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The youth oppose rules; they think smoking pot makes them ‘Shiva’. Those who choose to be indifferent to rules cannot be part of society.
kiss of love kolkata

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Our personal freedom needs protection like never before.
boyhood review

It puts you in this warm and cosy place as you watch a little curious boy grow up into an intelligent teenager
jk rowling

Three movies more about the magical world! *Woot woot*
gone girl

Even though it may leave you disturbed, it gives you plenty food for thought, and that is one stimulus that should always be welcome.

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Uncontrollable fires have been raging havoc and spewing dirty smoke for the last 98 years.

It was unfortunate to see a lecture with such scope for discussion be reduced to banter.

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Because being an alcoholic is now to be celebrated? The Honey Singh song that I shall not be dancing to.

Christopher Nolan has very intelligently played with the plot by introducing an angle of poetic emotion in a scientific premise.
B.A. Pass movie

Critical analysis of this movie in just 8 brief points!

Here is a list of ten great films you should definitely check out before 2015 rolls in!
Ritu Verma at Beyond the Border 1995

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The path to so-called modernity lies littered with the corpses of many such rich traditions with little money and lesser support to help preserve them.
The millenium series

With the unconventional plot and the relatable characters, it makes for a gripping read.

I hope that all the above mentioned musicians allowed you to get a glimpse of all the talent that dwells in our country.
going home video

This is not my Utopia, this is not the Utopia of the people you are trying to tap as your market. Not yet!
art assignment

Each episode consists of a different artist giving an assignment to the viewers and an idea of how to go about it.
haider chutzpah

As Shahid Kapoor mentions in the film - who’s the actual chutzpah?

Just like Hamlet, Vishal Bhardwaj too, while making this film, was perhaps encountering the dizzying dilemma of the ‘Prince of Tragedy’ himself.

Most of the international organizations have been accused of taking either a pro-Israeli, or a pro-Palestinian stance.
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It’s sad, not to mention tragic, that regional literature and its writers remain obscure and their works bite the dust in forgotten bookstores or libraries.

Nothing gives us the right to judge her for her choice of clothing or her decision to do the shoot.
Shubhangi Joshi

Her philosophy as a solo musician is simple: 'Create songs that make you curious, that give you room to relate to it, and with interesting lyrics.'

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