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I am offended

The popular faces of the industry talk about stand-up comedy, internet, free speech and more!
proposition for a revolution trailer

“The film doesn’t seek to provide definitive answers. It attempts instead to engage in a dialogue”

Babu, a 33-year-old fisherman told me that his sons feel fishing is a cursed trade in today’s world.
The Imitation Game

The successes of The Imitation Game thus far outweigh its departures from historical truth.
Delhi poetry slam..

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Take that, Honey Singh!

Is Baby really our best attempt at emulating politically conscious thrillers?
Kalpish Ratna

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A team of two, Kalpana Swaminathan and Ishrat Syed are both surgeons who write under the name Kalpish Ratna.

The action will now shift to the courts where the right to free speech is going to be pitted against the thought control police.

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We are supposed to look at the transgender character as an object of ridicule in the movie.
Juggi Bhasin_Babri demolition

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From journalism, to entrepreneurship, to penmanship, writer Juggi Bhasin has skills spanning across a wide-range of domains.
Dastangoi Husain Farooqui - Photo by La Frances Hui

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Mahmood Farooqui, writer and director, has brought back this 16th century Urdu art of storytelling, Dastangoi, back to Indian theatre spaces.
messenger of god movie controversy

MSG, according to the Censor Board, falls into the ‘ridiculous self-advertising masquerading as a movie’ category
hussain zaidi writer_featured

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It won’t be a stretch to say that no one really had so thoroughly covered the Mumbai mafia’s notorious activities before Hussain Zaidi stepped in.
Jerry Pinto

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You cannot just read Jerry’s work. Sure he puts in the funny bits, but just when the reader kind of settles in, he throws in something deep.
Raghu Rai Bangladesh War

The book is sure to leave a long lasting impact on the reader’s mind, making it difficult to not feel emotionally overwhelmed.

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With the upcoming Crime Writers Festival in Delhi, we got the original Byomkesh Bakshi, Rajit Kapur, to talk to us.

Watch Selma for the masterful cinematic detailing of events.

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Different is definitely not dirty.
PK poster

I realise how religious rigidity and irrationality in India can go to uncanny extremes.

The Prophet himself refused to curse the people who bothered him saying, “I have not been sent to lay a curse upon men but to be a blessing to them."
the interview

As an Indian... I am used to being told what not to watch or read by people with hockey sticks, stones and rods in their hands for decades.

Sheldon Cooper’s brand of sarcasm might tickle your funny bone but Bill Watterson’s brand of the same hits home.

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