j k rowling

Through her pronouncements, Rowling refuses her literary death and attempts to position her personal voice as indicative of an ultimate narrative.

Film's like Leslee Udwin's 'India's Daughter' give short shrift to progressive voices in India, and create an unfair image of our country in the minds of people living outside.
google movie collage final

Google's first crowd-sourced feature film is interspersed with the hustle-bustle, noisy but familiar, heartwarming chaos of that which we call home - India.
sunny leone bhupendra choubey

One really has to admire Sunny Leone’s poise and grace in dealing with these utterly ridiculous unprofessional personal attacks. 
foreign films

As the countdown for the Oscars continues, let’s take a look at 5 of the finest foreign language drama movies.
Featured Image - Indian Train V3

Right from complaints regarding safety, cleanliness and reservations, to concerns about staff behaviour and quality of food are tweeted to @RailMinIndia.

Even after 61 years of his death, Manto lives on as the writer, the man and the voice of all those who were stranded between conflicting identities.
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Chetan Bhagat just announced his 8th book. Yup, this Diwali, you’ll have more to celebrate (or not, depending on what side of the Chetan line you fall on).
biopics collage

The industry is also digging out little-known stories of "ordinary" individuals and narrating them to the audience like never before.
breaking news

It is time to rethink our positions as viewers as well as journalists. Do we want to create a future India which would yell at one another in discussions?
Motorists ride past a billboard displaying Facebook's Free Basics initiative in Mumbai, India, December 30, 2015. India has become a battleground over the right to unrestricted Internet access, with local tech start-ups joining the front line against Facebook Inc founder Mark Zuckerberg and his plan to roll out free Internet to the country's masses. The Indian government has ordered Facebook's Free Basics plan on hold while it decides what to do. Picture taken December 30, 2015. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui - RTX20L66
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User acquisition online is important for business today, and that explains Facebook’s Free Basics campaign.
nik dodani

Here's a comedian who has lived through many stereotypes and doesn't flinch before bashing every single one of them.
free basics facebook

Because "some" Internet , better than "no" Internet if nobody is willing to guarantee the exact time the voiceless, internet-less population must wait.
kya kool hai hum 3

This is stuff that the marketing team of 'Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3' sent to us saying 'we would like to upload on your website as the latest movie masala'.
kalki koechlin
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Kalki Koechlin's video, 'The Printing Machine' tears through our silence. Don't fit into the boxes that society creates for you.

A long journey of achieving equal rights for the LGBTQIA+ community in the US and shows how political will and the lack thereof can make all the difference.
Kabir Bedi featured

If you thought Captain Jack Sparrow was good, you will be blown away by our desi pirate hero, Sandokan!
wage gap

It's 2016 and we still don't have basic equal rights across the world.
6 pack band transgender band india

India getting its first transgender band is definitely one of the best things to have happened to our popular culture.
animated characters

Often, our childhood animated heroes convey more to us than just keeping us entertained. I discovered my set of lessons from my favourite animated heroes. 
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It really does mean something when a public figure of his stature feels the need to counter obsolete attitudes about women.
netflix collage

Here’s a simple guide to start you off on your streaming journey! These are 6 shows and films that you just can’t miss

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