Entrepreneurship In India – It”s Time To Create Jobs Rather Than Look For Them

Mr. Nitesh Chandra, Country Manager of EFactor India, gives some Entrepreneurship advice to youth in this era when entrepreneurship is gaining solid grounds in the country: "The hype and glamour masks the commitment and persistence needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. I have tried to list some groundwork that one should undertake before one decides to go down this route"
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Awaaz from Kyrgyzstan

This year for Kyrgyzstan has become crucial. The turmoil which took place in Bishkek, April 7th this year, has become the milestone for the events that appeared in Southern Kyrgyzstan recently. Aygul Hanov from Kyrgyzstan tells us the first hand.
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India is in The Midst of a Silent Epidemic but Does Anyone Care?

Piyush Tewari, the Founder of SaveLife Foundation, which was established in February 2008 in response to the ever-increasing incidents of road accident deaths due to lack of timely intervention to save the victims, narrates his real life experience and a few essential tips and steps on how the road accident fatalities can be reduced in this guest post at Youth Ki Awaaz.