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By Neetole Mitra:

Hello ladies! Let’s not dilly dally with silly conversations about the weather. Instead, let’s talk about something that truly matters. No, not weight loss. I’m talking about SEX. All in caps.

It’s time we opened up about our desires and our bodies. Let’s indulge in some womance for once. And while we are at it, let’s also talk about contraception. How about flinging the taboos, the stares, the taunts and the humiliating giggles out of the window once and for all?

If you are going all out to enjoy your sexual liberty then well done. A little action in the sac never hurt no one. And it definitely won’t hurt you if you are smart enough to say NO to your man at the right time!

Paromita Vohra of Agents of Ishq – a revolutionary media platform striving to ‘give sex a good name‘ – has taken it upon herself to tell you all that you need to know about the ugly truth behind over-the-counter emergency contraceptive pills that no TV commercial will ever tell you.

So next time your man forgets to bring the condom, you’ll have plenty of reasons to roll over and snore. Ditch the pill ladies for contraception is not just your headache.



By Anam Mittra

In June 2015, the US Supreme Court made a historic judgement and ruled 5-4 in favour of same-sex marriage applicable across the nation.

Despite strides taken in the western world on this issue, nearly 4 in 1 gay Americans have been rejected by a family member or close friend, whereas, in the UK 2 in 3 LGBTQIA+ individuals have experienced a hate crime and never reported it. The statistics will be just as disturbing and more gruesome for India.

An infographic created by details the history of the LGBTQIA+ movement in the US but also shows disturbing statistics of countries that award the death penalty for being gay; examples including Mauritania, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Violence against the LGBTQIA+ in India goes mostly unreported and/or not investigated.

The infographic charts a long journey of achieving equal rights for the LGBTQIA+ community in the US and shows how political will and the lack thereof can make all the difference. Unfortunately in India, the LGBT movement has faced resistance from a lack of political will as well as regressive social norms. The striking down of the opening motion of MP Tharoor’s bill repealing Section 377 is an indicator of just how long the battle of equal rights needs to be fought in India.

LGBT Rights around the World

From Visually.

animated characters

By Sakshi Jain

As we hark back to our childhood experiences of venerating our favourite animated characters that kept us glued to the television, a sudden sense of nostalgia dawns upon us.

I still remember how much I fancied the Disney Characters. Clothes, birthday cakes, everything had to have these two on them. As I reminisce now, a sudden realisation of the metamorphosis of ‘admiration’ for my favourite characters into a ‘life lesson’ dawns upon me that failed my attention.

My admiration for Mickey’s cheery disposition and distaste for Donald Duck because of his grumpy face can’t just be attributed to an unexplained child psyche. The lesson of ‘spreading happiness by being happy oneself’ in my life is a result of that admiration. In hindsight, my admiration for my favourite breakfast show’s character Noddy taught me the lesson of ‘life being an adventure in itself’. Often, our childhood animated heroes convey more to us than just keeping us entertained. I discovered my set of lessons from my favourite animated heroes. Maybe, you can do it too.

infographic animated heroes life lessons

pregnant-woman baby belly

By Ritika Potnis:

Pregnancy is portrayed as one of the happiest times of a woman’s life, but for some, it is heavily characterized by stress and anxiety. Current Studies show that 4%-20% pregnant women face depression worldwide.

Depression is a mood disorder, distinguished by loss of interest, guilt, low self-esteem and negative thoughts. In India, 16% women face depression during the gestation period. Reports from Indian hospitals suggest that in the past two decades such cases have risen drastically.

It is tough to identify depression as in most cases the mood swings, cravings or lack of cravings is taken as a positive sign of a healthy pregnancy. But if unchecked a mother’s gestational depression can harm the baby and the mother.

World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2020, Depressive disorders will be the second leading cause of global disorders. Therefore, it is important to correctly identify the condition and get immediate help for a healthy mother and baby.

If you are pregnant or know anybody who is expecting, make sure you keep them away from the blues by following simple measures given below.

7 Measures To Deal With Depression During Pregnancy

From Visually.


REUTERS/Andres Martinez Casares

By YKA Staff:

According to WWF, almost every marine organism, from the tiniest plankton to whales and polar bears, is contaminated with man-made chemicals, such as pesticides and chemicals used in common consumer products.

