Watch Indian Women Tell You Exactly How An Indian Man Approaches Them

I speak as the woman who feels safe to walk on the streets with a heavy handbag; if held in the right way, it acts as a great shield against creepy “intentional colliders”.

I speak as the woman who struggles to reach home before dark so that people who care about her don’t have to worry about the unsafe lanes.

I speak as the woman who has mastered the art of walking with an expressionless face every time she is scared of walking by a group of rude, eve teasing men; also walking as fast as possible without letting the speed be visible.

I speak as the Indian woman whose call for a safe country is now considered a rant and she is advised “not to get raped.

My sister and I have always been taught to look into the eyes of the man passing by or approaching you on the streets. “Recognize a man’s look and walk carefully“, we were told. And so we learned to look at the way a man is approaching in our direction and to read his body language to be sure we will walk past him without having to hear a sleazy comment or having to bear a tactically placed lecherous touch. Thus, when I hear the question “How an Indian man approaches a woman?” the polite, well spoken, well behaved, respectable gentlemen are not the first ones to come in mind. What comes in mind is very well put forward in the video above.

Those are the kind of comments that a woman on any street in India has heard many times in her life. Based on such comments, more women than we estimate, change their path of daily commute to avoid the regular group of hoodlums sitting by the corner of that street. And if directions cannot be changed, they find out ways to avoid, ignore, talk back, talk to family, talk to authorities, walk past, un-hear and forget. But whatever they do, whatever they say, it is never enough to make those men ashamed of themselves. Nothing ever changes. And nothing ever will unless that “shame” is somehow visible to those men on street corners, in college campuses, on railway stations, in auto stands, at restaurants, in pubs and everywhere. You name the place and you’ll find an individual or a group of men who never stop themselves from opening their mouths in the cheapest manner possible.

To the other group of respectable gentlemen I talked about earlier: I just have to say that those men who approach women in degrading ways are in a much larger proportion than you and they have made us forget about your kind when we walk on the streets. To me, the word “approach”, in spite of its correct literary meaning here, sounds just too civilized to be used for those men. I understand when you say that not all Indian men are the same, and I understand that you hate it when you see such lewd comments being passed on any woman; I understand that you want the same change that I want. It will be great if you can also understand that you and I should together call out these shameful things to stop them once and for all. Because as the video says, #NoShameNoChange. Please remember, the looks, those expressions, those voices, and those words- they stick with a woman for life.

You too can submit a story on Youth Ki Awaaz using our easy submission form.
You too can submit a story on Youth Ki Awaaz using our easy submission form.

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  1. Green Lantern 2 years ago

    Women are supposed to take care of their husband before anything else Why would a woman dress indecently in public when she is only supposed to reveal her body to her husband? Women are molested, eve-teased, and raped because they ignite lust in men.

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  2. Green Lantern 2 years ago

    #NoShameNoChange. I agree. Things will start changing when women start feeling shame, which they already do when they dress indecently as I have noticed them fidget in clothing which they consider sexy, but they don’t want to admit it. When women feel shy undressing in front of their husbands, do they not feel shy revealing their bodies in public?

    Women are supposed to stay at home and take care of their husband, which is their first obligation. A woman’s body is for her husband to look at, no one else.

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  3. Eshita 2 years ago

    Mr. Green Lantern this shows your mentality…!! Under any circumstances there’s no justification to “man rape a woman”. And to your knowledge, the statistics in India shows that regardless of what are they wearing they do get raped.
    @Tanaya it indeed a commendable article and a video…….!!!

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  4. N K 2 years ago

    Mr Green Latern,

    Firstly u need to change ur name…i suggest you replace “latern” with “HORNet”

    Secondly and most importantly u need to clean your head with Harpic. Well I wonder if that would work or else shoot yourself in the head. That would be a great favour towards Humanity :)

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  5. T S 2 years ago

    I don’t agree with what the video shows. The video is generalizing all Indian men as shameless, which is not the case. Yes things like passing comments or eve teasing are in no way justified but we need to know that we cannot blame all Indian men for what only a proportion of Indian men do. Now when a decent man would want to approach a girl he admires, he will have to think twice because he could be easily termed as shameless. Another thing which is to be noted is that the target population of this video is already aware of all this and there was no need of making this video. Yes I agree that some of the things are done by educated people too but most of these things are done by uneducated illiterate people who will most probably never watch this video . In My Opinion a sensitive issue has been picked up by the makers of the video just to gain more subscribers and gain publicity without knowing the negative effect the video will have on the society.
    Stop Shaming all Indian men!

