A media platform for our generation to address some of the world’s most pressing issues – through thoughtful opinions and reportage.


We are striving to transform the media landscape through thoughtful stories, ideas and opinions contributed by our generation, and by making best use of online and mobile journalism, social and new media tools. We believe that anyone and everyone can and should voice their valuable opinions and insights on the issues that matter, and broadcast them to the world – in our case, through Youth Ki Awaaz. Youth Ki Awaaz also acts as a central hub for various non-profit and social good organizations to engage with young people on a variety of issues through strategically run campaigns.

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What they said
Youth Ki Awaaz is giving the Indian youth what it never had; a podium to raise their voices.

As an initiative to evolve a participatory democracy, Youth Ki Awaaz clearly checks all the right boxes.

In a country where the youth has a very diminutive status, ‘Youth Ki Awaaz’ acts as an amplifier that can never go unheard.

Not only does the YKA internship offer professional training; the participants also get to be a part of social change by raising awareness on issues.

How does Youth Ki Awaaz work?

Driven by a community model, YKA marries crowd-sourcing techniques with a unique editorial style to get everyone to contribute.

It challenges the status-quo in the traditional media that news and analysis should be in the hands of a select few journalists. It builds the perspective that young citizens are inquisitive, concerned and believe in sparking conversations. Creating a platform that advocates for freedom of expression stays at the very core of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I participate?
If you wish to write for Youth Ki Awaaz, or submit a photo or video; you can send us a pitch by logging in here and heading to your dashboard.

You can also be a Youth Ki Awaaz Intern and join India’s most popular training program for budding writers.

How does Youth Ki Awaaz sustain itself?
Youth Ki Awaaz’s mission is to empower the everyday folks to raise their voices and opinions on the issues and causes they feel passionate for. We realize that a great methodology to achieve this is by combining the values of a non-profit and the innovation of a start-up. Our business model does more good, and creates more value while addressing some of the most crucial issues. We are a social good business (a for-profit enterprise that puts social impact over profits and address humanity’s most pressing needs) that funds itself by helping social good organizations and non-profits reach out to and engage the Indian youth in their causes – through youthkiawaaz.com. We do this via various tools such as content driven campaigns, and our expertise on digital media virality.

For our partners, this is a great way to further their causes and what they believe in; and for our readers and users, this a great way to connect with some of the most impact driven organizations in the world.

Who is in the Youth Ki Awaaz team?


Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Youth Ki Awaaz. Driven by creating tools to make it easier for people to speak up on issues they are passionate about. Social media advocacy expert. UN awarded innovator. Can live his entire life on the internet. Needs serious de-addiction from his mobile phone. Follow him on Twitter at @anshul_tewari.


Executive Editor

Tanaya is the executive editor at Youth Ki Awaaz. She believes that YKA helps you have faith in yourself. Other than calling herself a poet in her own head, she dreams of being called so by the world. She considers writing the most beautiful form of art (and also the easiest way to express). Handmade paper and the smell of books still win the battle for her over emails and E-books.


Managing Editor

Managing Editor at Youth Ki Awaaz. She likes conversations, stories and storytellers. And swears true gyaan originates and ends with The Lord of The Rings. She's also thankful to have Miranda Priestly for a godmother.


Head of Engagement

Head of Engagement at Youth Ki Awaaz. Engineer-turned-Activist. Founder of GotStared.At. Constantly changing. Loves to stitch posters into conversations. Follow me on twitter at @thedhruvarora


Senior Editor

Senior-editor at Youth Ki Awaaz. Has been engaged in various socio-political activities in the city. Passionate about issues concerning social justice and Human Rights. Dreams of a revolution and writes with a hope to make an impact. Connect on Facebook and Twitter.


Digital Campaigner

Kirrat is the Digital Campaigner with Youth Ki Awaaz. She wishes to shape shift with multiple ambitions and curiosity. Can't function without lists. Suffers from verbal diarrhoea.


Technology Lead

Web Designer and Developer. Loves to work with open source web technologies like WordPress.