LIVE BLOG: The Lok Sabha 2014 Results, Analysis and Debate

Posted on May 16, 2014 in Featured, Politics at Play, YouthElect2014

The great Indian elections of 2014 are finally coming to a conclusion. After a tough fight between Narendra Modi led BJP, Rahul Gandhi led Congress and Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party, the wait is finally over. Social media, as always, has been buzzing with debates, discussions and critique of the elections; and now fret not – as we bring to you a live blog with fresh youth perspective on the election results as they happen… you can join in the comments below.

Dhruv Arora May 16, 20145:55 pm

And this concludes our live blog for the #Results2014 as part of #YouthElect. If you have an opinion, we would love to hear from you!

Dhruv Arora May 16, 20145:53 pm

Congress gets majority in Arunachal Pradesh by winning 31 of the 60 Assembly seats.

Dhruv Arora May 16, 20145:37 pm

In Kerala, 210501 NOTA polled (1.2% of total vote share).

Dhruv Arora May 16, 20145:04 pm

British PM Cameron congratulates BJP on the big win, says he is eager to work with Modi.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20144:47 pm

UPDATE: UPA is now at 61 in the national tally while the Gandhis congratulate the new government

Shruti Singh May 16, 20144:37 pm

Rahul Gandhi owns up and takes responsibility for Congress’ defeat. The point is if they will learn from it and be a good Opposition

Shruti Singh May 16, 20144:35 pm

Sonia Gandhi address the media and says that losing is part of the process.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20144:20 pm

“It is still a long way to go. We just gave a platform to our contestants. We will discuss the results in the coming days.” Arvind Kejriwal

Shruti Singh May 16, 20144:12 pm

British Prime Minister David Cameron congratulates Modi on Twitter and looks forward to accentuate UK-India relations.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20144:08 pm

“This is a mandate against corruption” says Nitin Gadkari

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:58 pm

Following the number games of today, Sensex closes at a new high of 24,121 while Nifty closed at 7,203

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:55 pm

Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah takes full responsibility of the poll results in the state.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:52 pm

UPDATE: Medha Patkar loses from Mumbai North-East. Even though AAP could not win more than one Lok Sabha seats, they have given tough fight to the biggies of Indian politics

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:43 pm

Why do you think Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi had a deja-vu in this General Elections? Share your views with us.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:38 pm

Rajnath Singh: BJP is the party of workers, tribals and the poor.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:34 pm

Congress leaders try to save Rahul Gandhi from media’s lash-out as they ask him to own up to the huge defeat of Congress. Will he take the responsibility?

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:27 pm

Rajnath Singh: “We will ensure an inclusive government”

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:24 pm

Rajnath Singh: “The youth of this country wanted change and I would like to thank them for participating in this process.”

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:23 pm

Rajnath Singh shows gratitude to the voters for believing in BJP and that the success story of India’s development has not yet reached its climax.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:19 pm

Rajnath Singh has called a press conference to officiate BJP’s victory.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20143:10 pm

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will submit resignation to the President tomorrow. It is time for a new government and let’s hope the promises are kept.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20142:55 pm

BREAKING: Shashi Tharoor wins in Thiravananthapuram. This is a significant win for the Congress

Shruti Singh May 16, 20142:50 pm

Complete sweep by ADMK. Jayalalitha gets 36 of 39 seats in Tamil Nadu.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20142:41 pm

Rao Inderjit Singh beats Yogendra Yadav in Gurgaon, while Salman Khurshid also loses.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20142:37 pm

Another big name added in the list of Congress losers- Meira Kumar loses in Bihar

Shruti Singh May 16, 20142:29 pm

UPDATE: Arun Jaitley loses to Captain Amarinder in Amritsar

Shruti Singh May 16, 20142:27 pm

“The Congress has diminished to nothing” BJP leaders are enjoying this victory, especially in Maharashtra that has been a Shiv Sena dominated region.

Dhruv Arora May 16, 20142:11 pm

Manmohan Singh congratulations Narendra Modi on twitter on huge BJP win.

