the dirty picture

Indian Television is bleeping and censoring out words being used in shows, but are they putting any sense into it?
chinese new year

Apart from Diwali, here are some festivals from around the world that primarily celebrate with firecrackers, or feature fire as the main star.

AIB recently went mainstream with their new show, On Air With AIB, but it's already a tried and tested formula.
Dabur sexist ad

Marriage is an equal partnership of love, but Dabur's new ad propagates the archaic and stereotypical role of a woman as her husband's property.
Photo courtesy: Artika Raj and Kirrat Sachdeva
staff pick

As a festival that is championing the cause of independent cinema, DIFF is a champion that this brand of filmmaking definitely needs.
Twitter RK Narayan

RK Narayan was a man who was spectacularly interested in being in love rather than receiving it.
चित्र केवल वर्णन के लिए

वो ऐसे झूमते थे कि वहां मौजूद लोग भी थिरकने लगते थे, उनकी तान इतनी मीठी होती थी कि रोम-रोम में मिश्री घुल जाए।
Shobhana Bhartia LSE
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Shobhana Bhartia, Editorial Director of HT Media Limited recently participated in a public conversation about media & politics in contemporary India at LSE.
Diwali crackers
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The voice of reasoning may not have sunk in, but the poison released by crackers probably has.

Swaang's new video "Sursuri" critiques that section of society which has decided to simply overlook the rising intolerance in India and instead sip tea.
V Arun illustration TOI cropped edit

On Oct 29, 2015, Times of India published an article criticizing the graffiti made be #OccupyUGC protesters on ITO metro station.
vasu primlani cropped featured

Vasu Primlani is not your average comic. She has a routine that melds together an unlikely combination of jokes about gender, the environment and queerness.
anupam kher abhinandan sekhri
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"I agree with some of the points you make and disagree with some. Perhaps you have not quite understood where I’m coming from and why I bring up what I do."
women in workforce

India's growing economic crisis has a very simple & statistical answer - social barriers need to be removed & women need to participate more in the economy.
diff act of killing snap shot
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"Communist sympathizers" were put into concentration camps, exploited as slave labour and ultimately murdered by the army and civilian death squads.
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"I was completely blown away by the amazing musicians, creating a vast variety of different styles, some of which I had never heard before."
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Titli is different—beautiful and honest without overtly trying to pursue the 'breathtaking', the 'brutal', or the funny.
armaan malik

"Albums don't get promoted in the right manner in India. They don't get the right exposure that they need."
occupy ugc graffiti

The media, including the print, no matter how much one may castigate it, still is a strong means to mobilise public opinion.
on air with aib

Will All India Bakchod be able to start the kind of critical social conversations that John Oliver or Jon Stewart have done through their shows?
Find out what director C had to say about making the movie, here.
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"It was a roller coaster. I was dealing with adolescent boys, so I got all sorts of reactions."
Image source: Jon S/Flickr

There is much pressure that mainstream media has to go through before broadcasting any news so as to maintain a status quo among its various stakeholders.

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