-quote “be the change you wish to see”, we want corruption out of India, let us throw out corruption from our houses and offices first. Jai hind!


    I completely support your view. I understand that one person cannot change the world. Like you have mentioned, it is for us to clean up the dirt and work towards making India a corruption free country. I know it’s a dream that is miles away. But I surely see it happening !


good work Arvind. full support from india. Those who are not with you right now will soon be your follower. The people who oppose you should be forgiven as they don;t know what a great task you are doing. freeing india from corruption is an uphill task for want of political support . But success is yours and ours sooner or later. IT is rejuvenating india. INDIA ====AAAAA.

Sameer Panje

While all the qualities listed by the author are more or less true, I
don’t see Arvind Kejriwal making any difference to India even if he gets
elected with a majority (which itself is a mighty long shot). That’s
because of one primary quality that’s absolutely essential for a good
politician is missing in him.

Interesting that today’s youth doesn’t see policy clarity as an important quality in a politician. To show people a pipe-dream through an agenda spanning a few pages is one thing, being able to translate iit into a cohesive, consistent & effective policy is another. None of the qualities mentioned by the author point to any capability in Arvind Kejriwal in this regard. What is his theory of state? What is the underlying philosophy that dictates his vision? Has anyone thought about it?

I see the writing on the wall. Kejriwal is a product of a socialist system & his ideas too are socialist. He doesn’t bring anything new to the table that we haven’t seen before. He’s looking like a knight in shining armour simply because probity in public life has reached an extremely low ebb over the past 2-3 decades. And we’re all set for a huge disappointment just like the people of West Bengal are with the messiah who rescued them from communist tyranny. It was too late by the time they found that she was a communist by thought too…the lack of red in her imagery notwithstanding.

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