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pakistani shows on zindagi channel

The word "Pakistan" has acquired a different meaning and is spoken with a softer connotation.
essar caravan defamation
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Caravan was served with a notice by Essar alleging that some of the statements made by Caravan in cover story were "false and defamatory".
male stereotypes in american tv

There have been numerous analyses on how media portrays women; well, what about the stereotyping of men, rather, among men- on television?
hollywood feminists
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The F-word, now, is all the rage, with recent actors declaring one after the other their identification with the much dreaded word – feminism.
indian languages collage

My language is not merely a "regional language" – it is an integral part of this country too.

In characteristic Rajasthani fashion of carrying on the tradition through ages, Tikam is now also training his sons to use the camera.
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Some professionals curse and crib that “now everybody is a photographer”, I rejoice and celebrate this fact.
operation black rain
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Operation Black Rain shows members of the banned Ranveer Sena confessing to organising and participating in several planned massacres of Dalits in Bihar.
manoj bajpai raveena tandon jai hind

We need films like 'Jai Hind' to remind us about the difference between patriotism and jingoism.
anaconda bangalore street art

Street art gives us important messages that are crucial to understanding the world around us.
kashmir artisans

30% of Kashmir's economy is dependent on art.

Each friendship in OITNB is different in its own way, rarely following a template.
english vinglish 36 vayathinile
Posted by Pv Durga

It's important that films celebrate the grit displayed by their female leads, with success being a part of the journey, and not the destination itself.
Image Source: Archisman Misra

The intelligentsia and civil servants migrated to the Union of India and began demanding a colony for themselves in the capital city, Delhi.
Sofia Ashraf
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Once upon a time, I was born into a rich, happy, carefree Muslim household in Chennai. Once upon a time, I was fettered and bound, unable to express myself.

The song simply talks back to Unilever’s handling of mercury contamination in the water bodies of Kodaikanal from a thermometer manufacturing facility.
pop culture hero worship collage

In the words of the TV warnings, do not try this at home.

Generations of women will remember and cherish the alpha male, in the form of the aristocratic Darcy.
Image source: wikimedia commons
Posted by Uzma Shamim

After every half a decade, a small district, 160 km south of Kathmandu, becomes the host to 4 million people who come to witness the world’s biggest animal sacrifice
Image source:

The Gurdaspur incident on 27th July 2015 would have been disastrously similar had the government not intervened to stop live television coverage.
caitlyn jenner

There needs to be a conscious media effort to shift focus from Caitlyn’s wardrobe to what transgender pride actually encapsulates.
richa chadda masaan

The real reason for my near obsession with watching the film was my own love life.

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