How Does This Affect Us?

Most of us commonly suffer from the NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) syndrome, where we never bother about pollution or the effect it has on someone else, as long as our ‘backyard’ isn’t affected by it. But we don’t realise that our actions have repercussions, and staying ignorant about them will not do. Over 80% of marine pollution is because of land-based activities and from plastic bags to pesticides to sewage – all of our creations reach the ocean eventually. The ocean is becoming a dumping ground of our waste, and many oceans and reefs around the world are now ‘dead zones’ because they have no life forms left in them.

This infographic shows the vicious cycle of how our waste impacts the ocean, in myriad ways:

How ocean pollution affects humans #infographic

Image source: Visualistan

weird festivals collage

By YKA Staff:

India is a land of festivals. We always have something or the other going on in the country, be it Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja, Christmas or Eid. All festivals in India have a historical background, and all rituals and customs have an explanation. But often when one moves outside the country, it is not uncommon for people to ask, ‘Why do you throw colours on each other on holi’?

Not just India, but countries across the world have many festivals, some of which are equally ‘weird’. All of them have a history and an explanation, be it the La Tomatina festival in Spain or Day of the Skulls in Mexico and Bolivia. In Finland, you can carry your wife or someone else’s during the Wife Carrying festival, in Thailand you can prepare a feast for the local monkey population during the Monkey Buffet festival. Here’s a guide to some of the most ‘weird festivals’, across the world!

The World's Weirdest Festivals
Infographic source: FHR

ranbir kapoor konkona sen sharma wake up sid

By YKA Staff

For many of us, our professions are based on the thing we love doing the most. And for that reason, we largely love our jobs (unless your boss is like Meryl Streep in ‘Devil Wears Prada’). We start our careers with a zest that could take over the world, and big plans of achieving everything in a week’s time.

But, in the daily rigmarole of things, as we get stuck in deadlines, client meetings, and reaching monthly targets, it is very easy to forget the passion that drove us in the beginning. And then begin careless mistakes, cribbing sessions, and that incessant feeling of just quitting everything and spending the rest of our lives on a mountain or at the beach.

Let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen! Take a day or two off and you realise that at the end of the day, your work and job are a big part of your life. So to avoid reaching that point of breakdown, try following these steps, and maybe prevent turning the thing you love, into the sole reason of despair in your life.



By YKA Staff:

Forget your phone at home once, and you’ll probably spend the rest of the day in anguish, rushing back to embrace it like a long-lost friend. Our lives are so dependent on them that we take them with us everywhere – to the gym, to the dinner table, even to the toilet.

And taking it to the toilet brings with it the risk of dropping it into the toilet. When I dropped my phone in the loo, I was so shocked (read disgusted), I didn’t know what to do. You’d think that would have taught me a lesson. Nope. Did it again a few months later. A lot of us have done the same thing, left our phones in our pockets and felt our hearts drop as we hear that splash.

So next time, because there is definitely going to be a next time, try following these steps, they might at least save your phone enough for you to transfer all your data.


Diwali crackers

By Polash Mukerjee:

Note: This article was originally published on Down To Earth.


Editor’s note: Every Diwali, you hear the noise of crackers bursting, but are you able to smell your insides burning? Because they are. Environmentalists and concerned citizens have been shouting themselves hoarse trying to explain that firecrackers are bad, not just for the environment, but for you as an individual. Their voice of reasoning may not have sunk in, but the poison released by crackers probably has.

If you need any more reasons to convince you not to burst crackers this Diwali, take a look at the number of toxic elements you will be exposing yourself to with every phuljhadi, anaar, or chakri, and what exactly it is doing to your body.
Diwali campaign.indd

women in workforce

By YKA Staff:

Women in India only represent 24% of the labour force that is engaged in any form of work in the market economy. If Indian women participate in paid work in the market economy on a similar basis to men, then India’s economy will have the highest relative boost among all regions of the world.

