Another Love Story Strangled By The Thing Called “Caste”

Posted on July 21, 2013 in Society

By Lata Jha:

Estranged from ideas of love that transcends all barriers, small towns in India have been battling numerous cases of unfortunate love stories for long now. The most recent incident comes from Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu where Ilavarasan, a Dalit, and Divya, of the Vanniyar community, loved each other and got married. Ilavarasan has been found dead on a railway track in Dharmapuri. The cause of the death has not been officially confirmed yet, but the police found a four-page suicide note probably written by Ilavarasan.

In his note, Ilavarasan writes that if he were to be reborn, he’d like to marry Divya again, but with their parents’ approval. On 1 July, Divya had apparently told the Chennai High Court that she wanted to live with Ilavarasan, but only with her mother’s consent. But on 3rd July, she told the media that their marriage had ended. It was just the next day that Ilavarasan was found dead.


The state government has appointed a special investigation team to probe the death. A judicial commission under a retired judge has also been set up to look into the matter. Meanwhile, Ilavarasan’s father, Ilankovan, refutes the suicide theory completely. He has taken the matter to both the police and the SC/ST Commission, and has sought a probe of his son’s death. He also demanded action against leaders of the Vanniyar Sangh and PMK, which had opposed the inter-caste marriage fiercely and had fanned attacks on Dalits. The father believes that even if his son committed suicide, those responsible for it should be made accountable. High Court will also be taking a decision on a re-autopsy of Ilavasaran’s body.

While Divya has been advised both counselling and attending Ilavarasan’s funeral, the case, for sure has more to it than it seems. If a couple from two different castes has the courage to culminate their relationship into marriage, it is unlikely that they shall part ways as easily as that.

Another love story bitten by the unfortunate destiny bug.

Lata Jha

Campaigns Coordinator at Youth Ki Awaaz. A second year student of Journalism at Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Grappling with college assignments, surviving the crazy Delhi traffic and scurrying away to catch any film that might release in the weekend, obscure as it may be, learning to live and cope without the familiarity and comfort of her home town, Patna.

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This is a love drama by dalit in the City. Usually in name of love dalit boys chooses other caste and done marriages and then they collects money from the girls family. Like that only this Love story also starts but end with Dalits political drama.

sachin kumar

Dalits targets upper cast women , n upper cast women r really fools , they dont know ,its a big conspiracy to root out upper casts,these dalits get reservation, become rich n intentionally ensnare upper cast women there by making these girls an enemy of her own family ,these shameless girls ,forget every thing for satisfying dere passion.People argue its a love story but i have seen upper cast women always marry rich dalits ,why dont dey marry a rikshaw puller dalit ,these women r a slur in d society ,dey r not only enemy of their family but also cast n community.IN India we all have right to live wd dignity , we invest lakhs of rupees on our girls to make dem stand on dere own feet but dese thick skinned women forget every thing dey dump dere parents n whole family for just one man n that too for nauseating dalits putting dere whole family in shame .dere parents become lunatics sometimes dese trauma proves to be fatal .how responsible our women r !,even dey cant shoulder dere family’s responsibility .Is it LOVE !if u cant love ur parents n family members u dont deserve love! n its not love in any manner its just infatuation.I wd rather b childless than fathering a girl child ,dey ll destroy ur honor n respect ,shame on u upper cast girls ,……….ur nauseating ,if u cant control go to brothel ,shameless irresponsible girls…………

sachin kumar

Why girls r considered selfish ,irresponsible n shameless cuz dey cant control dre emotions n passions,dey r like pigs dey want to eat shit n sleep in squalor , ,It has been rightly said ;”dhol ganwar shudra pashu nari ye sab tadan ke adhikari”

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