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  6. rananjay 2 years ago

    I can’t believe ,do men stoop to such level ,don’t they have self respect ?In fact even if i try hard or take a bottle of drink i can’t do like them ,its not that i respect women or bla bla but its cuz i respect my self more than any women or any men .Nobody has right to pose threat to any body but women should also learn to dress decently ,if u r not decent how can u expect decency from others ,we expect respect when we lead a decent life.

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  7. fida 2 years ago

    Green lantern or whtevr. .. r u out of ur mind for a reason or so.? Ur talking abt igniting last. ? So nw tell me wht abt the kids being raped or gang raped in India. Kids as small as 3 or 4 . Can u tell me wht shd be the dress code of children as u r talking abt lust. It is only in the mentality whch soever is wrong and shd be punished without evn givng a second chance..I pity ur thoughts

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  8. Aman 2 years ago

    Agreed that Women safety has been degraded in our Country…And this matter arises whenever there is a heneous or brutal rape…..And then as usual we jumble up every other situation of the women…right from eve teasing ….Patriarchy…women bondages….freedom for women to wear anything…Indian culture …Equal status of women….and then.people making futile statements videos as though no one knows what is happening in the country….Then what happens …Another debate …another contovercial statements…another ego war……Another round of hypocrites and there hypocratic statements……Finally no results …Then again another rape and the cycle continues…Can we not look at a new innovative step to check on this issue…as this same old way is leading nothing

    Although i appreciate the work by many to bring in radical changes by showing the mirror….but in that effort we are mixing a lot of things….We forget the socio economic divide in our country..we forget not every individual in our country is well to do….We forget Rape is a clear cut will issue ……..We are trying to give a face to the future rapist which is very difficult…as everything then goes towards some illogical expectations ….or un realistic demands ……

    Just as stress may cause us various diseases like blood pressure …which in turn may cause serious threat to heart brain Kidneys….and it can be advised to kill stress by excercise balanced diet…and an healthy regime…but when we see a serious situation of heart attack or brain hammraige we take emergency steps to treat those first…Doctors may advice all to stay healthy but cannot impose a rule or a penalty to the have a healthy regime…knowing that its a persons own will ..

    SIMILARLY we will have to work on emergency measures to control rape …by things that can help in identification to immideat safety remedies .. Lets us volunteer petrolling in remote locations by the nights and not just leave it on the police…lets us start discussing and understanding the reason of failure of our law machineries…as to why cant they put a tab to such crimes and what help is needed from us to ensure safety…and then have a look at the root causes and deal with it with an action plan as changing mindset is not an overnight activity ….as again Rape eve teasing is a complete will issue….no matter how hard u try some minds dont and would never change ..even if you open a rehabilitaion center for them…

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  9. Green Lantern 2 years ago

    No ma’am, I am not implying a dress code for children. Please realize that rape is a by-product of what women in wear collectively. Miniskirts, tight leggings, cleavage revealing tops, backless dresses, sarees with tiny blouses, skin tight and transparent clothes, and there is no end to the way women dress today. This ignites lust in men.

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  10. your mom 2 years ago

    Green Lantern, I hope you are a troll, because otherwise you sound like you desperately need help.

    Clothes do not cause rape – rapists do.

    Your focus should be on educating people like yourself about how not to rape and how to respect other human beings. Not telling women what to wear and what not to wear.

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  11. Shilpi 2 years ago

    A request-Dont entertain chutiyas youth ki awaz…. its ppl like “green laterns”whu ignites hatred and misogyny…HE IS NO DIFERENT THAN THE KIND OF MALES TALKED HERE …u cnt hv a debate with them…cz they r ok wid doing wathcing porn in purda..N imagining women naked in thier heads… n guide how women sud dress women sud behave …they cannot understand the body of a woman belongs to her -she can keep it for her husband.. or keep it for 10 guys, she can cover it or show every inch of her skin..its her body n her choice -not society n not some sulphate like him!!
    Hope that you shame this guy enuf coz he wont change #NoShameNoChange

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  12. Green Lantern 2 years ago

    she can keep it for her husband.. or keep it for 10 guys, she can cover it or show every inch of her skin..its her body n her choice.

    I would like to ask a simple question, I hope you don’t get offended. Would you like to keep your body for ten guys, or uncover every inch of your body in public?

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  13. Green Lantern 2 years ago

    Clothes do not cause rape – rapists do.

