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When you see the woman going about five chores at once, you think about where else you've seen this. 
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With forces of hatred seeking to divide us yet again today, it’s imperative that we not let our rich heterogeneous culture get divided.

On February 18, thousands marched from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar in Delhi in solidarity with JNU students, and demanding the release of Kanhaiya Kumar.

Being a part of the 150 students that were present at the location protesting, I stood with JNU.
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Journalist Ravish Kumar blasts open the definition of nationalism as he talks about the troubled times the country has plunged into.

R. Balki's latest; titled 'Ki And Ka' seems like a start of an important conversation about gender roles.

On 13th February 2016, more than 2500 students, teachers and civil society activists gathered in JNU for a public meeting.

On 12th of February, the campus saw a huge protest march led by the faculty and students after a press conference.

'In the Mood for Love', produced by the Public Service Broadcasting Trust, is a film that takes an intimate glimpse into a world too few of us acknowledge.
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My interest lies in demonstrating that Martin’s misunderstanding makes him a culprit in holding millions of Indians captive.

The film deserves applause for highlighting the plight of the Dalits while resisting the tendency to romanticise them as noble souls subject to oppression.
ambedkar tribute song

The song, 'Fan Baba Sahib Di', by singer Ginni Mahi is starting to take the internet by storm.
drag king show

This play has ample space for shimmer, foul-mouthed queens, and classic pelvic thrusts, but the one thing it closes its doors to is - gender conformity. 

When we arrived at the festival, the sky was white. Then slowly, close to sunset, it started turning yellow, then orange, then red and then blue.
tharu tribe

Most Tharu women introduce themselves as descendants of Rajasthani queens who fled to the Terai in times of war, and men as servants of the royal household.
main kuch bhi

It's about time that media commentators started reviewing the content on Doordarshan.

Sometimes we just want to have fun. And be in the good books of our dear Prime Minister of course. 

A ray of hope can be seen in India today as citizens rejoice amongst chants of 'No going back!' and 'Down with 377!
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29 जनवरी 2005 को भारतीय पत्रकार सोसाईटी ने इस दिन को भारतीय अखबार दिवस के रूप में मनाने का निर्णय लिया। लेकिन अभी तक इस दिवस को अखबारों ने जगह नहीं दी।

Decriminalisation of Section 377 will not provide societal acceptance which is equally important to survive in the society.

They are artists and in a video that they made, they have all the right to portray things that they wish to, as long as they are not untrue.

Forget the lack of diversity at Oscars, Hollywood has always been a patriarchal racist institution of xenophobia and imperialist jingoism.

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