Everything That Kills “Me” Inside

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By Mani Mahesh Garg:

As I pass by…


He tries to assault me
and get hold of my curves,
Which has nurtured him as a child
And between which
He entered this world,
As I pass by…

I see the lust in his eyes
that tear apart my clothes
I feel the intensity in his gaze
that pierces my body
with million sharp needles
in a moment,
As I pass by…

He thinks it is virility
to pass lewd remarks,
to talk about me as a product,
and to fondle with my arcs and bends
in his lecherous talks and laughs
with a bunch of crooks,
As I pass by…

I am much more than just fragrant flesh
walking in long and short clothes
I am not a commodity
or, a menu at a restaurant
that he scans me in a moment
to choose something for himself,
As I pass by…

Today I smirk at the thought
And I feel pity,
for his sisters and daughters,
who tie him weak threads
And who sit in his lap
ignorant of the vulture inside…

Why this attempt to cut my wings
and silence my every thought
by confining me to four walls
like a tied animal,
to be used over and over
at will,
As they pass by…

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  1. aniket pande

    Very strong and needed message indeed.

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