It will take a whole lot of human excreta to raise the water level so high that it spills on the streets.
people's climate march

No leader will save you tomorrow, if we stay quiet today! It’s not about saving the earth, but systems that enable human existence.
Tea India

TGBL, please give me my favourite cup of tea back! Please clean chai now!
On a rainy September day, locals living atop some of India’s richest coal seams in central Odisha make their way to a public hearing about a coal mine planned on their lands

Few urban Indians know or think about these pitched battles unfolding almost every month in rural, often remote, areas of their country.
sustainable development

As technical as it sounds, the idea of having a sustainable lifestyle implies something far deeper and more complex.
environment clearance

With humble, folded hands, I request the popularly elected government to stop appeasing the elite minority and invest more in environment services which will benefit the majority.

"If precautions would've been taken earlier, situation wouldn't have been so grim. People were not well aware."
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Given the continued onslaught on the planet I wonder if it would be all-monochrome or can we still dare hope for a naturally bountiful, world

The movement has only started and there is a long way to go. The only way to tackle the problem is to talk about it and create awareness.
waste pickers

We all need to facilitate livelihood security for them and argue for their increased access to social security so that their and our future is secure.
Children in Dharnai Village. Photo Credit: Vivek M

While we ponder upon the nation’s development in various frontiers, there are villages which cannot even function post sunset every single day

Tampering with regulations will not only adversely affect the environment but also lead to larger repercussions for us.

staff pick

Greenpeace has perhaps figured out the direly needed solution to the country's electricity supply deficit.
mahan forest

The events that have unfolded over the past eight years in Mahan have been controversial from the word go
Raju being served fruits by WSOS co-founder, Kartick Satyanarayan

The saga of animal cruelty in our country has continued for hundreds of years now, but not much seems to have changed.

The damages done by human hands all these decades cannot be undone in a year or two

“We do conduct an activity where children are taken into the school ground and made to plant trees, but that activity usually turns out as a free period"

The only people to be threatened by Greenpeace campaigning are the greedy corporates, for whom maximization of profit means everything
Arun Krishnamurthy, pictured during the clean-up of Lake Kilkattalai, is determined that India’s urban lakes will not disappear through neglect. Chennai, India, 2012

"When I showed interest in cleaning the pond, several interested volunteers joined and that’s when it struck me..."
New Delhi, India: Greenpeace activists dressed as animals hold placards

Maybe it is the right time to ask the dreaded question: “Who stole our development?”

On World Environment Day, we looked at the trend of the tiger population.
air pollution

World Environment Day brings a fair amount of challenges for India. We rank at 155 among 178 countries on environmental quality.

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