Dhruv Arora May 16, 20141:49 pm

Will Congress put up a strong opposition to BJP? Tell us what you think!

Dhruv Arora May 16, 20141:46 pm

Narendra Modi puts out a series of tweets in celebration, puts up a “Victory Wall” on personal website.

Dhruv Arora May 16, 20141:41 pm

UPDATE: Sushma Swaraj wins from Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh)

Dhruv Arora May 16, 20141:24 pm

Twitter trends shift to #CongratsNaMo, #Modiheadsto7RCR & Mission 272 as twitter blows up in overwhelming support.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20141:09 pm

This is how the National Tally looks like as of now. Source: NDTV

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:55 pm

Rejoicing or slamming BJP’s victory should logically follow a worrisome situation. What if there is no formal leader of the Opposition due to lack of seats? Share your views here

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:52 pm

It’s congratulations galore for the BJP leader. DMK’s Karunanidhi also joins the club, saying that they will work together to fulfill the promises they made to the voters.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:48 pm

Nandan Nilekani concedes defeat while Amarinder Singh is claiming his victory over Arun Jaitley in Amritsar

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:44 pm

North Chennai is all set to have a new winner. AIADMK candidate is the first one to break the strong 20 year hold of the DMK.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:39 pm

UPDATE: Sachin Pilot loses to BJP’s Sanwarlal Jat.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:37 pm

“Congrats Narendra Modi led BJP on citizen’s verdict in their favor. Hope his team stands up to the needs and expectations of Bharat Mata.” AAP’s Kumar Vishvas congratulates Modi on Twitter. Earlier in the day, the party had mentioned how these elections were a lesson to be learned.

Dhruv Arora May 16, 201412:33 pm

UPDATE: The new Prime Minister could be sworn in on May 21, Times Now reports.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:32 pm

It’s a good day for the market. First the Sensex and now the Rupee. INR reaches a 10 month high of 58.61 for a US Dollar.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:20 pm

Narendra Modi tweets his bliss.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:16 pm

BJP’s VK Singh beats AAP’s Shazia Ilmi and Congress’ Raj Babbar in Ghaziabad, UP

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:11 pm

BREAKING: Election Commission declares that BJP leads in 272 Lok Sabha seats.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:08 pm

UPDATE from Assam: Independent candidate Naba Kumar Sarania (HIRA) is leading in Kokrajhar. BPF is in the third spot.

Dhruv Arora May 16, 201412:05 pm

What is the reason behind BJP+ sweeping votes across the nation? Leave your comments below and let us know!

Dhruv Arora May 16, 201412:02 pm

In contrast to 2009, BJP+ is currently at +187 leads, Cong+ at -171. BJP headed for the strongest victory by a party since 1984.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201412:00 pm

BJP’s Dinesh Kashyap is leading in Bastar by 35,000 votes. It’s a monolith of sorts for BJP

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:52 am

“Save this tweet; Cong will be single largest party & lead coalition comfortably.” Sanjay Jha was ambitious and perhaps amateur in going on record with something like this. He is now the butt of jokes on social media platforms.

Dhruv Arora May 16, 201411:52 am

BJP Sweeps Vadodara with 72.91% votes, amounting to 8,11,997.

Dhruv Arora May 16, 201411:47 am

Elections 2014 takes over all local and two worldwide twitter trends

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:46 am

The big guns of Congress and AAP could not stand a chance in front of the mammoth Modi. It will be interesting to see their roles as the opposition.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:43 am

BREAKING: Narendra Modi beats Kejriwal in Varanasi.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:40 am

UPDATE: Punjabi comedian Bhagwant Mann wins from Sangrur by over a lakh votes, making it Aam Aadmi Party’s first Lok Sabha seat.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:38 am

UPDATE from Mumbai: Poonam Mahajan leading by over a lakh votes. Is it time for Priya Dutt to be distress?

