pregnant-woman baby belly

Pregnancy is portrayed as one of the happiest times of a woman’s life, but for some, it is heavily characterized by stress and anxiety.
netflix tweet

Hallelujah, your wish has been granted. Internet streaming giant Netflix is now in India!
different jhoolas

A at a time when people prefer going to malls and shopping complexes, Budhakki ka mela is an amazing thing to see.
a r rahman voctronica

From Roja to Saathiya to Slumdog Millionaire, India's first all-vocal orchestra, has just paid a wonderful tribute to A. R. Rahman in their latest video.

Is love really a pre-requisite to marriage? And if one falls in love and marries, is their marriage better than an arranged one? 
shyam benegal

An I&B Ministry statement said the panel has been formed "in sync with the vision" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
angry indian goddesses

Here are the movies from 2015 that get their feminist representation spot on!
2 RAJIV CHOWK 1 - Copy

Pictures are not just visual evidence, they tell a story which forces us to think beyond the obvious. 

Lately, many have opposed the liberties taken by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in making 'Bajirao Mastani'. I personally feel that the movie has served its purpose.
BIBA ad woman

In a typical arranged marriage setup in India, one imagines two families, meeting for the first time, discussing the 'skills' of the woman (presumably in the kitchen).

Subjectivity, is a philosophical concept that in the broadest sense of its term means interpretation of truth or reality governed by individual influence.
indian ads 2015

Was 2015 the year when ads broke stereotypes or did they make us groan even more?
priyanka chopra barkha dutt townhall

On Barkha Dutt's 'Townhall' series last night, Priyanka Chopra said she is a proud feminist and doesn't equate feminism to man-hating.

The pictures, featuring a slimmer Parineeti Chopra and prominent "fitspiration" quotes, leave me uneasy.

With her sharp sense of sarcasm, irony and dark humour, she calls the Israelis her ‘liberators’ and sends a concrete message to the people of the world.

The fight for net neutrality continues, as Vishal Dadlani speaks up as well.
Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 14.56.08

A frustrated employee's life changes in a unique way a day after Christmas. This sweet 15-minute film could be the Christmas cheer you need today!
ads v2

There were some companies that handled their ad campaigns cleverly and many of them making a social point. And there were some who missed by miles.
Kajol V2

Twitter user Imaan Sheikh started fixing patriarchal and sexist lyrics and sentiments in Bollywood songs with witty, powerful feminist messaging.
vidrohi video

Vidrohi, the poet you probably have never heard of, the one who lived under a tree in JNU, and the one who never wrote any of his poems down.
priyanka chopra sonam kapoor parineeti chopra

I started looking up to these leading ladies with respect, and it is personally hurtful when some of them make irresponsible comments about feminism.
bajirao mastani

No doubt, the historical accuracy of Bajirao Mastani will always be a subject of debate. However, the issues it touches upon and makes us think about are spot on.

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