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A media platform for our generation to address some of the world’s most pressing issues – through thoughtful opinions and reportage.


Completely crowd-sourced, YKA’s approach to media is founded on a simple idea: Public opinion is the new superpower. And that the media can do more to engage this generation, and enable them to change the world, if only they heard what the people themselves had to say. That is why we are building a media company with a simple mission – enable people to speak up on issues of critical importance – and put their opinion out there. Every piece you see on YKA has been contributed by people like you. With a platform to raise your voice, break stereotypes and create social impact – YKA’s new media approach puts you at the center.

Our community


35K+ contributors

10K+ stories

2.5K+ writers trained

What they said

Youth Ki Awaaz is giving the Indian youth what it never had; a podium to raise their voices.

As an initiative to evolve a participatory democracy, Youth Ki Awaaz clearly checks all the right boxes.

In a country where the youth has a very diminutive status, ‘Youth Ki Awaaz’ acts as an amplifier that can never go unheard.

Not only does the YKA internship offer professional training; the participants also get to be a part of social change by raising awareness on issues.

How does Youth Ki Awaaz work?

Driven by a community model, YKA marries crowd-sourcing techniques with a unique editorial style to get everyone to contribute.

It challenges the status-quo in the traditional media that news and analysis should be in the hands of a select few journalists. It builds the perspective that young citizens are inquisitive, concerned and believe in sparking conversations. Creating a platform that advocates for freedom of expression stays at the very core of our work.

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