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Dugongs have a relatively slow rate of reproduction, which, coupled with their dependance on seagrass, makes them an ecologically fragile species.
delhi air pollution smog

A recent study by the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz puts things terrifyingly into perspective.
ganpati festival visarjan
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As another Ganpati festival comes to an end, a look at the impact idol immersion has on our environment.

India needs to pursue short-term goals to deal with its growing energy crisis.
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Vehicle ownership in Gurgaon is among the highest in the country, leading to air pollution
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Scientists have created artificial plants that will use sunlight to make gasoline and natural gas through photosynthesis, that can be used as fuel.
COP20_Climate Change

At this year’s COP21 in Paris, India needs to prove itself this time that it is thinking for some real, achievable targets to tackle climate change
Taschen: e-waste

Data shows the alarming rate at which we are producing waste, especially digital waste
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With only 58 per cent rainfall this season, Maharashtra is likely to face one of the worst agrarian crises ever

Across the drought-hit regions of the State, despair grows. Over 7,000 villages are drought or scarcity-hit. Officially.
glass skyscraper building

When we keep debating over how we need to think differently, should our houses, our offices, our cities not reflect our changing thoughts?
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In rural India, poisoning accounts for four in 10 suicides due to swallowing of pesticides.
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Landholding can affect marital prospects. It can also affect sex ratios and lead to polyandry. A village in Alwar provides a snapshot.
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The elephant wall has alienated large sections of the local community, particularly the poorer, forest-dependent people.
toilets schools
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On August 15, the government announced it had achieved the target of building toilets in all schools in India. But are these toilets functional?

Prakash Javadekar, gave the green signal to the reportedly ‘anti-green’ project of a four lane widening of the NH7.
manjhi kaun kitney paani mein
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Both 'Manjhi' and 'Kaun Kitney Paani Mein' delve into issues which have tremendous social relevance in today’s India.
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On August 18, 2015 the Standing Committee of the NBWL approved the Draft notification for the new boundaries of the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.
masai tribe africa
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These biogas cylinders will be available for domestic use at half the price of LPG.

The bond between our pets and us is at once both simple and complicated.

Around the globe, people are unaware of the cruelty endured by animals for human benefits.
DTC_Bus_Green_Non_AC brt
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Attempts are being made to misrepresent CNG bus emissions as more dangerous than diesel bus emissions, says Centre for Science and Environment.

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