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:29 am

In Gurgaon, Yogendra Yadav is on the fourth spot. AAP has not fared well in states other than Punjab.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:25 am

Despite the dead skeletons in the closet and many controversies, BJP has done it all by itself. The saffron ocean. Source: CNN IBN

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:20 am

UPDATE: LK Advani wins Gandhinagar by 23360 votes.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201411:18 am

Breaking: Jaswant Singh trails in Barmer.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:17 am

Ravi Shankar Prasad gets below the belt for Congress, “Either you just speak about your achievements or you let your work speak for it.” He has also declared Modi as the PM in a chat with NDTV.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:16 am

BJP leader LK Advani congratulates Modi over the impeccable performance of the party.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:12 am

Medha Patkar is on the verge of losing her first election from Mumbai. Seems like even the most hard working activists of the AAP were not able to woo the voters.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201411:09 am

UPDATE: Government seeking review of SIT in the black money case.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:08 am

“The poor have voted for Modi, so have people of all castes and religions. This is India’s win” – Ravi Shankar Prasad, BJP

Mayank Jain May 16, 201411:07 am

It’s time for the Congress to accept defeat with humility and think of its future. With AAP and AIADMK coming out stronger, the race is wide open.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201411:03 am

UPDATE: Modi wins Vadodra by 4 lakh votes

Mayank Jain May 16, 201411:02 am

Kapil Sibal, Milind Deora trailing from Congress.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201411:01 am

Silence in front of the Congress Headquarters.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:59 am

The way BJP clenched Mathura, Baghpat and similar bell weather seats, it is clear how the party might head to become the single largest party in the coming future. Has Congress finally found a worthy contender?

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:59 am

One of the most interesting things about the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections was the youth’s engagement with it, especially through social media. Tweet to @YouthKiAwaaz and tell us what you think about BJP’s clean sweep.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:56 am

What seemed like a nail-biting result day turned out to be quite exciting! Here’s a quick infographic that summarises the whole situation. Source: NDTV

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:56 am

Coalition era seems to be over with these results. Good or bad? Tell us.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:52 am

UPDATE: Kirron Kher wins from Chandigarh. It’s the saffron wave all over the country.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:52 am

Ravishankar Prasad: Cabinet portfolios is for the PM to decide. Mr Modi will work only for India and deliver.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:51 am

Shibu Soren as well as his son are trailing for JMM.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:49 am

Will the NDA be able to reach 315 mark? Only 20 seats left.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:47 am

National tally: 540/543
BJP+ : 298
Congress + : 70
Which means that there might not be a leader of the Opposition from Congress with such low numbers.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:45 am

UPDATE: Kirron Kher leading from Chandigarh constituency.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:44 am

Maharashtra: Gopinath Munde and Nitin Gadkari leading in their respective seats.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:43 am

Rajnath singh calls Advani and Modi to congratulate.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:42 am

“Congress was not able to communicate its achievements like the RTE and RTI to its voters, while Modi promised to bring Jupiter, Mars and the moon” says Rajiv Shukla of Congress.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:39 am

BJP has reached 259 on its own now.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:39 am

Congress says that it is a collective failure and that in a democracy you cannot really expect anything strongly. Meanwhile, this is what the Indian map looks like right now.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:38 am

UPDATE: Varun Gandhi wins from Sultanpur.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:36 am

BJP leads with an A+ in Rajasthan too. Scores 25/25 here as well. It’s a series of setbacks for the Congress.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:33 am

BJP sweeps Assam as well with 9 leads. Tarun Gogoi decides to resign. Emotional outburst on national television after hearing about Congress’ defeat.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:33 am

Congress has officially accepted defeat, saying that Rahul Gandhi is not to be blamed. Sour grapes?

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:32 am

Sonia Gandhi is still leading. Not much left for the Congress to hope for, anyway.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:30 am

Narendra Modi is leading in Varanasi by 23,376 votes against Arvind Kejriwal’s 11,255 votes.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:29 am

Left front leading on 13 seats so far. Can we call it a front, though?

