Mobile DSC_2884_FeaturedYouth Ki Awaaz which literally translates to voice of the youth in English, is an award winning and India’s largest online and mobile platform for young people to express themselves on issues of importance.

We are striving to transform the media landscape through thoughtful stories, ideas and opinions contributed by you, and by making best use of online and mobile journalism, social and new media tools. We believe that anyone and everyone can and should voice their valuable opinions and insights on the issues that matter, and broadcast them to the world – in our case, through Youth Ki Awaaz. Youth Ki Awaaz also acts as a central hub for various non-profit and social good organizations to engage with young people on a variety of issues through strategically run campaigns.

Youth Ki Awaaz has, since 2008, given voice to over 20,000 young people from across the country and receives nearly 6 million hits every month.

If you disagree with anything we publish, please send us an alternative view, or comment and register your disagreement. We want to create a platform where both sides of the discourse emerge and shape thoughts for a more participatory democracy.

The Youth Ki Awaaz Internship and Training Program

We also run a critically acclaimed work-from-home global media internship and training program where we mentor about 30 participants over the course of 8 weeks. Know more about it here.


Why was Youth Ki Awaaz Started?

4 in 5 young people do not have access to platforms to speak up on issues that affect them. Almost all of us have had challenges in making our voice count in decision making and power play. Lack of freedom of expression impacts the lives of over 4 billion people in the world. That’s more than 50% of the world population – a silent epidemic. 75% of all human rights violations, social and political problems grow because the people facing it – do not get to talk about them openly – and mobilize action.

Youth Ki Awaaz was started in 2008 as an instant reaction to the fact that the everyday youth does not have enough stake in the country’s problems or in the mainstream media, and there is no real avenue for free speech and mass recognition of open conversations. It has fast emerged as a citizen driven alternative to the mainline media for many young people, and continues to grow leaps and bounds.

How does Youth Ki Awaaz work?

Youth Ki Awaaz is driven by a participatory, user generated model where the opinions and topics are crowd-sourced. You are the readers and the writers, and user contributions stay at the very core of the platform. YKA also regularly engages with social good organizations to provide young people an opportunity to engage with specific issues and impact change.

Youth Ki Awaaz also runs an 8 week work-from-home program that aims at training and equipping young people with the right tools and skills to communicate and write better, and voice themselves in the best possible way on very crucial issues. The internship program was started in Jan 2010 and has trained over 1500 young people from across the country till date. It currently trains 30 young people over 8 weeks.

How can I participate?

If you wish to write for Youth Ki Awaaz, or submit a photo or video; or create a debate just log in to Youth Ki Awaaz here and head to the submission zone to submit. Once logged in, you can also ‘create a debate’ on Youth Ki Awaaz.

You can also volunteer with us to have a time of your life creating and working on path-breaking opinions with one of India’s fastest growing new media companies.

Have you had any official recognition?

Received the Best Blog for Social Causes, by IndiBlogger.
Received the United Nations GAID and ICNM run, World Summit Youth Award, for path-breaking e-content

Champions of Social Transformation, for Youth Empowerment, by the Baha’i Spiritual Assembly

United Nations, International Telecom Union, Young Innovators Award for innovation for social good using Information and Communication Technology.

Indian Blogger Award, 2013 for the Best Community Blog in India.

Manthan Award, South Asia’s highest honour in ICT for development, in two categories: e-News and Journalism; and Social Media and Empowerment.

How does Youth Ki Awaaz sustain itself?

Youth Ki Awaaz’s mission is to empower the everyday folks to raise their voices and opinions on the issues and causes they feel passionate for. We realize that a great methodology to achieve this is by combining the values of a non-profit and the innovation of a start-up. Our business model does more good, and creates more value while addressing some of the most crucial issues. We are a social good business that funds itself by helping social good organizations and non-profits reach out to and engage the Indian youth in their causes – through We do this via various tools such as content driven campaigns, and our expertise on digital media virality.

For our partners, this is a great way to further their causes and what they believe in; and for our readers and users, this a great way to connect with some of the most impact driven organizations in the world.

Who all are in the Youth Ki Awaaz core team?

Click here to find out more about the team behind Youth Ki Awaaz