The Next Time Someone Says “Man Up”, Here Are 10 Powerful Responses

Posted on July 15, 2014 in Featured, Society, Video

By Mayank Jain:

You can’t cry because you are a guy. You can’t wear pink because it is ‘girly’. You can’t do this, and you should always do that just because you are a ‘man’. The people around you will want you to live like one. You are made to believe that you are not a man if you are not immune to human emotions.

The social construct is a fast narrowing mould under which men and not just women are made to comply. At some point, people will tell you that you behave/act “like a girl” because you are being sensitive or not drinking enough beers. Masculinity and its notions vary but the consistency with which it is thrown upon men to behave how they are supposed to be is disturbing and damaging. These notions are not only harmful for the men who become victims to stereotypes but also women who become the benchmarks.

Slicing and packaging of someone’s behaviour into a supposedly shameful compartment of feminine behaviour is becoming extremely commonplace, which in turn brings up the ‘much needed‘ reminder for everyone; “Man up!” This video tells you why you shouldn’t.

Mayank Jain

Former Social Sub-Editor at Youth Ki Awaaz. Tweets @mayank1029 ! Published fiction writer. Keywords: Business, Tech, Politics and Happiness. Closet poet. Lives on books and conversations.

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gautam govinda

How about no!

    Somia Sharma

    Hi Gautam…
    What is your problem???
    Why is it always u who has to say something Negative about everything POSITIVE.
    Neither do u agree with empowering women nor do you want boys to be free from these disconcerting stereotypes.

    Please boy GROW UP… Finding people like u in our generation makes me moan… If u cannot appreciate a good idea keep away from it… but DO NOT beguile it.

    Dipankar Kacharia

    Dear Somia Sharma –

    Why??? Aren’t you just being exactly who you are ridiculing right now??? Gautam has a right to express his views too, you should know that !! It is a public forum and you should be ready to take a comment.

    Besides, the article is on a lighter vein and not a SURVEY !! I wear pink shirts, t-shirts and none/NO ONE has ever said anything and even if they DO EVER – 2 things might happen: Ignore those morons OR deal with it !!

    Peace out !!

    Somia Sharma

    Dear Dipankar,
    Thank you very much for your advice. And i really appreciate whatever anyone is saying out here. I believe in letting people speak their mind.
    But I am not taking any of these lightly bcoz I am very serious about these issues. I respect ur point as well but wearing a pink or crying out loud or watching a saas-bahu serial would not make u any less a man.
    I consider it my responsibility to make people realize what they are doing wrong. I might have a wrong perception about things but if I am not open to it and not discuss with u guyz, how am i going to learn better things.

    So, this let it be attitude of ur’s migth be good at some places but not always so…. :)

Somia Sharma

Hi Mayank,
Where do you get these videos from???
Because they are all so inspiring and make you think and realize that there are stereotypes for everyone whether it be boys or girls.

From the very starting the girls are told to play with dolls while boys with cars and we say we are not sexist. From the very start we categorize girls and boys and we are the ones talking about equality. From the very start the girls are asked to be shy and boys are asked to be strong and we say we are impartial.

Why cant a girl go out and play? Why cant a boy have a dollhouse? Why cant be a boy sit back and be protected , why does he always have to protect? Why cant he cry? Why? Why? Why?
Please people do not bind your kids. LET THEM BE. Let them experiment with things. DON’T be a initiator of conventions and nesciense.

    Dipankar Kacharia

    Would You like/love/marry a guy who plays with Make-up (lipstick, mascara, et al) ? You may be friends, but really???? Come on !!

    If your answer to yourself to that question is a Yes !! Then, Saalut !! If, you double Guess – Please do not !!

    BTW – The article in itself in fair and it’s focused on ‘a’ duh “Man” & besides it’s a Jest, a Satire – why’re you dragging this into Gender issue with femininity involved Again ?? Relax and enjoy the change you desire. But stop stealing it from people who care for what Men really ought to be like :)

    Somia Sharma

    I might not marry him…. but not necessarily everyone would have this idea.
    I have not once talked of femininity or masculinity…. It is just that ‘let a child be’… Why would we want to bind him in the stereotypes ever since it’s birth. Let them have their experiences..
    There have been times when i have protected my brother, I have guy friends who cry and laugh along.. All this does not make them any less a man…

    Please stop being a critic and be empathetic.
    BTW- From ur last line you seem to be a guy having the same mentality of ‘man-up’.

    Anyways thanks for ur views.

Shweta Sachdeva

I feel this is the burning issue affecting our country and also the global world. The identities and perspectives attached to gender roles. The paradoxes that we associate with a biological occurrence. The phrase is demeaning and not gender neutral at all. But then again, it has come to mean so because we have let it. Its time our thinkings and frigid reservations regarding one’s sex and all related to it alter.

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