‘World Hates Women’: This Video Is A Chilling Account Of What Women Face All Over The World

Posted on August 8, 2014 in Featured, Sexual Violence, Society, Taboos, Video

A couple of days back, Video Daddy came up with this powerful video highlighting the plight that women face across the globe. The video instantly went viral on social media, with many news and media organisations sharing it through their channels. It has close to 3 Lakh views on YouTube right now, and is already trending on YouTube. Watch it for yourself here and tell us what you feel about it.

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Rape is an act of dominance.
Solution to this is gender equality.
How can we achieve this..?
1st step stop listening to all the things parents says. Most of our parents are sexist.
2nd Be independent, don`t let you sister and mother to do your work.
yes don’t let your sister or mother wash your plate, wash cloths or clean your room.
3rd Filter everything your sexist friend or friends says.
4th Have a mindset that all people are equal.

Syed Zaidi

In India, one of the main cause of abuse of women is her image projected by the indian cinema. Sex Object. Servant. Personal property. Subservient wife. Prostitute. Dancer. Entertainer.
The Youth should boycott any and all films that project this image. Demand from the big Bs and the Khans of the industry to reject roles where they are shown using women.

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