Young Minds : Warnings From Genx!

Posted on October 3, 2012 in Specials

By Vaibhav Srinivasan:

The most enthusiastic lot of the Indians, “Youth” is undoubtedly the most responsible and prestigious position amongst all groups of the lot. Apart from the cliché that the young minds are aggressive and “hurrying” haste-actors, we wanted to throw light on what today’s young minds really deal with and the problems associated.

We wanted to discuss the issues and shout aloud to the world the grief we had within us all these years. Not that we don’t dare to pull out the collars of the black sheep (oldies most of them!!) and express our aggression. It gives you just one message. We still have a small belief in the motto behind which the present legislations were framed. The day is not very far off, where either every youth fills in the Ballot Box with 49 ‘O’ or never turns up to the booth; giving up his hope in democracy, which eventually is a shame for the rulers since independence!

Prioritizing the problems around us today was a difficult task. Not owing to the scarcity of problems in number but the competition amongst them as they all deserve the no.1 spot. I could easily form the following table and I am sure I have missed many!!


The following list is our achievements in the past years:
– A – Adarsh housing Scams
– B – Bofors case
– C – Commonwealth Scandals
– D – Documents and Stamp paper frauds.
– E – Environmental issues.
– F – Fishermen deaths
– G – Godhra Massacre and associated communal riots.
– H - Harshad Mehta’s manipulations
– I – Intellectual thefts of Indian assets. (Nuke deal, attacks on Indian students abroad.)
– J – Judiciary Corruptions (CJI case)
– K – Kashmir issue
– L – LTTE and Lankan genocide!!
– M – Mis-handling of Nuke deal
– N – Naxalite terrorism
– O – Ozone holes and Global warming issues
– P – Price rise issues.
– Q – Queuing of pending cases in courts in INDIA.
– R – River water disputes
– S – Spectrum
– T – Terror attacks (Mumbai, Parliament)
– U – ULFA problems
– V – Victimization of Stampedes, Gas tragedies, Train accidents
– W – Wealth Accumulation in Swiss Banks
– X – Xceeding the land acquisition limits for SEZ’s and STP’s!!
– Y – Yield reduction and productivity lessening in crops and grains.
– Z – Zeroed and powerless LAW enforcement agencies. :(

I might look a pessimist listing down the issues. But I am actually enlightened with the resources that my nation has got with it. With the Work force in excess and the abundance of human resource and easily ignitable people, I am very much hopeful of combating these issues. Every individual can be made responsible. An Eco-friendly, uncorrupted, responsible citizen is not rare amongst us. With the dreams of 2020 in mind, and a progressive path in plan, I am sure we are all set to make history. The glittering days are no more a dream but the reality, IF, the hurdles are crossed aptly.

We, the youth are dynamic with unexpected levels of optimistic attitudes. On looking the list, one thing is clear. Corruption and administrative inefficiencies are primary. And issues like the environment and Price rise are equally important. We are watchful of happenings around us and this time we will answer through the fingers in the Ballot paper. If the same old fate of corruption is going to stay again and again, to save INDIA one can’t stop the Bhagat Singh in every one of us coming out explicitly!

With Optimistic Hopes,
An INDIAN in Twenties!

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Chandan Wadhwa

Most of these problems are faced by every country and no country in this world can claim to come out unscrated of this rat race of power, money and politics. I totally stand by your conclusion, but i don’t really support your pessimistic approach to the whole scenario. Instead of exaggerating on the flaws of the country it would have been better if it was balanced with its counterpart too. Optimism is something which has the power to run the world and hence this tool should be used aptly to instigate a sense of belongingness and pride for one’s nation.And hence can further contribute in the overall development of the any country.

Anshuman Mitra

as per the line from RANG DE BASANTI goes as and I thnk its true to a certain extent…koi bhi desh perfect nai hota…use perfect banana padta hai…(no country is perfect, it has to be made perfect) n we, as the citizens must do something and try to accept the change in order to make the country progress. We should accept that change is required and must help in accomplishing it.

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