DEBATE: India Should Implement The One-child Policy That China Adopted For Population Control

Posted on July 7, 2013 in Social Debates, Society

The one child policy for population control was introduced by the People’s Republic of China in the year 1978 and implemented from the year 1979.

The present Chinese government’s National Population and Family Planning Commission has proclaimed that the policy would stay intact until the year 2015, though many couples continue to have more than one child in the country.

Do you think India could implement such a policy to control our ever-rising population?

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Kani Varshneya

Most certainly not. Although it may seem like a very enticing prospect since china has managed to curb the growth of its population size successfully, the consequence has been an incredibly ageing population- I believe the figure is 25% by the year 2050 will be over 65 years. That is worrying because being a ‘communist’ (claiming to anyway) the young working class will have to pay for this population that can no longer contribute to the GDP. India’s forte at the moment is its fast growing young energetic population. Secondly, as if female infanticide isnt a significant issue in India already, the risk of the figures rising after a one child policy runs high as has happened in China- “if we’re only allowed one child- it must be a boy!”. All in all a terrible idea. The real solution is effective primary education at the grassroots, as for practically all the problems in India.

Hero man

I believe we definitely need a fixed numbered-child policy in India too, if not a one-child policy.This number could be 2 or at max 3 but not more than that.However, the policy would be an ideal case whereas in reality there would ofcourse be violations as had happened in China.But it will atleast set our mast in the right direction. Controlling the population, considering the alarming numbers at which we are currently growing.A few injunctions can be made into the policy like those having children more than the stipulated number would have to pay the fine to the govt. or so.This would be again a deterrent to the people.
Now one can argue that we are going against the laws of nature.And breeding is a natural phenomenon among all living beings.Yet, we should not forget the same natural law apply to China too.And their success in this regard would for sure inspire us do something atleast now.China though , one can say , has a State-controlled govt. and is in stark contrast to Democracy like India. So what??.Alarming Population growth would be a problem for both.It is indifferent to a system of govt. Infact , it would pose greater challenge for an ever expanding democracy like India.
May be such a policy envisaged for India could invite other problems/crimes like forced abortions, child infanticide. But then if we don’t have a policy we will keep growing at the same rate.Either the people realize it on their own or else some external mechanism should be have to be developed just like the policy.Along with it, we can also launch awareness programmes, counselling etc, but everything finally boils down to one’s willingness or self-restraint.And hence, you pay for what you do is what the policy calls for.


Pls apply state wise where states TFR is more than 2.5 +… I mean RAJ, UP, MP, BIHAR…

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