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I tasted creepy crawly creatures during a conference on indigenous food in Shillong, Meghalaya.
Systematic reviews of the research judge the current evidence as mostly in favour of drinking coffee

Many of us depend on coffee to fuel our early morning meetings, mid-afternoon slumps or all-night study sessions.
Tipu_Sultan cropped
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Keeping aside Tipu Sultan’s alleged iconoclasm, remember him for laying the foundations of Karnataka’s silk industry.
pregnant-woman baby belly
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What the increase in caesarean operations worldwide tells us about the science and politics of birthing.

A lot of us believe that merely one day of celebration on Diwali will not harm the environment. But it is not just a matter of one day.
rishikesh river rafting
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White water rafting operators and environmental activists are in a legal battle over rafting's effect on the environment.
Image source: Aditi Priya

We wait throughout the year to celebrate Diwali, but these clay workers in Bihar wait for it to earn a respectful amount of money.
chandertal lake himachal pradesh
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Banning loud music and cooking in the higher reaches can go a long way in maintaining the fragile ecosystem.
Diwali crackers
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The voice of reasoning may not have sunk in, but the poison released by crackers probably has.
Image source: Wikimedia commons
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National Green Tribunal upholds move by state pollution control board to cap noise level limit at 90 decibels.
Diwali crackers
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Trends in air quality data show that the level of pollutants in the National Capital Region go up each year, with the bursting of firecrackers on Diwali.

These photos show the relation modern technology has in complementing the traditional disaster risk reduction methods of the Mishing community.
manmade forest down to earth
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Mulai Kathoni is often regarded as the world’s only human-made forest created by Jadav Payeng, a local resident.
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A new book recounts the intimate experiences of prominent writers with elephants. Here are a few exclusive excerpts.
chana-dal pulses

Despite being the largest producer of pulses in the world, India is importing around 3.5 million tons annually on an average to meet consumption needs.
namami ganga animation video
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A budget of Rs 20,000 crore, 10 times that of the previous programmes, was allotted to rejuvenate the Ganga.
diwali diya

Not only our daily activities but our modern practices during holy festivals contribute no less to the deterioration of the environment.

Kochi achieved a major environmental milestone last August by becoming the first Airport in the world to be completely powered by Solar Energy.
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Right To Information cannot be the panacea to our problems if we do not re-evaluate our relationship with the state.

Famines and pestilence have been part of Indian farmers' predicament, however now it is something much more modern and sinister-Genetically Modified Crops.
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In the last one year, the issue of mental health in India has been put on the back-burner.

Not only in festivals in India, but also as part of wildlife tourism in Southern Africa, elephants have been treated as a source of entertainment.

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