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The social media is unique as it is highly informal, yet, is the most organised congregation of people.
While many people in India live without electricity, it is looking less likely that Australian coal will supply it. Environmental Change and Security Program/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND

Alternative energy technologies like solar, coupled with battery storage, are rapidly decreasing in cost.
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Bauxite is required for aluminium production, and Odisha is rich in bauxite deposits which are estimated to be 55% of the country’s total.
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"Monsoon is in a positive trend, there is no need to have any anxiety."
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A research aimed at increasing toilet use in countries has revealed striking observations.
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As far as the eye can see, it is a mass of horns in a desiccated, semi-arid landscape.
Western Ghats

The forest cover in hill areas should be 66 percent, to provide ecological security. However, in reality the forest cover is less than 10 percent!

From threatening animals’ right to live, the Centre’s move is outright eliminating that right.
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Omkar Nath Sharma, 77, is a walking medicine bank.

This year’s death toll (2,000) can very soon exceed the worst ever recorded in India (1998, killing 2,541 people)!
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Adani Group is building Australia’s largest coal mine. It is being investigated for overstating the jobs and revenue and destroying the Great Barrier Reef.
years of living dangerously

Climate change is real, and it’s getting worse.
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Growing reliance on air conditioning upsets the energy balance in the city.
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These pictures would remain to be mere photographic memories if we do not act to preserve nature.
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Shell, the multinational oil and gas company, is all set to start drilling for oil in the Arctic this summer

On World Environment Day, find out the impact each action we make has on global warming.
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This is not for the first time that nutritional concerns have been raised about the product.
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We can’t stop it, but we can prepare well to reduce human casualties.
Photo courtesy: Laurie Jones/Wikimedia Commons
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Are bureaucrats under Modi regime so hard-pressed that settees in office have become a necessity?
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We need to learn how to protect, regenerate and grow trees, all at the same time.
bellandur lake

The Bellandur Lake of Bangalore has hit headlines for ‘departing-from-the-natural’.
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The creative use of social media saved several lives.

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