MGI, McKinsey’s Global Think-tank, has come out with its latest report that estimates that India can add $700 billion dollars of additional GDP by 2025, if it increases women’s participation in the work force. Due to multiple social issues, women participate lesser than men in the economy today, for example, many women have to leave work when they become mothers, it is socially considered bad for women to work outside the home, etc. Underlying social attitudes about the role of women are arguably the biggest barrier. Women have a higher share in unpaid care work such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of children, which, if diverted, can contribute immensely India’s GDP.

India’s growing economic crisis has a very simple, rational and now statistical answer – social barriers need to be removed, and women need to participate more in the economy.

Image source: McKinsey&Company

Source: McKinsey&Company

marvel vs dc

By YKA Staff:

Is Marvel better or DC? X-Men or Batman? The choice has always been perennially difficult! For many, comic strips from Marvel and DC might seem the same, after all, they are just the same superhero comic. But there are many differences between the comics, from the colour used inside the comics to the types of superheroes both comics have. Do you know that Marvel was the first comic to come out with a Black superhero before DC? Or 64% DC characters wear capes? This infographic shows the difference between Marvel and DC and also gives trivia on them:

Marvel vs Dc

Image source:

india corruption protest

By YKA Staff:

It is not uncommon for us to think that India is one of the most corrupt nations in the world. Globally, India was ranked as the 94th most corrupt country back in 2013. Resistance against corruption has been steadily growing in India, with the India Against Corruption movement crippling the Congress-led Government in 2012. Corruption scams were also a major reason for the Congress party’s massive loss in the nation wide elections of 2014.

The first major challenge of measuring ‘corruption’ is to define what it is. ‘Corruption’ has differing meanings in different contexts. One of the best ways to assess it, according to KPMG is Transparency International’s ‘Corruption Perceptions Index’ (CPI), which scores and ranks countries based on perceptions of experts and businesses on the prevalence of public sector corruption.

In this year’s CPI, India has improved its ranking and has moved up to the 85th position. According to Transparency International, poorly equipped schools, counterfeit medicine and elections decided by money are just some of the consequences of public sector corruption. Not a single country this year has managed to get a perfect score and more than two-thirds have scored below 50, on a scale of 0 (perfectly clean) to 100 (highly corrupt).

Somalia has, for the fifth year running, landed at the last position and is the most corrupt country in the world, tie-ing this time with North Korea. Plagued by the jihadist Al-Shabaab movement, which controls large swaths of the countryside and a highly corrupt and incompetent President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed; it can be safely said that the wealth of Somalia lies not with its people, but with its corrupt officials. North Korea faces a bigger challenge, with a rigid caste system like that of imperial Japan in force in the country where members of the military and preferred castes prey on everyone else. According to author Melanie Kirkpatrick, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Il hands out expensive foreign-made watches, cars and silk underwear on his birthday, which is likely to have been purchased with the hard currency he buys from international sales of counterfeit currency, illegal drugs and weapons.

Corruption is a problem plaguing most of the world, and without equal distribution of resources and facilities to each and every resident of a nation, it is impossible for any nation to achieve the ‘perfect score’.

CPI2014_global-infographic_English_embargoed 3 Dec
CPI2014_Region_Americas_english_embargoed 3 Dec
CPI2014_Region_Asia Pacific_english_embargoed 3 Dec
CPI2014_Region_Eastern Europe+Central Asia_english_embargoed 3 Dec
CPI2014_Region_European Union+Western Europe_english_embargoed 3 Dec
CPI2014_Region_Middle East+North Africa_english_embargoed 3 Dec
CPI2014_Region_Sub-Saharan Africa_english_embargoed 3 Dec

women in tech

By YKA Staff:

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, women increasingly outnumber men in college graduation rates, yet they make up only a quarter of the tech industry workforce. The reason for women for not taking up Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (STEM) subjects in college are many, of which social discrimination is one of the major reasons. The STEM fields have predominantly been a male sphere, and pervasive misconceptions that women have a ‘natural’ leaning towards the liberal arts and disinclination towards math and science, dissuades parents from encouraging them to challenge societal norms and pursue a career in these fields. The fact that these fields are a ‘boys club‘ makes it even more difficult for women to pursue professions in these traditionally ‘male-dominated’ fields.

