Dikshit Responds To Kejriwal’s Claims Against Her Involvement In CWG Scam: Will The Truth Prevail?

Posted on February 6, 2014 in Featured, Politics at Play

By Tanaya Singh:

The News: Aam Aadmi Party has reportedly moved files related to Commonwealth Games held in 2010 in Delhi to the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB). According to government sources, the current Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has already moved the files, which means that an FIR will be filed against Sheila Dikshit.

delhiThe probe will be particularly centred around the Ex CM’s alleged involvement in the purchase of imported street-lights at an inflated price. The ACB has been asked to probe into this irregularity based on investigations carried out by the CAG, and the Prime Minister-appointed Shunglu Committe which questioned some of the decisions made by her.

While Dikshit has sent a point to point rebuttal against all charges, law minister Somnath Bharti has ensured investigation into all cases of corruption during the preparations for CWG. He has however exclusively pointed out that the probe is not meant to target any particular individual and they aim for a fair probe.

The Opinion: It is good for everyone who voted for AAP to be finally reminded of why they did so in the first place. The fight against corruption from where the entire journey began seemed to have been lost in a sea of vigilante moral policing, forced Dharnas and hurried but senseless fulfilment of promises.

While it may be hard for many to see any good coming out of this probe keeping in mind the “law” minister’s previous actions which were nowhere near the law, many will see this as the much awaited ride against corruption which the country has been waiting for; especially in the case of common wealth games and the level of wrongdoings behind the dream of hosting an event which sidelined the condition of the state and its citizens.

Hopes from the probe and fights to prove every allegation wrong will be at equal levels. Only time, and of course, Arvind Kejriwal’s determination, will reveal the winner.

Do you think any good will come out of this? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below

Tanaya Singh

Tanaya is a former Executive Editor at Youth Ki Awaaz. She believes that YKA helps you have faith in yourself. Other than calling herself a poet in her own head, she dreams of being called so by the world. She considers writing the most beautiful form of art (and also the easiest way to express). Handmade paper and the smell of books still win the battle for her over emails and E-books.

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Venkataraman Balayogi

it is just an eye wash AAP has a clear underhand deal with Sonia and NAC.
AAP brief account later on the account in their briefs will come out soon
AAP defined with proofs attached
AAP brief account later on the account in their briefs will come out
Altruistic Anna Pushed
Aside by Arvind for Power
Accepting to Act in Partnership with
Another All time corrupt Party
All media Anointed with Publicity
Announcing All Populist schemes
Acting as mask of Another Party
Albeit Attacking their corruption Publically
Accept and Adopt their corruption in Private
All About Populist posturing
Attribute of All Power seekers
Already Accepting Plump posts for
As many of Arvind’s People [a]
Active At Pillorying
Anti –national Advocacy group Peaking[b to h]
Anarchy At all time Peak
All about Advisory council Patronized to
Act Above Parliament
And At last People of Delhi created
All Adolescent fools’ Paradise
As A Political outfit to Power .
Atlas of All secret Pacts and ploys
All will be Available soon for People to see
AAP’s true Atrocious Power games

Ankit Rathore

Yes, this probe will give be good start to clean corruption.

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