‘We Teach Life, Sir’: A Powerful Performance That Narrates The Horrors Of Life In Gaza

In this very moving and passionate performance, spoken word artist Rafeef Ziadah narrates what it is like to be a Palestinian. At a time when Israel is on a full blown offensive against Gaza, it is crucial to see truth through propaganda and listen to the voices of the oppressed. The Israeli airstrikes have claimed more than 200 lives and seriously injured thousands in Gaza, most of them being women and children. Israeli airstrike recently killed 4 children playing on a beach. How are kids playing football on a beach a threat to Israel? Is bombing a hospital full of patients not criminal? The propaganda machinery is on overdrive to whitewash Israel’s crimes, and it becomes all the more important to bring out the voices from Gaza. The people in Gaza are living a nightmare, and there can be no justification for the brutal killings and terrorizing of the people who were driven out of their own land and have been forced to live like prisoners in an occupied territory. The Apartheid must end and global solidarity is the only way to help end this occupation.

This Palestinian performance poet and activist will move you to tears with this very powerful performance. This is the truth of Gaza, this is the story that the world needs to sit back and listen to! This is why all of us need to stand up for Palestine. 

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You too can submit a story on Youth Ki Awaaz using our easy submission form.
You too can submit a story on Youth Ki Awaaz using our easy submission form.

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  1. Depressed. 2 years ago

    Very powerful and moving. It is quite depressing to see the Palestinians going through a genocide right now.

    But what’s worse is seeing Indians supporting Israel… I just cannot understand why anyone can support an oppressor/occupier state, especially when we Indians were in the same situation as the Palestinians, pre-1947….

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  3. Gaurav 2 years ago

    islamic radicals are using civilian areas as launchpads to launch missile strikes because they know that if they succeed israel will be wiped out and if they fail israel will be condemned, what a brilliant strategy and ofcourse there are the bleeding heart seculars who will not say anything when shrines or shias are attacked in iraq and syria but suddenly make noises about gaza. these people simply do not understand that you have to be neutral otherwise you are just part of the propoganda machine of islamic radicals and nothing more.

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  4. muft 2 years ago

    What else should we expect from a political party(BJP backed RSS), that openly has supported (in their manifesto) the ‘racial cleansing’ process of Adolf Hitler & the Nazi Party ?
    Let’s put on our thick skin, watch them suffer,
    call ourselves a free country when we pay tax to a govt that kills our own people in Chattisgarh, North East & Kashmir

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