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Attempts are being made to misrepresent CNG bus emissions as more dangerous than diesel bus emissions, says Centre for Science and Environment.
Oiled bird. Image source: wikimedia commons

Royal Dutch Shell company has received approval to begin drilling for oil in the Arctic, specifically the Chukchi Sea in Alaska.
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Once known as the silver street and home of famous poet like Ghalib, Chandni Chowk is today a nightmare for motorists, residents, traders and tourists.
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Prime Minister Modi’s proposal for a universal health insurance scheme on I-Day, insurance-covered India went evoking its annual quota of patriotic sentiments.
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Water in the slums of Delhi affects every aspect of daily life, from monsoon flooding to the daily struggle for clean drinking water.
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Immune system weakens due to less contact with people and germs.

POSCO had been unable to bludgeon on in Odisha, and there seems to be nothing that it has learned about environmental safety after its previous experience.

What if our coming generations only knew those beautiful and vivacious animals in tales and stories?
For the 15 days, families in West Bengal have been dealing with mass flooding. Locals say it's the worst flooding in 15 years. There are an estimated 13,200 villages in just West Bengal alone affected, with the worst affected district being Bardhaman, where more than 333,000 people are directly affected. In all of India, an estimated 10 million are affected.

But it’s not on news stations. It’s not being discussed in public spheres. There’s no mention in newspapers. And I can’t figure out why.

For the last five days, I’ve taken tiny hand-dug boats to reach villages cut-off – their road access lost due to the rising waters.

The army has been deployed in Bhardman district to shepherd the panic stricken crowd into 1537 relief camps.
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Pollution levels now touch alarmingly high levels with 65 per cent of all days this past winter being classified as "severely polluted".
Image source: Aditi Rindani
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The Federal Court of Australia has overturned the approval granted by the Tony Abbott government to Adani’s Carmichael mine in north Queensland.
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India will surpass China to be the most populous country in the world by 2022.
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India is losing 135 hectares of forest land daily as per the data acquired through a recent RTI petition.
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Because, "Kodaikanal won’t step down, till you make amends now!"
Female Track Athletes at Starting Line
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There is insufficient evidence to show that testosterone levels are a good predictor of athletic performance.
Image source: Asmita Sarkar

Union Environment Minister Sri Prakash Javadekar made the historic announcement that 2,226 Royal Bengal Tigers now roared freely across the Indian wilds.
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Outdoor air pollution is the fifth largest killer in India.
Image source: Downtoearth.org.in

From discarded bottles and worn-out tyres to old newspapers and ragged shoes, young professionals are recycling waste as a full-time business with a social message.
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On the outskirts of Bangalore, in Lakshmipura village, residents woke up to a nightmarish reality on the morning of 20th July 2015.
The map, showing groundwater withdrawals as a percentage of groundwater recharge, is based on state-level estimates of annual withdrawals and recharge reported by India's Ministry of Water Resources. The three states included in this study are labeled. Credit: NASA/Matt Rodell

The frightening thing is that this rapid depletion of groundwater is a man-made disaster.
Image source: vinoth chandar

In the pious presence of the elephant-headed god, this living namesake of the deity enjoyed all the freedom of an uncaged zoo.
agricultural philosophy

The principles of this philosophy focus on understanding the complex relationships between animals, insects, plants and ourselves.

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