    Clothes don’t cause rape, lack of clothes do. Even in the civilized world, a man can walk around shirtless whereas a woman will be arrested if she goes topless. Even the law requires that women cover up.

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  14. Shilpi 2 years ago

    Upto me..if i m single….. as much as i want… if i m commited i will kep it for one man ..till i m wid issue is no one ,niether me nor u or any1 sud define that for anybody …. i hope u gt my point… cloth or clothless…. doesnt give anybdy the right to rape…. if cloths provoke rape wat abt kids n older women???… i knw u wil come up wid sm weird shitty explanation for that… but question urslf ..if u see women in less cloths ,will u rape?????

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  15. sho 2 years ago

    This is a lame excuse that dress has nothing to do with rape , lust is the main ingredient of rape , Do u know different animals has different way to attract the opposite sex for coitus ,like frogs makes noise this is the indication of sex .Likewise when female exposes we get tempted by their body its quite natural , the main problem with u people that what ur expected to do in bed room ur doing openly in public and the only intention is to attract more men but the men should b rich handsome n sophisticated but unfortunately the rikshawala is also a man n he has got the same anatomy as ambanies so its natural that he ll b attracted .People say the sex ratio is skewed in favor of men but i say females r redundant cuz only 20% rich kids consume 80% of women so 80% men r not successful n if they r successful they r not handsome ,so if 100 men are enjoying 900 women so how can it b said that sex ratio is skewed .

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  16. Green Lantern 2 years ago

    cloth or clothless…. doesnt give anybdy the right to rape….

    We are not talking about whether someone has the right to rape or not. We are talking about WHY rapes take place all over the world.

    if cloths provoke rape wat abt kids n older women???

    Why do you think a man would rape an old woman? It is because he is filled with lust after having seen younger women in sexy clothes and he cannot fulfill his desire in a proper manner. As for kids, I am sure a men don’t rape them to show their superiority.

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  17. Medha 2 years ago

    hahahhahhaha touche NK!! Well said! Green “LANTERN’S” place is in Hell!!! He should eliminate himself from the face of this world or some Bandit Queen must do that!! We would at least have one less misogynistic specie! Species like him should be made extinct soon by destroying them!

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  18. Shilpi 2 years ago

    another chutiya on the roll…youth ki awaz…pls do sometng….Dear showud u climb on ur mother or sister if u happen to see them in less cloths…if its natural to get attracted?? if cloths mke u rape..I sud hit yu right on ur face …cz ur stupidity provokes me !!!..
    I am sorry to have under eastimated ur stupidity!!!

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  19. Eshita 2 years ago

    You need help…….!!!

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  20. Shilpi 2 years ago

    So agreed Ishita…guess NIMHANS?? A FULL TIME NLP..

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  21. sho 2 years ago

    dear street walker; no one of my family is a slut ,they wear cloth according to our culture n snskar n if they wear such kind of dress i wd never mind people staring at them n i wd never help them if they face any assault ……i m a little bit cruel …for people who r kusanskari……..

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  22. sho 2 years ago

    Madam ji i have never targeted anyone personally nor i have abused any one , what i m talking is all about the whole women species ,so u can’t file a complaint against me but u have abused me personally but u didn’t have any cogent argument , if u have certain argument then reply otherwise abusing someone shows ur inefficiency ……

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  23. Shilpi 2 years ago

    Apne ke baare me bola toh sulgi na….sulgegi hi … kuch nahi ho sakta hai tumhara … jo apne logo ke baare me aiesa soch sakte hai ..i doubt if u r a human at first place… i pity ur sister n mother … thats it..humko jawab mat dena…nahi toh kusanskar ka hota hai …ee pata chal jayega… btw i m proud to b a kusanskari if sanskar teaches me marginalise n slut shame women…. a slut is better than a opressed women n opressor men… sluts have better sanskar…just cz they r helpless … u hv the rite to say anythng.. yeah..!!!!!!..they offer thier bodys so that sanskari ppl like yu dont become balatkari..n rape every women on the street … slut my fooot….

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  24. Shilpi 2 years ago

    U r targeting my whole bloody species…n calling them sluts!!!! … personal…it is PERSONAL FOR ME its my sisters u r talking abt!!!! “cogent argument ” cn u see argument ?? or understand it??? u only focussed on the word that defined u … whu is inefficient?? my efficieny is not dependent on ur verification!! MOREOVER,If you’re a guy or a chauvinist or both who has been offended by anything written here that you find grossly inappropriate or disrespectful then, too bad for you, I’m not sorry. Because honestly, if you have a problem with what’s been said here regardless of the fact that a woman is raped every 18 hours in Delhi then you should jump off the nearest cliff …thats the best u can do to save humanity !!
    and yes it is personal !!!

