[VIDEO] What A Girl Faces In A 10 Minute Walk Around Connaught Place Is Appalling

Posted on July 21, 2014 in Sexual Violence, Society, Taboos, Video

Update: Male gaze is a known problem that women around the world face. The society has a habit of judging them and staring at their choice of dressing. While this video raised many questions in our minds about the words used and as our community pointed out, about the use of phrases such as ‘mental rape’, we feel it is important for us to initiate the conversation about the way our society treats women. This video by Sortted TV represents the opinions of a young person and it is important for our audience to know what she feels. YKA as a community platform publishes opinions of young people on pertinent issues. You can submit yours too by sending them in to us at [email protected]


We talk of equality and we protest against the rapes but we forget to give a thought to our own behaviour. It is spiteful how men stare at women. When they walk out, women feel as if they are on display. Women should be allowed to walk out on the road freely and fearlessly at any time and regardless of what they choose to wear, it doesn’t warrant the piercing gazes that they are subjected to.

This video is an eye opener for all of us and drives home the point that we have to stop objectifying females around us and treat them as fellow human beings.

Mayank Jain

Former Social Sub-Editor at Youth Ki Awaaz. Tweets @mayank1029 ! Published fiction writer. Keywords: Business, Tech, Politics and Happiness. Closet poet. Lives on books and conversations.

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    I don’t mean to provoke, but I just wanted to raise a point:

    You talk about equality yet you get annoyed when a man uses the same language against a woman that she used against him, when he tried to fight for his dignity and his family’s. You talk about equality yet you want to show men “their place” and ridicule and abuse them, all in misplaced feministic rage.

    And this is when none of the mentioned men objectified women at all(I refrain from commenting on Ra’s Al Ghul; all I can picture is Liam Neeson). They laid forth their opinions which were perfectly relevant from their point of view(which of course, is of no value at all as, according to you, they are all monsters) and were not hurtful/chauvinistic/insulting in any form. At least not until they were provoked.

    Feminism is about equality of all living beings as a whole. If you can’t deal with being treated in a unisexual manner and need the “female treatment” such as no usage of harsh language at/in the company of a woman(that too when she used it herself), I’m sorry, but Feminism is not for you and you need to get your facts right. Also, everyone has a right to having and voicing their opinions without being attacked, as long as they are not hurtful or provocative. I presume that is what this forum was meant for, yes?

    There is no need to be using such language and attacking people personally on a public forum in the first place, particularly when these men have meant no harm/insult to you nor to anyone else.

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its like they fly everywhere and we are the only unique creatures with legs….


The problem with women today is their unwillingness to accept that arousal among men on seeing a woman’s body is a natural and healthy reaction. Furthermore, we should not ruin women’s lives by telling them what to wear as they are already ruining it by having multiple transient sexual relationships and indulging in promiscuous behavior in the name of liberation and emancipation. Also, with the promotion of plunging necklines, spandex pants, short skirts, tight jeans, tops so deep that when girls bend down accidentally they reveal a lot more than they intended – girls today are bent on showing the world their rights.


Dear Rads.
Thank you. I don’t have anything more say and no reason to stay on this debate.


Well, I study in a non-coed school and I can tell you for certain that if a hot guy with a good body passed around the building, he would be getting the same glances.
It’s natural for girls & boys to check each other out. We would be lying if we say that we’ve never glanced at someone we found attractive.
What’s important is that such glances shouldn’t take a step further and transform into lewd comments and eve-teasing. Which didn’t happen in this video.
Thus, I really didn’t get the purpose of this video.
And mind you, I’m a feminist.


    Thank you Saloni for being truthful. There are a lot of feminists out there who will never be able to admit to what you said. If you have the time, check out the following Video from Karen Straughan about objectification.

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