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:28 am

AIADMK leades in Tamil Nadu with 34, followed by Congress with 10 and JDS with 2.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:26 am

Check out our Live Twitter feed for the results coverage. Follow us at @YouthKiAwaaz

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:25 am

Congress Spokesperson denies the projection of Rahul Gandhi as the leader of the party.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:24 am

No need for allies, the strength might prove to be a boon or bane for the democracy. Fingers crossed. #Results2014

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:22 am

BS Yeddyurappa has reportedly won from his seat in Karnataka. Another success story for the Saffron party.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:21 am

Shiv Sena’s Arvind Sawant is leading with a margin of 2971 votes against 2 consecutive term holder and Congress MP Milind Deora

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:21 am

Saffron Sweep:
26/26 in Gujarat for BJP.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:20 am

BIG: BJP makes it to the 250 mark on its own!

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:19 am

Chhagan Bhujbal trailing by 42000 votes. NCP has some catching up to do.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:19 am

AIADMK sweeps Tamil Nadu with 32 leads. BJP is stuck on 2. Modi wave encountered, successfully by Amma.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:18 am

Frustration and blame game begins in Congress, and also desperation. Priyanka Gandhi slogans being sung at the party office.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:17 am

Updated tally for Punjab:
BJP: 6
AAP: 4
INC: 3

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:14 am

NDA: 284
UPA: 72
Others: 143

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:14 am

For the first time ever, Gujarat is 26/26 for BJP; so is Delhi with a perfect score of 7/7. Meenakshi Lekhi (Delhi) is still waiting to celebrate, even though it is a clear win.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:12 am

BIG: Harshvardhan wins Chandni Chowk, Delhi. BJP might make it 7-0 soon.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:12 am

People are heralding it as a new beginning in the Indian politics. What is it exactly, is yet to be seen.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:09 am

UPDATE: Sensex up 5% already in the first hour of trading. Markets appear to be celebrating, the long term effect of an NDA government on the free markets remains to be seen now.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:08 am

Update from Chhattisgarh: BJP takes 9 out of 11 seats.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:07 am

The time is now to deliver on the development and governance narrative that BJP doled out. The country’s electorate has grown numb to dynastic politics, if we go by the trends on stronghold seats.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:06 am

While BJP is celebrating in the offices, the role of RSS in the campaigning and decision-making for the cabinet roles is utterly important.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:04 am

NDA: 274
UPA: 76
Others: 130

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:03 am

The extent of the clean sweep is rather surprising. It is possibly the best performance by a party after 1984.

Mayank Jain May 16, 201410:01 am

Tweet your thoughts to us at @YouthKiAwaaz and tell us what you think about the counting figures.

Shruti Singh May 16, 201410:00 am

NDA has touched 302, Congress is down at 76, way behind the Others who are at 150.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:59 am

Great performance by AAP in Punjab. Second largest tally in the state after BJP.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:58 am

All 6 members of Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs are trailing.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:58 am

Congress is not out of the 60s yet while BJP is zooming past 200 mark.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:55 am

Here are the popular ones leading and trailing from their respective constituencies. Source: NDTV

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:55 am

BJP getting 45 out of 62 in UP.
Congress getting 7.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:54 am

23 out of 24 leads for BJP in Rajasthan. Couldn’t have been more one sided.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:54 am

Abdullah trailing in Kashmir. Is it the change that BJP campaigned for?

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:51 am

Considering the speed at which BJP has been leading all 7 seats in Delhi, people of the city might have to get used to seeing Modi’s victory sign boards everywhere. What’s interesting to note is, where is AAP??

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:46 am

The overall tally now stands at this:
504/543; the BJP is leading with 283 with Congress being far behind at 80!

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:44 am

Corporate India is reacting well to the counting numbers. The die is cast for the new government to live up to the expectations.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:43 am

UPDATE: Stock market has reached the 25,000 mark!

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:43 am

Salman Khurshid trailing against the SP candidate.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:42 am

Smriti Irani is leading against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi. The government is almost formed at such an early stage.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:40 am

Shashi Tharoor trails in Thiruvananthapuram.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:40 am

RLD chief Ajit Singh loses in Baghpat, UP. BJP records its win here too!!

