Climate protest in Dublin

"We don't need a separate climate movement; we need to seize the climate moment."
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You may want to believe that an occurrence in the Pacific cannot affect your life, but nature does not know boundaries- when it strikes, its hits all.

Environmental tragedies should be responded with all hands on deck and not left in incapable hands for days.
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Vociferous about land rights of the tribal people, how then does this government justify the land it grabs in the name of 'development'?

Captured in a frame - the ecological questions that face us, and the answers that we need.
western ghats

There is a reason why MoS Prakash Javadekar needs to sit up and listen.
obama G20

With the new SDGs ready to come into effect post-2015, funds, where they come from and what they cater to will dictate the course of development.
An injured male chinkara is rescued by a Bishnoi woman. After a few hours, it was moved to the rescue centre at Jodhpur Zoo. Photo credit: Gajendra Singh

There may come a time when the chinkara might stop sneezing—and no one will miss it.
Elephant electrocuted near Bandipur – Photo Courtesy: Centre for Wildlife Studies

Of the tragedies resulting from human-animal conflicts.

Coal fired development might have resulted in affluence in western societies but it has also meant disaster in many ways.
Big dams protest

Mr. Modi’s efforts to clean up the Ganga does very little to hide the environmental damage his policies are poised to inflict in the long run.
Diwali crackers

Diwali has some horrible health and environmental hazards. Here's a lowdown of how bad bursting crackers can really be.
global warming

When effects of global warming acquire their fullest shape and the government fails to deliver, the economic pillar of this democracy will develop cracks.
cyclone hudhud

Hudhud is the third strongest cyclone to hit India. Ever!

Next time you go out to discard an almost perfectly functioning smartphone just because there is a new version in the market, remember the following numbers

"I am working in 31 villages but there seems to be no official help for us to get more staff or medicines."
Picture Credits: Tawheed Manzoor

The ignorance which the Prime Minister and Environment Minister have shown was very visible in the attitude of arrogant committee members.

staff pick

If we don't recognize and make efforts to conserve these, no plan is good enough, or green - particularly one that is merely hogwash!

India needs to ensure that the climate interests of the subcontinent are safeguarded, in order to minimize the threat of war within Asia.

We need more action and less talk, NOW!
Villagers and Toxic Fumes in Jharia Coal Mine

India's carbon emission has grown way beyond 1.97 giga tons.
COP15 Climate Lanterns in Delhi

A country that has been ravaged by the severe lashes of nature’s fury today stands at the crossroads and has to decide what path it wants to tread upon.

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