#Newtown-Connecticut, #Dhoni: #Twitter Trends

By Shivangi Singh: 

Newtown, Connecticut has turned into horror town with the latest school shooting episode. The incident was highly criticized on Twitter. Here are a few tweets:

twitter trends

@amritat- “Dear US President @BarackObama – Can “meaningful action” translate into the gun control conversation that the US needs.#connecticut #horror”

Seema Goswami- “How distasteful for a paper to invite us to *Watch the US school shooting with Alive on your phone* This is not entertainment#connecticut”

@riya043- “Heartbreaking story from #connecticut. maybe time to stop selling guns at walmart and assault rifles online!”

Gayle King- “Sending prayers to newtown ct-nobody is EVER prepared for this unspeakable act. Thinking of 28 families whose lives are forever changed”

Sherri Shepherd- “Still praying for the families of Newtown… have no idea what they are going through as they deal w pain, confusion & loss. My heart weeps”

Dick Vitale- “Like many of u I AM sick to the stomach reading about those precious innocent ppl from Newtown Ct – Can’t even think about sports -SO TRAGIC”

Dhoni made news during the India Vs. England test cricket match. Here’s the reaction the Indian cricket team Captain got:

Tanay Tiwari- “Ikept relatively numb and was waiting for this to happen. M.S.Dhonifires a 99. Shows that there still is spark within him. He is a Fighter!”

Kamaal R Khan- “Dhoni doesn’t have any record like max runs, half centuries, centuries etc still he has won every trophy because he never play for himself.”

@Ohfakenews- “During the Tea break Amarnath entered the dressing room and changed bat of Dhoni to a shorter one.”

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