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urdu studio 1

A look at the life of Nazir Akbarabadi and the ingenuity of his plays and poetry.
To read an interview with the director, head here.
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Posted by DIFFindia

"I realised I’d come to a special place. My three-day visit turned into three weeks."
internet's own boy aaron swartz
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Posted by DIFFindia

'The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz' is an investigative documentary that follows the story of this programming prodigy.
shaandaar poster ishan marvel
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'Shaandaar' knows its genre, exploits it, but with a note of self-criticality.
dabur honey ad
Posted by Lipi Mehta

After seeing the new Dabur Honey ad, I feel even more stupid about ever asking her or rather, accusing her of not wearing a mangalsutra.
marvel vs dc

This infographic shows the difference between Marvel and DC and also gives trivia on them.
meryl streep 1

When we went to the opening of 'India's Daughter' and saw Meryl Streep as the host, our question was: Where are the women who were fighting on the street?
pyaar ka punchnama 2

It is scary how the film tries to sell misogyny and going by its successful box-office collections, it can be inferred that it has successfully done so.
pen paper notes
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An editor's is an ambiguous role. From putting the back channel hard work behind some of the best stories, to just being an operations manager sometimes.
crimson peak
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Imagine grim, rainy funeral scenes; or jerky ghosts who creep up all of a sudden, or shadows running across mirrors, all backed by shrieking sounds.
our better world drummers

Deaf percussionists drum up support so they can introduce deaf Cambodian children to music.
india corruption protest

In this year's Transparency International Corruption Index, India has ranked 84 in a list of 175 countries while Somalia and North Korea are at the bottom.
kalpana patowary

तन- मन में आग लगाने वाली भोजपुरी की रंगीन, रसीली फिल्मों तक कल्पना पटोवरी का सफर कैसा रहा?
durga puja 1

Durga Puja is not about worshipping and seeking blessings alone, it is all about the spirit of happiness!
diff collage

The Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF), is an important step in recognizing the country’s burgeoning indie filmmaking talent.

बनारस की गलियां इस शहर को अलग बनाती हैं। बनारस की हर गली अपने आप में खास है।
women in tech

Women increasingly outnumber men in college graduation rates, yet they make up only a quarter of the tech industry workforce.
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HONY borrows from long-standing journalistic and documentary practices. For example, the British social documentary movement, which started in the 1930s.
children playing football

Activities like walking improve memory, calm the mind and help cognitive functioning. This infographic shows us how exercise makes us smarter.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, commonly known as OCD, is a potentially disabling illness that traps people in endless cycles of repetitive thoughts.
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"Yeh case gutter banta jaa raha hai—pata nahin is mein kya-kya nikalega."
berlin artparasites

It can be argued that when so much beauty is associated with a disease, it becomes romanticised.

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