coming home

Coming Home

A poem with varied views of the place called home "Is home the city I was born in? Or the city of my origins? Or the cities I was schooled in? Or the city I am living in currently?"

“I Was The Golden Bird”: An Ode To Indian Freedom

This poem is an ode to the freedom of India. Personified as the golden bird, the country tells her tale about how she came out of the cage of slavery, and how she fears going back into it once again, as the winds are pushing her in the same direction, to the slavery of poverty and corruption.

I’ll Smile #Poem

Through this poem, Jyoti expresses the difficulties a women faces to take her life back to normal after being insulted and raped, and talks about the will power needed to smile once again
Body image

Beautiful Bodies: A Poem On Body Image

Eating disorders now plague teenage girls, rendering them weak and with low self esteem. There needs to be a collective effort to ensure that girls feel positive about their bodies and are not constantly starving themselves towards unrealistic goals.