An Open Letter To President Elect Barack Obama

Posted on November 7, 2012 in Specials

By Shibayan Raha:

President Elect Barack Obama,
White House,
Washington DC,
United States of America

Namaste Obama Jee,

A hearty congratulations on being re-elected as the President of United States. I do feel America and the rest of the world will be much better off with you at the helm of affairs. But unlike other Indian citizens I didn’t actually follow the Presidential race closely but was updated all the time, thanks to interpret Tweets from my Tibetan-American friends.

I am from India, a country touted as the next global leader. I seriously doubt it though but not because I don’t believe in my people but mostly that I don’t believe in the politicians running this country. As you gear up to take your seat in the White House I have these following suggestions which I think if accepted will raise USA’s status much higher in the developing world. Please read-

1. Put Tibet on top of your Foreign Policy Agenda-
You must be aware that the occupation of Tibet continues to this day. While you give your victory speech, China continues to suppress Tibetan’s basic demands for liberty and self-rule. Till date 63 Tibetans have self-immolated inside Tibet. Their demand was very simple- Return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet/ End of Chinese Rule in Tibet/ Freedom to practice their religion and preserve their culture. Instead of opening a dialogue the Chinese regime has turned Tibet into a prison with massive security presence and roadblocks all across the country. Free Tibet groups are calling for a multilateral action on Tibet and I urge you to lead this effort by putting Tibet on top of your Foreign Policy.

2. Stop the Drone Attacks-
I know what happened on 9/11 in USA. Lot of my friends and families were devastated by it too and you have every right to declare war on terrorism. But killing innocent people in the name of fighting terrorism doesn’t help at all. The drones that you send to Pakistan also kill innocent civilians which include children. Maybe you don’t get to see their pictures but we do and it brings tears to our eyes to see kids being bombed and annihilated for no offence. Therefore it’s an earnest request to stop the drone attacks and rather look at an alternative strategy regarding this issue.

3. Release Bradley Manning-
Remember Bradley Manning? I am sure you do. He is the US Soldier charged with espionage for allegedly leaking secret military files to whistleblowing website Wikileaks. He has undergone inhuman mental torture by means of solitary confinement, being stripped and shackled, denied visitation rights among some of many. His crime has not been proved yet but what he has undergone will remain with him as long as he lives. Release him until all charges are proved and let him live a normal life again.

4. Don’t let Israel Bomb Iran-
Tensions are rising again in the Gulf. This time over a possible military action against Iran for allegedly trying to build nuclear bombs. While I, as a non-violent activist vehemently opposed to weapons of mass destruction and any country building it, I do urge you to exercise restraint and use diplomacy over war. Israel supposedly has the largest stockpile of Nuclear weapons in the Middle East and morally doesn’t have any right to voice concern over this. Experts and credible reports suggest Iran is nowhere near to building a nuclear bomb and sending drones or Israeli aircrafts will further destabilise the region and bring untold miseries to the Iranian people.

5. Close Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility-
Your Excellency, if I remember well that you had made a election pledge last time that you will do everything possible to close down Guantanamo. Sigh that it is nowhere near to being closed or prisoners being transferred to normal prisons in USA. I am not blaming you since I do know your administration has been doing a lot to close the detention facility. But I do think a lot more has to be done so that more detainees don’t commit suicide after spending decades in inhuman conditions and for a crime they have no idea of.

I know that you have just got re-elected and probably throwing a champagne or two before you settle in at the white house. All the best again and I do hope that Indo-US friendship will also reach a new level which will be based on mutual understanding and trust. I do also hope that you get some time from your busy schedule to read this note and do the needful. I would absolutely love it if you also get the time to write me a reply. My email id is listed below-

Love and Freedom,

Shibayan Raha
Email- [email protected]


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King Obama will be way to busy wrecking the US economy, and therefore the world’s, taking from the producers, and giving to the takers to have any concerns for your matters, as he didn’t even have the interest, or concern to do his job protecting his own people in the benghazi attack in Libya, and let them die! while he did nothing!

because it would not fit his story that he killed Alqaeda, by killing Binladen.

so an Alqaeda attack can’t happen! It was because of a you tube movie, according to the king!

1. Since he plans on borrowing a trillion dollars a year from the Chinese every year till the Chinese tell him to get lost, or they just take ownership of the US, the chances of him doing anything, but continuing bowing to the chinese, is extremely unlikely. See if Europe, or Russia will help you with Tibet, our new owners won’t hear of such talk as a free Tibet, except for lip service, that’s all,

see ( )

2. Drone Attacks are a very easy way to promote that you’re good with national security, with no risk to your poll ratings!

Soldiers on the ground can make better decisions on who is a bad guy, and lowers the chances of collateral damage, but is highly risky to US soldiers, US soldiers getting killed is bad for King Obama’s polls, so get use to Drones!

3. Bradley Manning is a trader to his country and should have been shot for Treason long ago, and was unfortunate enough to do his treasonous act during a Liberal administration, that is why he is still in jail, and no one cares! He embarrassed the King you know! If it had been a Republican administration

(I say Republican administration, because I don’t think we have ever had a conservative administration ever, closest was

president Reagans! In my life time ) but if that had been the case, he would have been defended, and there would be all sorts of liberal organizations screaming for his release, but he embarrassed a liberal king!…. So he will rot in jail.

4. Israel is not the aggressor here, if you had a neighbor sworn to wipe you off the map, and your neighbor was a wacko who believes, that he must set the world on fire to bring back the 6th Imam, I would hope you would think of doing something about it! Look at the facts! Iran is awash in oil, why would they need Nuclear power? And that is what they are saying that their Nuclear program is for, and go through the added expense of doing all their Nuclear program development deep underground in bomb proof concrete bunkers, sounds more like a military development program, not a power program.

P.S. and lucky you! Your neighbor Pakistan, doesn’t seem to think that both your countries going up in a giant Nuclear fire ball is a win, win!

5. Close Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility? Yes he tried! But their home countries don’t want them! You talk of these people like they were out playing soccer one day, and the mean old USA came in and arrested them all because they were bored and had nothing to do! The ones we have released so far, men we have been now fighting in the battlefield, it is said that the benghazi attack (Libya) was by a freed Guantanamo prisoner! But not all is lost! I myself think we should send all these innocent, peace loving young men to India! Where they can live happily ever after! :O)

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