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"You see, I won’t reveal it, because a mystery should remain a mystery till you’ve encountered it"

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I took up that favourite project of uncovering a tradition of queer music in my personal capacity.
Indian press photographers take pictures of Belgium's Queen Paola behind a fence in Mumbai

The government wants to churn out ideologues rather than whistleblowers.

The portrayal of a trans woman in sympathetic light rather than something to be laughed at, sure strikes a chord with me.

And we can watch it while we talk about love.
India's Daughter

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"Your ill-guided enthusiasm over your film should not be more important than a fair judicial process!"
Widows (12)

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The optimism and the pride with which these women live with, overpowers the sadness
Pyaasa (1957)

Pyaasa truly represents the definition of Bollywood - where song and dance aid the movie rather than being disruptive distractions and tricks to mask mediocrity.
Badlapur film poster

Badlapur emerges as a reflection of the society and how amidst all the gore and violence, it teaches us the importance of Peace.
Bombay Cab Sessions

Pushes musicians to their limits and challenges them to come up with stellar performances in a tough environment, all in a single take.
Picture Credit: National Media Museum

"He’s a pretentious prick. He’s frightening, and he is moralistic. He’s hypocritical. He’s self righteous. He is holier than thou”.
Can you see the concern in my eyes? No? Well, that’s none of my concern. I am sensitive. I hope you can sense my sensitivity.

"This is a generation that sees through bullshit. And right now, for all your decades of carefully constructed PR, you come across as an ageing douchebag."
Oscar ceremony

Simply by virtue of being said, these comments have the power to usher in fresh debate, as well as reopen old ones.
English, August

"The book talks about Agastya’s journey of adapting to the district life of Madna, the work culture of the IAS, and the exploration of his own self. "
bob dylan

To hear Dylan’s unfiltered vocals is a delight for any fan.
Picture credit: Roger H. Goun

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"Reporting for three months in the Bronx took me to a lot of places, and introduced me to a lot of people."

These films may be described as a wakeup call to the conscience of the average viewer, but they never harp on being preachy or propagandistic.

Enjoy a tiny sliver of Indian cricketing history as depicted by Amul!

The best part is that it has something for everybody-from a party-goer to a melody-seeker
Dadi Pudumjee4

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One does not simply become a puppeteer.

In spite of being quite concise, each story manages to develop a strong relationship with the reader.
AIB roast controversy

"I do not find your joke funny, but I will defend to death your right to crack it."

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