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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, commonly known as OCD, is a potentially disabling illness that traps people in endless cycles of repetitive thoughts.
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"Yeh case gutter banta jaa raha hai—pata nahin is mein kya-kya nikalega."
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It can be argued that when so much beauty is associated with a disease, it becomes romanticised.
Posted by Palok Singh

Art, creativity and imagination have a greater purpose in life. They are a part of everything that we do in our daily life and help us evolve.
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The initial aim of the website was to publish detailed reports of all the events taking place on campus.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

With the success of Sujoy Ghosh’s Ahalya, a tectonic revolution has happened concerning online platforms as well as short films.
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A big part of why this film works is because of such naturalistic portrayals, supporting cast included.
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Coke harms your body in more way than one. And in just 60 minutes the damage done by your favourite drink is shocking.
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Guest AuthorPosted by Laraib Niaz

I am a Pakistani student who studied at LSE. There I realised that Pakistanis and Indians are different sides of the same coin.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Letter writing got replaced, initially by e-mails, and then, text messaging (SMS) and WhatsApp took over.
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Space travel has evolved over time, but many countries (and people) are still scrambling to be that one power, ready to own the world above their own.
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“Till it happens to you, you won’t know, how it feels”, goes the poignant refrain of Lady Gaga’s new single.
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Narendra Modi has a famous counterpart when it comes to successful media strategy. And that is none other than Mughal Emperor Jahangir.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The rise of cyber assault in India is a pressing issue and there are more teenagers affected by it than we know.

This visual explains the different kinds of funeral rites around the world.
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Yet another movie from Bhandarkar telling us about ambitious young women and their encounters with the big, bad world of entertainment and power.
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It’s the kind of thinking that can no longer be tolerated by these users of social media and, hopefully, by society at large.
Posted by Uzma Shamim

What distinguishes Faulkner’s work from his contemporaries is the manner in which he employs the theme of human emotions and consciousness
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Food photography seems easy, but there are many technical aspects which if implemented, can make your photograph look absolutely, deliciously amazing.
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A random selection from the close to 1300 comments/questions (on our last check) that Zuckerberg's FB post has garnered till now.

In all honesty, nobody really needs a reason to listen to music.

The fourth season premiere of HBO’s 'Project Greenlight', quickly went off the rails when Matt Damon interrupted Effie Brown to 'whitesplain' diversity.

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