There has been some positive change, and studies reveal that women teaching college-level computer science or engineering has actually increased since 2005. But the number of women as full-time computer science professors has barely moved since 2004- increasing by just three percentage points. Hostile workplaces, a sexist sphere where professions like programming is considered ‘brogramming’ where women don’t fit in, is still a reality. Women are as capable as men in studying science and these male-dominated spaces need to be reclaimed

Why the World Needs More Women in Tech #infographicImage Source: Visualistan
Source For Infographic:

children playing football

By YKA Staff:

Exercise makes us healthier, fitter and more energetic and that’s a known fact to many. And it also makes us smarter. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, a single 30 minute exercise session of moderate-intensity can improve memory, planning and reasoning and shorten the amount of time needed to complete cognitive tests. Physical exercise is helpful for maintaining a fit mental state too.

The benefits of exercise should be emphasised more now, given that schools are cutting down on physical education classes. Children are becoming more and more confined to the household, which is an unhealthy lifestyle choice. Stress has increasingly become a part of our lives, with 77% percent people in the US alone who experience physical symptoms caused by stress. Activities like walking improve memory, calm the mind and improve cognitive functioning. This infographic shows us how exercise is beneficial for our body and makes us smarter.

Excercise that Makes You Smart


By YKA Staff:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, commonly known as OCD, is a potentially disabling illness that traps people in endless cycles of repetitive thoughts and behaviours. In the United States, 1 in 100 children has OCD or OCD-like symptoms. There are many myths surrounding the disorder. Some people believe that excessive stress leads to it, and even family dynamics may be a cause of it.

Parents often dismiss it as a ‘habit problem‘, when the symptoms are first visible in children. Two common symptoms are obsessions and compulsions. According to the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF), obsessions are thoughts, images or impulses that occur again and again and feel outside the person’s control. Individuals with these thoughts find them disturbing. It is accompanied by intense and uncomfortable feelings such as fear, disgust, doubt or a feeling that things have to be done in a way that is ‘just right’.

This disorder can affect any person at any stage of their life. It is necessary to take the symptoms into account and provide medical care to the person afflicted with it. It is curable, it is not a sign of mental instability.  Disorders like these go unnoticed many times because awareness levels are low, but it is necessary to abort the stigma and help the person.


Image Source: News By Design

coke can

By YKA Staff:

We all are aware that Coke harms our body but have you ever wondered what are the various steps in which it gradually breaks down your body? Coca-Cola and Pepsi, the two biggest soft drink companies in the world, have admitted that their products are bad for your health. Much of this surrounds the excessive amount of sugar their product contains.

Consuming too much sugar leads to increased belly fat, heart failure, diabetes and even cancer. It is recommended that the average adult consumes no more than 9.5 teaspoons of sugar a day. But a can of Coke contains 10 teaspoons. So, what is the future of our body system with this high amount of sugar?

The Renegade Pharmacist, in this infographic, breaks down in detail what coke does to our body in the first 60 minutes. Read on and don’t be shocked!

coke kills

Source: The Renegade Pharmacist

buzz aldrin astronaut man on moon

By YKA Staff:

In 1980, Dennis Hope began a business for selling land on the Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury and one of Jupiter’s moons Io. He has now sold 611 million acres of land on the Moon, 325 million acres on Mars, and a combined 125 million acres on Venus, Io and Mercury! Can he do that legally? Well, that’s one for the UN to answer.

According to the ‘Outer Space Treaty’ of 1967, all celestial bodies are to be considered peaceful bodies. Yet, since 1961, mankind has been trying to reach for the stars, and reach first. India too has made large strides in space travel, with Mangalyaan, India’s space probe orbiting the planet Mars since 2014. But space and space travel is not just the realm of ISRO, NASA or other space organizations. The common man is also catching up. Virgin Galactic, owned by Richard Branson is now offering flights into space for its customers, with actors like Ashton Kutcher booking their seat in advance.