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  25. sho 2 years ago

    are apni shakal to dekh ,tum per koi thukega nahin balatkar to dur ki baat hai….i m not talking about personal life , i m talking about society , u don’t have any argument that is why u r abusing ,n why should we work hard to get a women ,if women also derive pleasure from the act …….if ur talking about me i never even look at a woman …..cuz they have become shameless …n yes learn manners otherwise i m afraid u can face many problems in future , men don’t tolerate attitude of any one ,they are powerful ,even u have to take help of men to protect urself , u need men ,otherwise ur existence can b in danger….

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  26. sho 2 years ago

    N i pity ur brother n father , people must b abusing them with ur name ……ur place is different ……ok!

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  27. Shilpi 2 years ago

    Dekhta nahi ladki ko….lekin comment kar sakta hai ?? wah wah .. toh shakal kaha se dekhi?? u r frm the lot..who rape women wid thier mentality … tuje dekhne ki zarurat nahi!! aag lagi tere ko zor se cz u cnt take a women talking….n replying to u …as u r man.. tere ko kissi ka naam leke abuse karne ki zarurat nahi hai.. tera nama hi gaali hai…. i don need to prove that u r one.. u proved urslf !!! i am ashamed that ppl like u survive…. ur pity means shit to me… n to any1… my pity is to every women assosciated wid u … hope they see wat u feel for women … n go aay from u … u r sick …. u need therapy!! abhi tak toh maine kuch bola hi nahi aur teri sulag gai..sirf ye dekh ke … ki koi aursat ko zaban hai…jiss din samajh jayega ..u wil b ashamed of urslf!! kuch dhang ka jawab hai toh de…. warna dont open ur mouth,,, it stinks as much as ur metality . u r the ppl responsible fr the pathetic condition of women…damn man… i applaud u …for having such small brain!!

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  28. sho 2 years ago

    I really appreciate ur argument , here i have to say ;if u can show ur skin ,then read sec 294 which is against vulgarity , we can’t even utter vulgar words in public we can’t sing a song , n women can’t show uncouth behavior on street . Read sec 497 ,437 n 125 n then read article 15(3) of constitution under which different privileges have been provided to women ,here the logic is cuz women r different from men even article 14 doesn’t come to our rescue because of a factor called “intelligent differentia” ,it means equal treatment doesn’t mean ‘identical’ treatment , treating unequal as equal is akin to treat them unequally ,on the basis of this doctrine marriage age is different for male n female n u get seats reserved in metros n other public transport , u cant imagine the benefits u r given .So there is a reason for every law ,before making or drafting a law lawyers apply their whole education n experience then they codify certain section n ur talking that u can roam naked, then why we can’t masturbate before u , we won’t have to imagine a woman or we won’t need sleazy items to get in mood!

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  29. Shilpi 2 years ago

    dont teach me articles and constituion of india… i know is not abt walking naked u fool… is abt respecting the individuality of men a women equally …. if roamin naked is crime.. it sud be crime of every1…. so to slut shame someone on her dress which is not inappropriate according to the constitution of india is wrong.. which u r doing..the constitution of india also dont say that …. if a woman is not wearing full cloth u sud rape her…raping is a crime under all circustamances!!!!!! i hope i cu drill this in ur head and make u understand.. i respect constitution of india…altho biased but still …. !!!

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  30. Aman 2 years ago

    Dear Shilpi,

    First of all Rules of law are the same for Men and women…provocative or obscene clothing or nudism is a bann for both men and women in India ..A men cannot be allowed to roam in an underwear or seminude in public….Even if some one does a complaint from people or ladies can cause him problems…But we see such men mostly is colonies or warandas of houses is beacuse nobody complaints …A complaint can even make those men absatain from acting like such…Same goes for ladies as you might have heard Rakhi sawant using skimpy clothes on a stage once was been booked by the Police….

