Dharmapuri Caste Violence: An Eye-Account Of The Devastation

Posted on November 21, 2012 in Society

On November 7th, 2012 three Dalits colonies of Naikkankottai village of Dharmapuri district were torched by a mob of caste Hindus after an upper caste man allegedly committed suicide over his daughter’s marriage to a Dalit boy.

Victims alleged that it was an organized attack by the mob consisting of nearly 1200-1500 people aimed at destroying the property of Dalits who were economically doing well.

Though police were stationed outside the villages after the couple had sought police protection, the rampage went on for nearly four hours before extra police forces were deployed to bring the situation in control.

YouthKiAwaaz.com’s Amritapa Basu visited Naikkankottai seven days later on November 14th, 2012. Here is a collection of photographs that tell the story of the situation in the three colonies of the village.

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Jana Nagappa

we sc/st must understand tat this is not d first
incident and dis will not be the last. even though we r well educated , well
settled , class one officers ,so many organisations and agitations but still we
r under attack. from thousands of years manuvadis killed our familys, raped our
women, burned our houses but we never did the same to them having more than 20%
of d total indian population.We never harmed anyone, this is wat we called

but”Nonviolence wherever possible , Voilence where necessary”-Dr.

we did many agitations, protests and even fought with them ,but still we r
helpless. All these actions had became useless . Our MLAs , MPs had became
manuvadis pet dogs.Never expect anything from them.

Then what we have to do ? whether we have to continue the same old methods
agitations, protests (which babasaheb had not mentioned) or have to fallow

Agitations, protests are not our weapons against manuvadis violence. Manuvadis
are violent but we have to become intelligent.The most efficient weapon which
babasaheb had given to us is VOTE. Vote determines POWER.

Those who never get power in der hands will never get salvation and will be
destroyed…And those will become slaves again.Only ruling class can survive.Only
the party which is under the Leadership of Untouchables(sc/st)

Using our votes they are getting power. And they are using this power against

WE HAVE TO GRAB THIS POWER . “political POWER is the master key through
which u can unlock all the doors of progress”-Ambedkar. But after getting
the power we should not do the same thing as they did. We can make our country
peace and powerful , if we r having RULING POWER.

Nonviolence and sathyagraha is Gandhijis allergies, should not be ours.

The Great father Kanshiramji had experimented in Utter pradesh and succeeded by
practically applying Ambedkarism. Now its ON OUR SHOULDERS (STUDENTS)to

Jai bheem…. jai bharath

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