When Rahul Baba Had No Toys, Doting Mom Gifted Her Son A NATION To Run

By Shefali Vaidya:

Yes, I get it. As a mother myself, I completely understand. You are a doting mom. You think your son is a genius. Even when his teachers, your neighbours, their grand-aunts, in fact, the whole world tells you that your boy has an IQ of a doorknob, you do not agree. He is your son, and you are firmly convinced that he is destined for great things.


When he drops out of school, you blame it on the teachers. When he can’t get a job on his own merit, you think it is the employers who are at fault. You get him a job using your influence; he fails miserably at that too. You curse the cruel world.

You cheer loudly at his smallest accomplishments. He takes a local train ride in Mumbai; you celebrate like he has summitted Everest.

He is 44, unmarried. He has no degree nor does he have a job. In fact, he cannot list a SINGLE accomplishment of his own. Naturally, sonny boy is a bit depressed. He is tired of the robot you bought him some time ago. He wants a new toy.

When he asks for something, you never hesitate to give it to him. You will beg, borrow and steal, but you will get your precious boy what he wants! I totally get that. You are his doting mamma after all! Most mothers would have done that.

Only difference is, while other mothers might buy their sons a motorcycle or a car, you want to give your son a whole COUNTRY to run!

Lady, you certainly dream big!

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6 Responses

  1. Sam T Samuel

    Beautifully written piece Shefali. You couldn’t have said it any better. Kudos for the factual interpretation of a dynasty’s hold on our country.

  2. Navin Mithal

    Mama has been doling out to baba things he never understood all these years. Now, someone told him, ‘grab’ baba, this is the last lollipop your maa can offer, this time it was him and not Manmohan Singh. One worse than the other. Very apt but we get what we deserve as a nation, which comprises of only arm chair critics while Sonia has stlen the thunder with the help of .foreign mafia’ at her back & call.

  3. Jai Hind

    Beautifully expressed the feeling of the nations feeeling…. through these fake corrupt family in to Tihar for life long and get back the Money they have trashed abroad….That will be the true attribute our great martyrs….Jai Hindu Jai Bharat!!!