DEBATE: Should Women Retain Their Maiden Names Even After Marriage?

A recent Facebook study shows  that there is a recent trend of retaining the maiden name by women after marriage. This becomes very relevant in Indian context given the socio-economic condition of women. However, there is still a social pressure on many women to change their maiden name to that of their husband’s – without having a choice. Do you think that women should retain their maiden name after their marriage?

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  1. Manan Grover 2 years ago

    Retaining the maiden name is a very personal choice.My mother had decided not to change her name after marriage.
    Nowadays, new age bollywood heroins have started the trend of keeping their identity unchanged like Vidya Balan,Kareena Kapoor Khan,Malaika Arora Khan. There should be no pressure from the husband’s family regarding this. The girl getting married already gets to face so many changes in her life, the tradition of changing ones identity should be let go off.

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  2. stephen dsilva 1 year ago

    ya i blv it should be the woman’s choice. n something to be made socially acceptable

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  3. Ziaur Rahman 11 months ago

    As We Know after marriage a girls joins husband family, she accepts all culture and dogma of her husband’s family then there must be not any difficulty to accept husband’s recognition by accepting the name too ..

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