public urination

If you what to pee, find a toilet! Period! Don’t try to show me that thing, or be ready to face the consequences.
Gnaga pollution

People don't want to hear the word “impure” about Ganges.
Indo-Japan nuclear deal

The Indian government has a poor record of nuclear safety with an ineffective AERB and non-transparent NPCIL.

A 5 year old almost lost her eye to stray manja while a biker was grossly injured in a manja-caused accident!

This sacred river has become a “sewage drain” since 1985, with most of the pollution load coming from Delhi itself.

The greatest sin in politics may not be that you didn't make things better for your countrymen, but breaking what is not broken. The congress is guilty of that.

A shocking story of the alleged destruction of ecology by Coca Cola and an inspiring struggle by the people to resist it.
COP 19th

I never voted for my leaders on the basis of their commitment to the cause of environment, never sought it on their agendas and manifestoes. Perhaps this time.

Little things do lead to big changes. You just need to believe in it. Ultimately, it’s your belief that counts.

Cutting down forests in either of the countries will have similar impacts which are bound to affect not just a country or a continent but life on the planet

Dolphins have unusually high intelligence as compared to other animals, and therefore should be treated as “non-human persons

India has been facing widespread criticism both from abroad and from within regarding her stand on global climate change negotiations.
climate change

Have you observed the unpredictable weather patterns? Have you ever pondered over number of deaths due to heatstroke and cold waves?
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Either we mend our ways and start planning for the climate change or we get wiped off the face of the Earth.

In the past three-four months where we have not only thwarted important agreements but also failed to take responsibility of stopping the climate change
Arctic 30

Cutting across geographies, this event of solidarity is testimony to believing in the right, no matter how difficult it may seem in the beginning.

Does the government really need to ask Amir Khan and Vidya Balan to tell us how important cleanliness and sanitation are?

Lack of awareness and poor planning has been a major contributor to the casualties.

Not only does this involve diverting water from several water reserves, but it is also reported to have polluted several aquifers and water tables.

Global protests call for the release of the Arctic 30 as masked men break into the grounds of the Greenpeace office.
Organic Farming In India

The consumption of fertilizers in India over the last three decades has grown to half a million tonnes on an average per year.
Nuclear Energy

Given the fact that the potential effects of a nuclear disaster are so devastating and tragic, is it even worth the risk?

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