air pollution

Our planet will still get too hot.

At least 30 villages and its residents will be adversely affected if this project went ahead.

Does the Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Bill, 2014, give street vendors a reason to smile?

You thought because you switch off all the lights before leaving the room and sign many petitions online to save the forest, you are saving the planet?
under the dome

A Chinese journalist made an insightful documentary on the scale of pollution in China’s cities. The Communist Party government took it down…
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Tiger numbers in India are up. Well done; back slaps and high fives all around! But does no one care about the turtles, pangolins and sea cucumbers?
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“We breathe coal particles, not air.”
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Feeling like Captain Planet? Munch on these tasty trivia titbits to get the green juices flowing. You never know you could have the next big idea to change the world!

While the Modi government’s increased coal tax is a welcome move, it couldn’t have come at a better time for all of us…
GDP growth

I realized GDP growth is one of those terms that we all talk about, but don't really seem to grasp the concept.
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It shouldn't be a wonder that no sympathy is shown for the condition of stray animals, when that of impoverished humans is ignored.
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One of the world’s leading climate scientists is accused of sexual harassment by a female TERI employee. Here's something not many know about him.
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Is India's central government so powerless to combat worsening air pollution that we need the US government and EPA to rescue us?
Linear projects include roads, power lines, highways, bridges, canals and pipelines.

National Green Tribunal stayed two Central government-backed MoEF communications allowing linear projects to circumvent the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980

YKA gets Ritika Singh, an engineer and MBA graduate working in Dubai, to answer our quirky queries.
climate change talks

It is the first time that Prime Minister Modi will be looked upon to make some decisions regarding climate change on the international stage.
rahul gandhi

Apart from calling up and interfering with Jayanthi Natarajan’s work in the MoEF, Rahul Gandhi did precious little on “behalf of tribal and poor people”

What is the prioritisation of animal saving campaigns based on?
Indian Minister of Environment and Fores

The most amusing part of the letter was the instance of how an important file during the UPA regime was found in the “washroom of the computer section”
modi and obama

So it won’t be entirely dreamy-eyed optimistic to hope that the two countries could come together for some real disaster mitigating action.
Climate protest in Dublin

"We don't need a separate climate movement; we need to seize the climate moment."
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You may want to believe that an occurrence in the Pacific cannot affect your life, but nature does not know boundaries- when it strikes, its hits all.

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