The Curious Case Of Ticket Offerings: Of BJP, Kiran Bedi And The Election Ticket

Posted on August 18, 2013 in Daily Drama, Politics at Play

By Nihal Parashar:

If you have still not noticed then let me repeat it for you: Kiran Bedi has been offered a ticket by BJP to fight against Sheila Dixit in the upcoming elections. This also implies that she has been offered a ticket against Arvind Kejriwal as well, as Kejriwal has well announced that he will fight against Sheila Dixit in the Delhi elections. This is a very complex situation, and needs a critical analysis. To make things clear, Kiran Bedi has not accepted the offer made by BJP.

Kiran Bedi has been hailed as a BJP supporter. She is known for all the good as well as a few bad things. She is known as an authoritarian and somebody who believes in the proper usage of power- we guess that was the reason why she has been approached by BJP. She was also a core member of the team Anna, where she used to work closely with Arvind Kejriwal. But later both of them developed few disputes and Kejriwal’s forming the political party distanced them more. Now, we are not aware of what she actually thinks about Kejriwal, but it is clear that political parties want to capitalize on the disputes among the anti-political establishment movement and uprising which took place in the country sometime back.

kiran bedi

If, however, Bedi would have accepted the offer then it would have only tarnished the social stature she enjoys in the society. Our society has a very complex behaviour. It respects only those who maintain distance from politics but talk about political reforms. This is an oxymoron though, but people of this country don’t believe in the idea of oxymoron and consider the conflicting ideas as rational. There are people saying that Bedi understands this and knows that even if she defeats Dixit or Kejriwal, she will only be acting as a pawn in the hands of BJP, who will present her as an anti-corruption face capitalizing on her Anna association. Later, she will be treated only as a mere MLA who will have no say in the larger political scenario.

Few reports suggest that Bedi may accept the offer if BJP presents her as the Chief Ministerial candidate from the party, which is less likely given the dispute among the Delhi BJP members and the uncertainty the party sees in the present leadership.

We do not know the future of BJP or of Kiran Bedi, but certainly this report comes as a part of more complex behaviours we will see in the coming days!

Nihal Parashar

Actor | Writer | Social media Consultant. Studied Literature, Journalism, Conflict Transformation and Peace Building.

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Don’t you think that Aam Aadmi party will be as corrupt as the rest when it comes into power?

Aditi Thakker

I think Kiran Bedi would be a great if she runs as an independent candidate. No one really knows the intentions of Kiran Bedi, or people who share similar support like her. But if I analyse her standing compared to others like Sheila Dixit, Bedi will be a well deserved change. She doesn’t need a BJP ticket for that. If you really want to change the Indian political system, you have to be in it. If you want to remain a bystander, you can only watch and criticise, and maybe wait for change.


    I think the best way to reform the political system is to dismantle most of it and return power back to the people. Not everything is the province of Govt.
    I really don’t think Kiran Bedi will be able to do much given the set up.

Manan Grover

I truly beleive when the writer says that it is an oxymoron that the citizens of our country respect those people more who talk about political reforms but are not a part of the Indian politics. The sole reason for this is that todays’s common man haz zero faith in the politicians and considers politics to be dirty proffesion.

In my opinion if Kiran Bedi contests the elections against Sheila Dixit and comes to power, she will bring all the reforms she has been talking about for the betterment of the society.
Its high time some good people enter poltics, get their hands diry and in turn clean the whole system.


    after reading this article, ‘Our society has a very complex behaviour. It respects only those who maintain distance from politics but talk about political reforms.’ is what i wanted to commented on. i agree with you manan grover. having debates, conclaves, discussions on the internet is just all talk and no work. the good people have to dirty their hands and the good people have to parade into politics in large number, otherwise, a few good people entering politics will be drowned out by the corrupt who are in unbelievable majority in the field of politics.


    @Manan : I don’t think she or anybody could do much simply by having good intentions. Nor can you do much with having a police force to police the police.I disagree that good people entering the current system can do much, The problem is indeed with the system, not just with the people running it. Good people in a bad system won’t really make much of a difference

    @sg02 : You are not attacking the heart of the problem i.e. what breeds corruption. You are assuming that good intentions means good results.


    @rah: when i say ‘good people’, i mean a person with good intentions very much capable of producing good results (in kiran bedi’s time, crime in delhi was pretty low)
    i would really like to know: what breeds corruption???


    Well first of all Kiran Bedi was never in-charge of the police force, primarily just the Tihar Jail where she did do some good reforms . And no, crime(per capita) wasn’t low in Delhi during her time and even if it was she can’t be given any credit since she was never involved with the crime branch ; she was in traffic branch as far as her Delhi postings are concerned.