This infographic shows how the world has evolved space travel over time and how different countries and people are still scrambling to be that one power with the maximum satellites and spaceships, ready to own the world above their own.


food photography

By YKA Staff:

Taking photos of food seems like a cakewalk, after all it’s just food, isn’t it? But, think again! There are many technical aspects of food photography which if implemented, can make your photograph look absolutely, deliciously amazing. According to the Serious Eats Guide to Food Photography, “What separates magazine-worthy photos from their less impressive counterparts isn’t a fancy camera or expensive equipment. It’s an understanding of what it takes to compose an appealing image and the confidence to execute your vision.” This understanding of good food photography can be acquired by following some simple steps, outlined in the infographic below:



Photo Credit

By Kirrat Sachdeva:

Curiosity gets the best of us and so does all the subsequent guesswork! While the internet and your family can give you lists of signs and symptoms to ponder over whether you are expecting a boy or girl, or what the ideal family composition should be- it is another thing altogether to exercise your choice over the guesswork and all its probability.

girls count s_shot

In India, exercising this choice results in the loss of 6 lakh girls every year. A son is seen as breadwinner, heir and head of the family: features that reinforce the strong preference for sons. Misuse of technology has paved way for millions to make their preference a reality.

Photo Credit
Photo Credit

The Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act was enacted in 1994 to counter the practice of gender biased sex selection and worsening trends in the child sex ratio. However, according to government data, over 1900 cases have been registered under this Act in the country but the conviction rates are extremely poor. As cheap and portable ultrasound machines find their way into the remotest parts of the country, the reflection of this preference cannot be ignored in these numbers:


By Sanjit Oberai:

According to data released by the Global Slavery Index in 2013, over 29 million people are living in conditions of modern slavery today.

While Mauritania, Haiti and Pakistan had the highest prevalence of slavery, India has the highest number of people enslaved with approximately 14 million people in modern slavery — almost half of the total number worldwide.

China follows with an estimated 2,900,000 enslaved, and Pakistan comes in third with an estimate of over two million in modern slavery. Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Bangladesh make up the top ten by absolute numbers. Taken together, these countries account for more than 22 million of the 29.8 million people enslaved.

Download the report here.

This article was originally published by IndiaSpend.

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By Sanjit Oberai:

The recent decision by Supreme Court to recognise transgender as the third category of gender is seen as step in the right direction for the transgender population in India. “Transgenders are also citizens of India” said Justices K.S. Radhakrishnan and A.K. Sikri in their ruling.

They also added that if transgenders were not recognised as a third gender, it would violate their rights to equality, job opportunity, life and personal liberty as guaranteed by the Constitution.

IndiaSpend decided to look at the data given by the Election Commission as per the ‘other’ category and here is what we found.

* The third gender represents only 0.0035% or 28,341 electors of the total electors of 814 million (approx).

* Karnataka had the highest no of ‘other’ voters at 8,453 followed by Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

* Among the electors aged between 18-19 years, 0.018% or 4,177 electors belonged to the ‘other’ category. Here too, Karnataka had the highest number with 2,589 people.

This article was originally published by IndiaSpend.

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Indian youth

By Sonakshi Samtani:

An estimated 120 million Indians are eligible as first time voters for the upcoming elections in 2014. This time around, there are about 23 million voters aged between 18 and 19 years, and roughly 1.79 lakh new voters from each constituency.




The highest percentage of first time voters hails from Dadra and Nagar Haveli, while the lowest is from Andaman and Nicobar. Other states with the highest percentage of first time voters are Jharkhand and Daman & Diu. The national capital ranks low when it comes to the share of first timers.

If the voter behaviour in these states is to be analyzed, we can consider a lot of probable influences. It would be interesting to note that the option of NOTA (None Of The Above) might appeal to a large section of first timers. However, there could be numerous regions where the voters are unaware of this choice and its use.

During the 2009 elections, in many states, the vote percentage in rural areas accounts more than that in urban areas. Therefore, social media, a key tool that the political parties are playing on, becomes slightly irrelevant, not wholly.

If popular opinion and social media trends are to be considered, then Modi wins over Rahul Gandhi, as far as first timers are concerned. However, even this opinion is reflective of a largely urban, internet using demograph, a complete picture cannot be ascertained yet. The reach that Congress has in rural India and the benefits of their programmes to the rural population can be debated, but not denied.

Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party may have found its fair share of critics in the mainstream, but after their surprise victory in Delhi, one could consider the probability of AAP as a game changing catalyst in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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