Efforts should be underway so as to curtail the dire repercussions of environmental contamination.

So you might ask how these changes affect us Indians who live so far from the Antarctic.

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The accident in KKNPP is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg in terms of lack of vision and competency to deal with such grave issues.

The longer we ignore the problem, the more severe it will get.

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“The wars of 21st century will be fought over water”

Why does the concept of using a dustbin and finding a public toilet seem alien to most of us?

They are being punished for protesting peacefully to protect Mahan's forests and the rights of its people.
Ramesh Agrawal

Ramesh Agrawal is the 5th Indian to have won the Goldman Environmental Prize, also known as the Green Nobel.

The Clean Ganga campaign demands that parties contesting from the city address issues related to cleaning the Ganga and clearly spell out their plans.

While Election 2014 in Varanasi heats up, the Ganga takes centre stage once again.

If we all do a little bit to help preserve natural resources, we will help prevent many more species of animals and plants becoming endangered.

The Indian government is in a hurry to endanger your food supply and risk your safety.

Time is ticking, and sooner or later, we have to do something to save our planet.

Owing to its perennial nature, water is incredibly hard to measure. Scaling the number of litres one consumes in a day is an even more herculean task.
world water day

It is time that India in her concern for the environment shifts the subject of water to the concurrent list of the Constitution and frames policies.

Forests are the skin of our planet and mankind is busy ripping it apart at the size of a football field every 2 seconds.

Let’s hope that Badal is not just paying lip-service to small farmers and the environment, and that his obeisance to the private sector is not as zealous as it appears.
essar quit mahan

The people of Mahan who are on the verge of losing everything, have already started preparing for a big fight against the corporate powers
Veerappa Moily

The Environment ministry’s hushed affair to grant approvals to corporate houses exhibits its failure to act as a ‘curator of a valuable resource base’.
glacier calving

We have all heard of global warming and climate change but the time to act is fast running out.

A satirical take on how we have misunderstood the meaning of 'Development'!

Here are a few pictures of the beauty that will light up a large number of Californian homes

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