Are All Politicians Corrupt? Are You Corrupt?: Here’s The Reaction Of Jaipur’s Youth To Such Questions

Posted on August 2, 2013 in The 5th Space, Video

It’s always easy to judge, blame and form opinions, but is that all what is required to bring about a change? Is corruption really a synonym to Politics?

In this Vox pop, ‘Known But Untold‘ let’s see what Jaipur youth has to say about Politics. Young Facilitators Shivangi and Gaurav, who are currently working with Pravah Jaipur Initiative-a youth development organization, have tried to demystify the perception which young people have about Politics.

“My Space: My Unmanifesto” campaign is a process that can become a metaphor for youth to learn about and participate actively in all the chapters of the political process, a way of experiencing the entire book of democracy and be politically active throughout the year and not only on the day of election.

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All politicians are not corrupt, but we need politicians like Sri Lal Bahadur Shashtri, our honest ex Prime Minister.


Under Food Security, Central Government is expecting that 80crore people(16crore families) will be benefitted.In my opinion 80crore people of this country are really poor. I think that families whose income is less than Rs8000/- per month, are poor and they should be paid pension amounting to Rs3000/- per month. To curve corruption the amount of pension should be transferred in accounts of 16crore poor families of India. First of all moveable and immoveable properties and annual income of all citizens of India should be computerized so that search engine of computer can tell us who are rich and who are poor. People have cars amounting to Rs50lacks, but they neither pay any income tax nor property tax. In my opinion, if government want to enhance its revenue there should be no property tax up to Rs30lacks. Thereafter above 30lacks to 1crore it should be 5% and above 1crore 10%. But Government should not take any loan from other countries or from World Bank. Government should not levy any tax except income tax, import duty, property tax, luxury tax and entertainment tax. Government employees are taking bribes and they are purchasing farm houses, farm land, jewellery, gold, cars etc. from that money earned by illegal means. Therefore property tax should be increased manifold.

Inert Bodhi

All politicians in power might not be corrupt in their mind,but definitely in “Deeds”,otherwise there should have been at least one place in the nation referred as Golden Sparrow.

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