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“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman”

This is a painfully beautiful movie shot at wonderful locations that exude the pain and gloom that compliments the narrative.
women in bollywood

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In most of the cases, the actors are approached for the movie and then they are asked to choose the actress they want to work with.
Mahulkma Gandhi

Not only do the kids love it, but his work successfully plays upon our sensibilities of love and loyalty towards “Bapu”.

Here are 6 Instagram profiles which have helped me keep my love for travelling alive.
banned books week

The irony of banning books in a state that promises freedom of expression is once again occupying centre stage.
Javed Akhtar

Akhtar, surprises us with his advice, which if heeded could only stifle a lyricist or musician.
Liar's Dice

As we enter yet another Oscar race, will Liar’s Dice be India’s crowning glory next year?

Nothing left in the village had any value or use. Not grain, not a cloth, not a cup, not a well.
The millenium series

There are many thought provoking female characters that have been overshadowed and to some extent, ignored.
John Oliver namo

He shot arrows at the whole Madison Square extravaganza and also took to demanding that more celebrities and head of states come in the country with Hollywood stars.
Deepika Padukone

“Understand that this is a ROLE and not REAL” says Deepika in her letter.

Beyoncé reclaims feminism and female independence symbolically for herself, her fellow female musicians and fans.

There is a real dearth of good journalism which delivers facts and opinions to people, and not sexism and patriarchal nonsense.

The Chinese government hasn't let up the dictatorial instincts, but miraculously enough, neither have the intellectuals fighting against it.
Bombay Times Sexism

Please do not use your incompetency as a crutch to justify your archaic stance towards women, as well as journalism.

His songs cover a diverse range of subjects and have been on the subjects of biology, sociology, anthropology, and sometimes even zoology.

Here are some of the best photos (and stories) on the Humans of New York page from India till now.

It’s not like all other development economic texts, it captures your interest and keeps your mind on the move.
kumartuli 17

The hand that lovingly crafts the goddess does not often get enough to eat. But it seldom complains.
margarita with a straw

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This is the flavour in cinema that our country really needs.

Times of India's objectification of Deepika Padukone highlights the hypocrisy of the mainstream media

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