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margarita with a straw

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This is the flavour in cinema that our country really needs.

Times of India's objectification of Deepika Padukone highlights the hypocrisy of the mainstream media
2 states kiss

No “sharmana” or “bahana”, these ladies only know how to pick pieces up in their life to weave up one great jigsaw!
The Moon that embraces the sun

A list of 5 popular TV shows from Korea, which will give you your daily fix of fantasy romance.
zindagi gulzaar hai

It is possible to tell a story in 26 episodes.
Image Credit: Marvel/Comic Book Resources

Where male superheroes often carry an extra cape to their clothing, why are heroines made to battle only in glossy bras?
finding fanny

The first thing to be scrapped was Deepika Padukone’s dialogue; “I’m a virgin”, on the grounds that the line is vulgar.
Agni pariksha of sita

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Sita hardly ever stayed within the lines, quite literally. Her ultimate defiance of social norms gives her more power than her crises-ridden journey of life could.

By Devadutta Bhattacharjee: Ever thought of what goes on behind the black curtains of the glittery world of media? In a liberal world such as ours, many women have very strong ...
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Let this state spin its magic upon you as well

With 243 million internet users in the country, it might just be the right time for the small scale industries to finally go online.

“Through this musical presentation, we wish to merge culture and cause.”

People were building up their profiles and some of them had actually started from the scratch.
item numbers in bollywood

Either you need to hold both men and women to the same standards of scrutiny, or else you need to just take it easy, and shut up.

Here's a list of some of my favourite Stand-Up comedians of all time, I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed compiling them!
U.R Ananthamurthy

RIP U.R. U.R. Ananthamurthy, across intellectual circles, debate forums, newspapers and universities, indeed, across India, you will be sorely missed.

Ostriching Piketty in India, especially India, is not just blacking-out his book, but ostriching the crushing inequality in all its naked avatars!

Amidst best and the brightest, the rich and the nouveau rich, the working class status of Penny is so unsavoury that it becomes the subject of ridicule.

How much of the crime is a result of lust and how much for power play, is quite apparent in the gaming sensation that the virtual rapes in Rockstar Games have become.

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There are fans waiting eagerly for the release of the novel and haters creating a hue and cry about the same.

I call it a masterpiece, a distinct work of fiction that unites the digitized, scientific, rational world with the idyllic passionate cosmos.

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"Would they (prostitutes) ask for money (to be photographed)? They never did before."

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