green revolution

Not a very Green Revolution.
Being vegetarian saves cows' lives, but threatens the future of other sentient creatures. nunro

The challenge for the ethical eater is to choose the diet that causes the least deaths and environmental damage.
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Evidence shows WHO’s recommendation to increase tax on tobacco products is the most effective way to curb its consumption.
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In the 18 years of operation, the Kodaikanal thermometer factory exposed about 600 workers to toxic mercury – at least 45 of which have died prematurely.
fazle hasan abed down to earth
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Fazle Hasan Abed of Bangladesh has been chosen the winner of The World Food Prize 2015 for his "unparalleled" work on reducing poverty in many countries.

Nature strikes indiscriminately, and animals, being extremely vulnerable suffer from severe casualties.
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Its policy of equitable, accessible and universal healthcare ensured easy access to care by pregnant women and children.
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The councilor threatened us that if we wanted to live in that locality we would have to withdraw the RTI for the University of Burdwan wetland we had filed.

Coal remains at the heart of Indian energy policy, with 455 of 1,199 new coal-based thermal power plants proposed worldwide set to come up in India.
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A group of students at the Isaac Newton Academy in Essex, England, have invented a 'smart' condom to detect sexually transmitted infection in the wearer.
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The social media is unique as it is highly informal, yet, is the most organised congregation of people.
While many people in India live without electricity, it is looking less likely that Australian coal will supply it. Environmental Change and Security Program/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND

Alternative energy technologies like solar, coupled with battery storage, are rapidly decreasing in cost.
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Bauxite is required for aluminium production, and Odisha is rich in bauxite deposits which are estimated to be 55% of the country’s total.
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"Monsoon is in a positive trend, there is no need to have any anxiety."
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A research aimed at increasing toilet use in countries has revealed striking observations.
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As far as the eye can see, it is a mass of horns in a desiccated, semi-arid landscape.
Western Ghats

The forest cover in hill areas should be 66 percent, to provide ecological security. However, in reality the forest cover is less than 10 percent!

From threatening animals’ right to live, the Centre’s move is outright eliminating that right.
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Omkar Nath Sharma, 77, is a walking medicine bank.

This year’s death toll (2,000) can very soon exceed the worst ever recorded in India (1998, killing 2,541 people)!
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Adani Group is building Australia’s largest coal mine. It is being investigated for overstating the jobs and revenue and destroying the Great Barrier Reef.
years of living dangerously

Climate change is real, and it’s getting worse.

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