The New Mantra Of Revenge-UNFRIEND/ UNFOLLOW

Posted on October 25, 2012 in Media and Culture

By Dr. Pooja Tripathi: 

I have grown up with tales of female fans of Aamir Khan writing him love letters in blood, girls jumping from the terrace when Dev Anand went out in a black outfit; gone are the days when to overcome a heart break one used to immerse himself in drinks and ghazals. The iconic song which became the anthem of every guy who underwent a heart break “Achha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka

Yes- the breakups, stalking, one sided love have undergone a generational shift in the way expressions are vented out. Recently I heard of a proposal my friend got and when she refused kindly she was unfollowed and removed from Facebook friend list (now you can understand the origin of this post)

Take a bow to the new proof of a great life -Social networking sites; gone on a cool holiday-post the pics, you are not in a happy relationships if your profile doesn’t scream about it, you are not a popular guy/girl if your comment thread does not cross 50 or you don’t have followers in 3 digits .Talking about the revenge mantra you are removed from friend lists if you don’t approve of a relationship request and Oh my god! what a loss it is.  And whoa there is a book titled “Facebook Break Up Etiquette” so make sure you catch one before doing the same and does that story end there? Of course not; a recent survey shows that 90%of people in the age group 18-45 keep a stalk on their exes through these sites

Psychologists say this is a type of social dysfunction called F.A.D(Facebook addiction disorder) where we overlap our real and virtual life to an extent that we always need Facebook/Twitter to express ourselves .Make sure you are not one of them ,get a life and move on as there is more to life than updates and a long friend list.

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Amarpreet Kaur

Times have undergone a sea change. There is seriously something wrong with an individual’s life if he or she enjoys his or her time on social networking sites more than anything else.


i have erased two people from my friend list , one was my classmate in pg course in xyz fashion college so called d most reputed in india ,she/he wd always b wd me in college ,even i didnt need that person so annoyingly but i am a stoic person , i saw that person on face book i send him/her a friend request ,consoling my self lets shed ego! even i tried to talk to him/ her two times , but he/she didnt respond , i said go to hell! n i just expunged her/his name from my friend list , it was not cuz i had any thing special about her/ him , cuz he/she had just hurt my ego …………as it is said .kuch bi kerne ka mera, mera egohurt nai kerne ka so i felt free in deleting his/her name from my friend list ha ha ……….

Kavya Vidyarthi

Personally I feel Unfriend is not a dictionary word at all. How is it even possible to unfriend people, not like it is about giving away memories at all. The evergrowing social networking platforms, with options like these, are only making a mockery out of institution of friendship

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