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fotor rajdeep aamir
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Rajdeep Sardesai speaks his mind in this video about the controversy that has risen around Aamir Khan and the tolerant-intolerant debate.
The KL team. image source: Facebook

People in villages had a problem with Dalit women going out and doing something of their own, that too a job that requires them to stay out for long,"
ranbir kapoor konkona sen sharma wake up sid

As much as we love our work, there are times when we just can't stand our jobs.

Only the atlas knows where it hurts.
mtv big f v2

MTV India’s new show 'Big F explores the forbidden sexual desires of the youth of India, the most recent being alternate sexuality.

Our lives are so dependent on them that we take them with us everywhere – to the gym, to the dinner table, even to the toilet.
Kundan srivastava fotor

I recently came across the profile of a man who claims to be a women's rights activist, but his statements are problematic.
Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci) and James Bond (Daniel Craig) share an intimate moment in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures/EON Productions’ action adventure SPECTRE.

No one goes to a Bond film expecting something new. People know what they’re going to get: a cocktail of girls, gadgets, violence, and exotic locations.
sanskari james bond
Posted by Lipi Mehta

India will get to see Spectre, but with two kissing scenes "cut by 50%" and words like 'fuck' and 'asshole' removed, courtesy the Indian Censor Board.
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Why it was necessary for my newspaper to respond to an Assam Rifles notice with a blank editorial.
Nagaland protest
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On October 25, 3 newspapers in Nagaland ran a blank editorial page, reminiscent of the Emergency, to protest against the curbing of freedom of the Press.
Zee news bad reporting

Zee News's recent news report was not only factually incorrect, but was also bad reporting on their behalf.
Image source: YouTube

He wasn't killed by a mob driven by anger, he was not killed for eating beef or because they thought he ate beef, he was killed because he was a Muslim.
smartphone-photographer travel
Posted by Artika Raj

A glimpse into the Photo Commune exhibition and the exhibitors, and maybe a travel story that might just be similar to yours
family kartar singh sarabha
Posted by Nikita Azad

Mela Gadri Babean da is observed every year from 30th October to 1st November in Jalandhar. The fete is organised to pay homage to the great Ghadar movement.
j k rowling
Posted by Lipi Mehta

In the last few years, J.K. Rowling has become active on the social media platform and taken a stand on diverse issues.
Image source: Twitter

During his visit this time, the British media took no time to pose direct, sharp questions at Modi, questions he has avoided in his home country, India.
rahman abbas screenshot

"I lost my job and every contact with educational institutions, especially those owned by Muslims. I was not permitted to work because of this case,"
Image source: Flickr

David Guggenheim’s documentary captures Malala’s everyday life as a young teenager and global activist through poignant and often humorous interview scenes.
prem ratan dhan payo_edit
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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo works for what it is: a Salman Khan and Sooraj Barjatya film—a fun, family entertainer out to break the bank.
the dirty picture

Indian Television is bleeping and censoring out words being used in shows, but are they putting any sense into it?
chinese new year

Apart from Diwali, here are some festivals from around the world that primarily celebrate with firecrackers, or feature fire as the main star.

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