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Sheldon Cooper’s brand of sarcasm might tickle your funny bone but Bill Watterson’s brand of the same hits home.
Hari Hara

Many of the tweeters took umbrage because the Gods were depicted nude, while some thankfully felt that there was nothing wrong with the artwork.
zindagi channel

There was something starkly uncanny about these stories.
nightcrawler movie review

The erosion of media ethics and the abandonment of basic human decency and sympathy in the mad rush to sensationalise is what Nightcrawler deals with.
Photo Credit

A son is seen as breadwinner, heir and head of the family: features that reinforce the strong preference for sons.

Don't expect it to be politically prim or scandalous.

staff pick

The gloom, the desolation of souls, will haunt you and leave you jittery in the body.
Sulemani Keeda

staff pick

"It’s the best movie of the year for me. Make sure you watch it."
PK film poster.

"PK will tug at your heart. It will make you laugh. It is unbiased and straightforward. It exposes our scathing drawbacks to us."
best films of 2014

What are you waiting for? Run to your nearest DVD stores or catch them anywhere you can!
PK poster

PK does not deserve to be banned, it is thought-provoking in its content, a departure from conservatism.

Such incidents highlight the ever-transmogrifying nature of the internet.
Daughters of mother India

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This thought provoking video will rekindle the fire which has slowly died down, and stimulate every Indian to reconsider the issue of women's safety.
DDLJ poster

"I am not defending any claim against DDLJ but the one that has adverse consequences for individual subversion."

There are so many more reasons which make DDLJ eligible to be prescribed in schools. Let’s not slight it. It is in no magnitude inferior to a Greek epic.

This 'Indian Banksy' has painted the walls of Kochi with stunning graffiti.
Rahul Advani

Over the years, indie music has gained space and appraisal in bringing out newer sounds which has, somehow, pushed it to extensive experimentation.

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By displacing the sexualised spaces that breasts and nipples occupy, Megha Joshi's art questions the objectification of women.

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She talks about corporate and political takeover of the media, why a story is killed and how journalists need to recognize their privilege.
gauhar khan

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“Remember how she had once danced to ‘hua chhokra jawaan re’?”, I overheard a young man tell his friend at JNU’s Ganga Dhaba
reading online

The Internet, and particularly the social media, have a very large role to play in the changes which happen in the world today.
satish upadhyay

staff pick

YKA catches hold of the State President of BJP in Delhi to tell us more of the BJP's plans for the impending Delhi elections.

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