    Secondly Rape is a heneous crime and is done by a rapist of a heneous mindset…And there is no corelation between a clothes of a women or a victim and rapist mentality…nor there is any corelation between age …As they do not consider all this..A rapist rapes a women considering her helplessness like in a situation where he can overpower her …a condition where he finds her alone to fulfill his desires…a condition where he feels that he can do away with his crime and would not get caught…..Today a lot of brutal Gang Rapes take place ….majorly as what is fueling rapist mindset is the Brutal porn videos on gangbangs available on the internet ….This violent porn is causing a rapist do experiments like inserting objects into a womens Vagina….Another proof of this is the rape done by the Gym instructor on a 6 year old girl in Banglore…It was noted that he did so after watching porn where it showed men having sex with extremely young girls…Same was another case in UP when a 5 year old girl was raped by 2 men aged 23 and 24 and the reason was Porn and alcohol which provocated them towards targeting the 5 year old who was playing outside her house….Murders are follwed by rape mostly to kill the evidence so as not to get caught…or mostly by panicked minds who then realise what they have done

    Lastly it is not just Rape which is crime against women…There are may others like mollestation (Groping touching) , Eve teasing , Sexual harrasment (Non Physical sexual acts like verbal harasment or Delibrate sexual expressions give by men Etc)…In this second category of crime a clothes of women does matter …As women with revealing clothes is more prone to be the target…And specially when in public men in individual or in group try to take advantages of situations…like been in bus or train or market places…These crimes generally goes unnoticed due to lack of evidence as people act or make it look like accident…..Here act of rape is not conducted but still a women has to bear unwanted touches or mental harrasment caused by some one oogling at your assets …For these crimes how far teaching or expecting a change from male of this society is concerned is something which is difficult to be said …As we have male with diffrent socio economic status in our society …For a man who is just a wage labour who sees a women in revealing out fit with glaring skin and aromatic fragrance is like having a sex goddess next to him….he has never seen such women in life …and most of such men are of mindsets that women of such outfits are sluts or a so called rich people who are open to sex or for whom sex is enjoyable act unlike there own community where a women in just a machine to give birth to there children who are not bothered about there out fits and are shabby as they cannot afford to look good…..Now here to explain the person that he is wrong and expecting him to change the mindset is something which will require a lot of effort first to upgrade his status of living by value education …all this is something which seems to be very entangled and need to be tracked one by one ….we cannot and will not have an overnight change in mindset ,,,infact more the openess and extreme views shown by women and feminist more would people come in defence of there ideologies and in the end all back to square one

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  31. Shilpi 2 years ago

    Thanks Aman…..

    Very aptly explained…I agree to u ….. regards to u..hope ppl do hv an open understand as u do :)


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  32. A Delhi Girl 2 years ago

    And this, ladies and gentleman, defines the height of patriarchal society as we know it.

    I as all of the women reading this are ASTOUNDED that an educated man in today’s time could actually say “Women are supposed to stay at home and take care of their husband, which is their first obligation. ”

    So you mean women are caretakers? Servants? We are “obliged” to take care of our husbands? Well, aren’t husbands supposed to take care of their wives? Are women not supposed to have dreams, ambitions, aspirations? Are they not human? Do they not have the right to live life the way they want to?

    I believe that I am not a radical feminist and that careless behaviour cannot be pardoned. Women do stupid things occasionally, but at the same time, the victim is NEVER ASKING FOR IT.

    So it “ignites lust” in men? It is natural, you say? And it is humane and natural, according to you, for men to demand that they get the sex they “naturally deserve”? That it is their birthright? Well, what about a woman’s right to her own body, her own SELF? There is something called “social etiquette” and it also includes “controlling unwanted sexual advances”. NOBODY has the right to ANYONE ELSE’S body, whether a woman or a man or our hermaphrodite friends.

    It is up to a woman who she wants to reveal her body to. Her husband has no RIGHT or POWER over her. And the way you say it, its as though all the women who step out of their houses are wearing next to nothing. Who roams around naked, man? Nobody does! And you talk about traditional clothes, well, are sarees not revealing? Do they not make a woman look sexy? They are one of the most figure-defining attires in the world. And you think a woman should be ashamed of being eve teased just coz she’s looking hot? WHAT WORLD ARE YOU LIVING IN? It’s not as though a man is introduced to a woman’s anatomy only through women “revealing their bodies in public”; he is introduced to it through education, pornography, social life…there are so many factors.