    While the causes of corruption are many , what allows it to breed (i.e. to grow to large proportions) are the incentives a system offers. If a system subsidizes failure, punishes success, removes a sense of ownership and allows you to spend other people’s money, those things inevitably breed corruption.
    Take the example of PSU Air India. It should have died out a long time ago but is still kept alive with tax-payers money. It has become an employment gaurantee scheme for crappy employees, so no good employee wants to work in AI; they’ve moved to other airlines where success is rewarded. Nobody in Air India cares since nobody owns it , so nobody pays for the losses out of their own pocket. And even if there is a profit, it’s the Govt. who gets it. So why bother making a profit when you can lose consistently and get bailed out.


    i can see u r against govt system.
    listen to Modi’s india today conclave speech.
    he targets why corruption occurs.. and devises ways to solve. that’s running a state successfully for 10 years.
    i admire leaders with a vision. i admire people who dare to think out of the box and be strong.
    i admire Kalam and Modi.
    (do watch the video and let me know what you think- hope to have a healthy discussion)


    I have seen that Modi speech and you would see that even he says the same thing that the Govt. has no business being in business. He too favors what I am saying. It is quite rare to see a politician favour less intervention by the Govt. in economic activities.

    However his other policies are quite problematic. He opposes social freedom in the form of Prohibition against alcohol, beef and many other things, which in my opinion are unnecessary . His party with it’s communal-socialist ideas sucks

    So I don’t support him overall.

    Kalam is a reasonably good scientist and a motivational speaker for the middle classes but little else. Nowhere in the same league as Modi


    either we fight to safeguard our interests and identities as an individual, or we fight to safeguard the interests and identity of our country as a nation…
    don’t you think its time we became ‘developed’ from ‘developing’?
    china has barged into arunachal, and we have incessant LoC ceasefire voilations in Kashmir, i want safety.
    i dont want people to take me for granted, therefore i want Modi in power. india is a democracy, he respects the constitution, therefore he just cant run the country like a dictator.
    also im tired of being looted by the Gandhi family. every morning, i am tired of a biased and bikau media!
    like Kalam said, i want to sing the song of India. i am tired of my international friends seeing India as a poverty stricken 3rd world country.
    (as for other minor problems: banning alcohol is not good? that has nothing to so with lower crime rate in gujrat? if 80% people in a country regard the cow in a holy light, shouldn’t 17% people respect that faith and sentiment? )


    I’ll answer your last question first because it is NOT one bit minor.

    India is a secular country and not a hindu rashtra. So shouldn’t the 80% respect the 17% rather than the other way around? No one in India can force you to follow another’s religion and no one can stop you from following your own religion (as long as it doesn’t harm others). If you want to see the fate of theocracies, take a good look at Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan under Taliban and Pakistan. I need not remind you the kind of treatment an ordinary person faces, not to mention the plight of women. India will be no different. We will become the mirror image these theocracies I mentioned. We too will stone our “witches” like Islamic theocracies do or burn them like Christian theocracies used to do.

    Kerala has among the highest alcohol consumption(and beef consumption too, even hindus eat beef in kerela) in India and yet is one the safest states(if not the most safest) to live in. It is because of the economic well-being along with a well-functioning law and order machinery of the people not because of alcohol. And what about european countries that consume far higher alcohol per capita than India? Shouldn’t they be very dangerous?

    Now regarding security, why do you think Modi and BJP can provide it? Do you think by making great speeches they can turn things around? Their performance wasn’t so great when they were in power. I’m not praising the Congress here, I’m just asking why the unmindful polarization towards Modi? If anybody has preserved safety of a state, it has to be the Communists of Kerala!

    And regarding the specific issues of Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir, there are no easy solutions. The other side is pretty convinced they have strong points and so are we. Would war or antagonism be a good solution? Would that make you safer, especially with nuclear weapons involved? Would India going to war with Pakistan over the 2008 attacks make you safer, knowing that every terrorist group would support and strengthen the Pakstani army rather than them fighting each other as they are doing currently?


    1. kerala has one of the highest rate of crime espacially against women.
    2. I m sorry u r mistaken BJP is not a communal-socialist party!!!!!! get up from the sleep mr.! they were the one who in true sense liberlized and to some extent privatized our economy during their time!!! Did they like socialist introduce any dole scheme? no!!!!!
    3. why shld 82% pander to the wishes of the 17%? jus bcoz they r 82 n the rest 17!!!!
    4. n u dont bcum a hindu rashtra by banning cow slaughter!
    5.the most lame statement was that u give credit(false at it) to the communist!!!!!


    @ raj (sorry for the typo)

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