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:39 am

Sensex is up 800 points right now. The country is appearing to be celebrating.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:39 am

Ajit Singh family has won every election in Baghpat since 1977 and the family stronghold is out on siege from Satyapal Singh.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:37 am

Kapil Sibal, Ajay Maken trailing.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:37 am

Its the war of trailers. Farooq Abdullah in Srinagar, Rahul Gandhi in Amethi and TMC’s Baichung Bhutia in Darjeeling. It in interesting how this shows the voters’ mindset. Everybody wants a change from their “ancestral” governing parties.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:36 am

Exit Polls might just have underestimated the extent of BJP’s lead.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:34 am

The JDU does not have even a single seat in Bihar. BJP has wooed this dominantly Hindu state too!

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:33 am

Ajit Singh Loses in Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh, BJP wins.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:32 am

Congress: 12
BJP: 1
Shashi Tharoor is not doing well in his constituency.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:31 am

BJP leading in 20 seats in Madhya Pradesh. Congress stuck on 4.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:30 am

Excitement, nervousness and a lifetime high for the Sensex, Results 2014 are proving to be quite a celebration! The market gains a record 1000 points on opening!

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:30 am

BJP has entered into the stronghold areas and got leads in UP which signify the anti incumbency sentiment prevailing in the country.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:27 am

Neck to neck for BJP and YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:27 am

All India trends by CNN-IBN give a very clear picture. All the Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar jokes might just turn into reality!!

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:25 am

BJP: 6
AAP: 4
Congress: 2
These are speculative leads. Real numbers are subject to change.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:24 am

Expectations proving to be true for Delhi.
BJP: 6
AAP: 1

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:24 am

24 leads for BJP in UP. Sweeping.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:24 am

BSP is struggling in UP. Congress is second with 8 seats, and BJP is leading here too with 31 seats.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:23 am

BJP leading in 11 out of 18 in Karnataka.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:22 am

NDA: 167
UPA: 65

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:21 am

Karnataka proving out to be a difficult state for Congress, and not BJP anymore.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:20 am

So far Congress has just 1 seat in Punjab, while BJ-Akali ahead in 7 and AAP with 4. It is understandable why BJP has already begun celebrations!

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:20 am

Rupee gains past Rs 59/$ for the first time since June, 2013.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:19 am

UPDATE: Maneka Gandhi leads in Pilibhit.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:19 am

SAD leading in Anantpur.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:18 am

North West Delhi, Rakhi Birla leading.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:17 am

Sensex shooting up right away. BJP effect or Raghuram Rajan’s policymaking? We leave it for you to decide.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:15 am

Celebrations have already begun in BJP headquarters in Delhi and Gujarat.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:15 am

Varun Gandhi leading from Sultanpur. Gave up his stronghold seat to his mother, Maneka Gandhi. She is trailing from Pilibhit.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:14 am

Do you want to see who is leading in the national tally? NDTV is updating this infographic every one minute. Check this out:

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:11 am

Anti Trinamool vote giving gains to BJP in West Bengal. Spells trouble for CPM.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:10 am

Smriti Irani leading in Amethi spells surprise for Congress on their stronghold seats. But, Maneka Gandhi is trailing in Pilibhit too. Leads are subject to change within minutes.

Mayank Jain May 16, 20149:10 am

Congress trailing in Madhya Pradesh. BJP leading on 13 seats.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:06 am

Amethi is turning out to be one of the most exciting seats. Rahul Gandhi trails now.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:04 am

Smriti Irani is leading in Amethi. So far, it looks like the Congress might lose their most dependable constituency.

Shruti Singh May 16, 20149:02 am

Just In: The national tally at 9:00 AM puts NDA on top, with 94 seats, followed by UPA with 40 and Others with 46.
This could be worrisome for the Congress!

Shruti Singh May 16, 20148:58 am

Madhya Pradesh: Congress -0,
BJP – 11
Others – 0

Shruti Singh May 16, 20148:53 am

Arun Jaitley is leading over Captain Amarinder in Amritsar

YouthKiAwaaz May 16, 20148:46 am

So far, BJP: 8 INC: 3

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