Organic Farming In India

The consumption of fertilizers in India over the last three decades has grown to half a million tonnes on an average per year.
Nuclear Energy

Given the fact that the potential effects of a nuclear disaster are so devastating and tragic, is it even worth the risk?

His vision? To eradicate plastic usage by approaching individuals of local communities and urging them to change their behaviour.

Join us for the climate chat, where you set the agenda with your questions on global warming and we get our experts to answer them

It is worth remembering that, according to official data, residents of Mumbai get 158 litres of water per day per person on an average.

The Eastern coast of India is all braced up to face the wrath of the Cyclone Phailin, a category 4 cyclone fast approaching the country.

90% of Indians surveyed were feeling the impact of climate change on their lives and ability to earn but 57% of them were not willing to make changes
Portrait of Kumi Naidoo

We are willing to face the consequences of what we did, as long as those consequences are within a nation’s criminal code

The debate of this nomenclature of ecofeminism and feminist environmentalism is a focal point in the debate over gender and environment.
Greenpeace International activist Faiza Oulahsen (from the Netherlands) at the Leninsky District Court Of Murmansk

An effort is underway to intimidate us, but our peaceful passionate campaign against Gazprom and all other Arctic drillers will not be silenced.
Coal Pickers at Jharia Coal Mine

The company has missed its production targets for several years in a row, and looks set to miss them again this year.

Why should we expect the animals to tolerate this, and why should we humans who encroach, go unpunished?
Nigahi coal mine, India's largest open cast mine, operated by NCL a subsidiary of Coal India in Singrauli MP. © Greenpeace / Sudhanshu Malhotra.

Greenpeace India has filed an official complaint with Indian Stock Exchange regulator against CIL for concealing material evidence on their coal reserves

One doesn't have to conform to vegetarianism or vegan-ism to show their support for wildlife conservation.

It's ignorant, illiterate people who are saving the country’s precious environment but it's the same people who are accused for being “too poor to be green”
Ice ride Global Day of Action Mumbai 2 © Hemant Singh

Increases in CO2 levels and global temperatures caused the sea ice in the Arctic to melt and this shows us the alarming consequence of burning fossil fuels.
snow leopards

The natural dearth of Snow Leopards is not the sole threat towards endangerment. There are many more reasons.

The amendments aim to have more rigorous enforcement of the existing laws of wildlife protection.

Seeing a Lion almost 8 feet long and 4 feet in height passing by you at a distance of a mere 25 feet, gives you goose bumps and your heart starts to pound.
Villagers in Dharnai, Bihar at the Gram Sabha meet for the Bihar Rural Electrification Micro Grid Project give their 'go ahead' for the Rural Electrification Micro Grid Project.

The micro grid will involve 100 kilowatts of solar panels supplying affordable, sustainable and round the clock electricity to 350 households in Dharnai

For years, sharks have been captured, finned and been thrown back into oceans, left to die a painful death
Drought in Assam

The total prize money for various categories is 26 lakh Indian rupees. The prize money will help winners to transform their idea into a business reality.

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