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bundelkhand drought

A new Cobrapost report unravels this aspect of droughts through a look at the droughts that regularly afflict the Bundelkhand region
JNU Twitter
Posted by Che Pu

RSS's statement that JNU is anti-national is a larger attack on the left-leaning students' movement.
steak cut up

For 83 years, the beef ban was kept somewhat in the shadows, apart from some isolated cases of protest. Why the noise now?
Image source: Twitter

Cows, faith, anti-faith, slaughter, rumours, hatred, violence – and many other nouns can be attached to the ongoing Cow-nama in India.
Modi protests UK

Modi headed off for another foreign trip in November, this time to the United Kingdom. But not everyone was happy about it.
Image source: Twitter

During his visit this time, the British media took no time to pose direct, sharp questions at Modi, questions he has avoided in his home country, India.
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In the run up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the UK, four of UK's foremost Dalit organisations have written a letter to him.

In a latest attack, the Shiv Sena has decided to stop Pakistani actors, Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan from entering 'Maharashtrian land'.
sarbat khalsa
Posted by Nikita Azad

A movement which was initiated with a calculated pardon and sacrilege of the holy book has reached the demand for a separate state: 'Khalistan'.

The RSS is responsible for trying to turn one of the world's great religions, Hinduism, into their version of fascism.
ram ke naam excerpt

In 1990, L.K Advani led a 'rath yatra' across the country, gathering followers to demolish the Babri Masjid. Here's what Lalu Yadav had to say about it.
vishwa hindu parishad

Those who seek emancipation will find better banners to rally behind than 'tolerance'. It will stop oppressors from appropriating the struggle.
Kashmir protests
Guest AuthorPosted by Abid Baba

The Kashmir issue is more complicated than it appears, and simply forcing students to attend a seminar on it isn't enough.
mahila panchayat

Is it enough for women to hold positions of power in local government bodies? Can they influence life in their communities from these positions?
Modi visit
Posted by sofiahsan

By avoiding a serious political narrative in Kashmir during his recent visit, Modi again proved the insincerity of the Indian state towards Kashmir.
modi- nitish - lalu
staff pick

A party that seemed well ahead of the Grand Alliance a month before the polls, came a poor second with 58 seats as compared to 178 for the Grand Alliance.
Nitish-Banner bihar election results
Posted by IndiaSpend

“The victory of Grand Alliance will change the course of national politics,” RJD leader Lalu Prasad said.
Netaji Subhas Bose with Mahatma Gandhi at an Indian National Congress meet. Image source: Wikipedia

By declassifying archives of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Mamata Banerjee has played a masterstroke ahead of the 2016 Bengal elections.
bihar exit poll election 2015
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Despite all the analyses, no one is ready to predict anything. One thing is certain – it will be a close contest. Till then, it's curtains drawn.
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While we wait for the Sahai commission report on the Muzaffarnagar riots, Youth Ki Awaaz decided to look into how the victims live 2 years after the riots.
romila thapar screenshot

Romila Thapar, who has recently come under attack for her 'anti-India' views, explains her reason for not giving into a rewriting of history on communal lines.
Image source: Wikimedia commons
Posted by IndiaSpend

As a percentage of total population greater than 18 years, Bihar has the fewest men and women voting in an election.

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