    I’m still at a loss for words, having read your comments. Please understand that a woman has the right to her life, her body, her happiness and her freedom exactly as much as a man does. She is not a commodity, not a slave to be exchanged by marriage to work for her husband and household all her life and forget what her own dreams and ambitions and aspirations are. We all have social responsibilities and yes, it is important that we all put our families first in whatever we do. But if you think she is obliged to her husband, he is to her too. He is obliged to take care of her and keep her happy, as is she. She is a human being too. She has feelings too. Nobody has a definite role set for them in life; it is up to them to build their lives the way they want. It is their fundamental right.

    You seriously need to get your facts right. May God help you if you ever come in contact with a radical feminist.

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  33. Aman 2 years ago

    Dear Green Lantern,

    Do you know the worst place for women safety is Arab where Women are in Hijab yet rapes are very high and there is no written legislation against rape..Women do not have right to freedom

    Afghanistan : Rape is not considered as a crime ..Even here rapes happen despite women are in Hijaab and well covered ..Worst place for women

    Lastly US and UK : Considered the most liberal of the societies in terms of status of women…Rapes happen there as well…

    All in all no corelation between women who is wearing revealing clothes and mindset of rapist…If that would have been the case every prostitute would have got raped by rapist …but they so not want to have sex with them as they know she is ready for sex…A rapist like to overpower innocent women/children and rape them as they have a mentality to torture women and rape them as that is there ideology…They enjoy this act….If all you said was true Rape would not have happened in rural areas where women do not wear revealing clothes or in the countries where women are in Hijaab

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  34. Aman 2 years ago

    Dear TS…I am sure you are aware that there has been double fold increase in crime against women in the near past…And again the rapist are amongst us men…..There is no way you can predict a future rapist ..what people are trying to check is if we are building a mentality where women is been looked over with lust in eyes irrespective of what she wears…Where women is ill treated ..and mollested every now and then .When if a women is caught in bus full of male people trying to take the utmost advantage of her helplessness irrespective of what she wears…what male society are we representing…we are a disgrace to a the male community if the women in our country arent safe …We have to take the responsibilty of change whether all men are like that or not…it is not repeat offenders who are doing this crimes against women to say that law machinery is handicapped to arrest it …every new case is having a new offender and this number is increasing…which is seriously alarming …if such would be the condition there would be days when women would not even be safe in our houses with us whom u called as ciivilized and cultured men

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  35. sho 2 years ago

    I must say,u don’t deserve to talk to me …… i can understand ur qualification as u have been misinterpreting constitution n law ,i have never justified rape but if u can avert unwanted gazes then u should, if ur saying its ur freedom to get naked then do it before ur brother or father den i can understand ur temerity, i have freedom to do any thing till it encroaches upon others freedom ,just like u a shit head lady was arguing from a cisf staff that she can do anything hear, she can lay on the floor herein ,u can’t stop me , she was similar to u, my dear, freedom is not absolute ,then why ur crying that people stare at me ,they have freedom they can pan dere eyes wherever they want .And i can see ur level by ur comments ,u don’t know any thing except abusing people.Today i saw a lady in stockings her panty and whole lower body part was vividly visible from , and i have full right to make complaint against her n if proved she can serve a sentence for 3 months ,its our big heart that we r not lodging complaint against u people ,we can lodge a complaint under sec 294 n police ll have to take action otherwise other remedies r also available to save us from BIMBOS.I can understand, my comment was bouncer for u ,u think i have just introduced it n ur unable to understand when i start explaining every article n sections u ll be washed away .so stop ur ‘thethrology’

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  36. sho 2 years ago

    so u understand constitution n law … ! n i must appreciate ur interpretation u didn’t understand what i said nor u read my comments properly , if by abusing me u r going to get some medal then do it ………but i ll sugest u if ur so conscious about ur own rights then u should also respect others rights n freedom, what Aman has described ,he just corroborated my points , i support the opinion of Aman …..n its the reality n u should b sympathetic n empathetic about lower class men ,u should not treat them with contempt ,they r also human beings , all r not same privileged ,discontentment is the root cause of crime when the chasm between have n have nots becomes broader ,crime germinates , in ancient period different dharmas like baudh n jain came into existence to pacify discontentment among people .Only law can’t protect any crime ,moral values has to be inculcated in people’s mind .And moral and ethics are not confined to a particular gender,it should be followed by all n sundry .

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  38. Anuva 2 years ago

    I request you to either ban green lantern,sho and these type of people or atleast tell their relatives that they have serious problems so that some girls in future can be saved and after reading the comments that any girl will be able to ignite lust in him and then also he is only going to blame them

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  39. Shilpi 2 years ago

    love Anubha…. Youth ki awaz..pls do smtng..

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