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raghav juyal
Posted by Kruti Joshi

"Fame is a devil and art is an angel. Fame will come and go on its own but art will stay with you forever. Be honest to your art."
staff pick
Posted by Zehra Kazmi

The most important aspect of Ramzan is fasting from daybreak to sunset in which followers are not allowed a single drop of water or morsel of food.
A still from the film '50 Shades Of Grey'

Romanticized violence and abuse is quite a common trope that is used in movies and TV.
hyderabad mosque for featured
staff pick
Posted by Zehra Kazmi

A sense of discipline and the smell of really good food would pervade our household every year during Ramzan.
mohalla assi

Mohalla Assi isn’t a far-fetched depiction of Varanasi, where religion and spirituality has been turned into a huge business.

The gay community has seen many forms of support from allies over the past decade – but none of them have been quite as funny as #INeedStraightPride.
Posted by Arati Nair

There I was, enjoying some really tasty chilly chicken takeaway, when I felt the tell-tale prickle of beady eyes watching me. My #FoodHorrorStory
drogon game of thrones

Yet another year a Game Of Thrones finalé blew up the internet.
meghan trainor dear future husband

How many times have you listened to "Dear Future Husband" and cringed?

Leave the world of mainstream media to embrace songs from all over the world.
Image Credit: OceanView Medspa
Posted by Pv Durga

Television commercials about beauty products make a pimple seem like the end of the world.
UP journalist burnt to death

Jagendra's death is a stark example of the gruesome repercussions of speaking fearlessly against the excesses of India’s ruling class.
fan fiction draco and hermione
staff pick
Posted by Arati Nair

Because every story can be told in a million ways, why stick to one?
peter dinklage

lalu prasad yadav

From the man who defines 'Dabanggiri', just like Salman wo bhi, 'dil mein aate hain, samajh mein nahin.'

Your children probably don’t have a clue about what a modern landline is.
People with tattoos form part of a rich and meaningful history. Elisa Paolini

A third of people with tattoos regretted them to some extent, and 14% had looked into or started the removal process.
book cover- essays by manto

Inside a mind that wrote to shake us, to forever remind and bother us with the astounding loss of conscience it lived through.
vishakha singh

You must have seen Vishakha Singh trending on your Facebook homepage by now.
cartoon collage

No matter how old you get, the cartoons you watched as a child will always hold a special place in your heart.
sonam kapoor

Whenever I tell people I’m a Sonam Kapoor fan, I am faced with frowns like I’d told them Santa was not real.
nestle APCO

What magic APCO Worldwide, which was hired by Narendra Modi for Vibrant Gujarat Summit, will work for Nestle is yet to be seen.

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