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Almost 12% of all the children in India are pushed into work instead of going to schools. The incidence rate in the country is one of the highest in the world where children drop out of schools or never reach their classrooms because they are busy working in inhumane, dingy conditions that take a toll on their mental and physical wellbeing at a very tender age.

A child’s future is darkened when he/she works in a dangerous fire cracker factory or in a wretched coal mine instead of going to school or playing in the park because he/she is probably earning some extra money for the family. Families of such labourers find themselves in a dilemma as they don’t have enough to educate their children and the children end up working and earning money instead, when they should ideally be learning. Who is responsible?

CRY-Child Rights and You, an Indian NGO that believes in every child’s rights to a childhood says, “Under the Amendment Bill the provision for punishment to the offending parents/ guardians has been suggested. Are we looking at punishing parents for situations which they may not be able to control and therefore have no option but to send their child to work?”



Members of the Parliament (MPs) are expected to legislate effectively, examine the budget and debate over the expenses of the government, hold the government accountable and above all, represent the interests of their constituents. Unfortunately, over the last few years, the reputation of parliament has suffered a little. It has been losing some of its effectiveness.

This Lok Sabha was the most unproductive till now. It convened for only 63% of the allotted time. The cost of every minute during a parliament session is Rs. 2.5 lacks.

A private corporate functions more on targets to be achieved and deadlines to be met, and the outcome for lax and hooliganism is salary cuts and taking back incentives. Do you think our parliament should function more like a corporate?



The Supreme Court passed a verdict upholding Section 377 and stating that the Delhi High Court’s ruling in favour of gay rights is “constitutionally unstable”. The Supreme Court has today ruled sex between two consenting gay adults as criminal.

What is your view on the Supreme Court’s verdict? Is it against human rights?

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By Editorial Staff:

Who do you want to see as the next President of the Country? Tell us by clicking below:


Youth Ki Awaaz recently ran a week long poll, asking YOU about your opinions on censorship, piracy and internet freedom – and the results are out.

We started the poll with a basic question about how the internet was contributing to a regular, everyday youths’ opinion formation, and the result, as we expected, is as follows:

87% of the respondents felt that internet does contribute to their opinion formation process and plays an important role.


The next question we asked was a direct jump to whether young respondents had ever engaged in promoting offensive/funny photographs of Government employees, such as the Prime Minister, and surprisingly (or may be not), a good 45% of the respondents had engaged in promoting such content.

There are two further thoughts which can be attached to this question:

1) Nearly half of the respondents think and believe that making fun of someone like the Indian Prime Minister is either okay,  or just a fun activity.

2) Should the people really not have some respect for the head of the Cabinet of Ministers in India? Or has he lost it all?

There can be umpteen debates on these topics, but it is clear that nearly half of the respondents have been engaging in the promotion of offensive content online – about high level Government employees and ministers.


Our next question, much related to the previous one, was about whether the Government should be allowed to remove such offensive content. The reasons could be many: From bad image of the country’s Governance being promoted to personal attacks and derogatory remarks without much investigation. However, the results make it very clear that the Government must not be allowed to remove such content from the internet:


We changed tracks with the next question and moved to a more current topic of the recent blocking of websites such as The Pirate Bay and other file sharing portals. While a majority of the people completely believe that piracy is a very serious offense, surprisingly (or not), and disappointingly, a majority also think that piracy must go on. 64% of the respondents feel that piracy is an offence, and 59% also feel that piracy must go on:


Our next question was about Government intervention in what people should surf or not. And as we thought, the results were as follows:

While 82% respondents thought that the Government must not tell the users what to surf or not, there were 18% respondents who do believe that the Government does have the right to tell us what to surf or not.


The Indian Government also blocked websites like Vimeo and Pastebin, which have nothing to do with Piracy. This brought us to the question of out-rightly banning and taking down websites without public consent and debate.

87% of you believed that websites must NOT be allowed to do so, and that there must be a discussion and public consent must be taken.


Our last question concluded to one fact: Does the Indian Government feel under pressure due to the increased awareness on critical issues because of social media usage of voicing opinions, and just as we thought, 79% of the respondents gave a big fat YES to this as seen below:

Any thoughts on this poll? Want to add more opinions? Use the comments section below.

Total number of respondents: 1000, Duration of poll: 7 days.

censorship poll

Recently, Bollywood producers demanded shutting down of websites which promote pirated content, such as The Pirate Bay and other video sharing sites like Vimeo. The Supreme Court accepted the order and the websites were pulled down by internet service providers. This led to a big hue and cry and also led to the hacktivist group – Anonymous hacking the Congress and Supreme Court websites.

Earlier, Kapil Sibal had hit the news making controversy about his views of social media usage, and his talks with various top level employees of Facebook and Google to take down offensive content.

Enough of their views! We want to know what you think about all this. Today, we are launching a special polling section on YKA that would help us understand your views better. Below is our first in a series of weekly polls to understand what you think – and put it out there for the world to know. Go ahead – dig in the poll below.

YouthKiAwaaz.com Censorship Poll

rahul gandhi

Rahul Gandhi began his foot march on Thursday from Sarole village in the district at 6.30 a.m. and walked about 7 km to reach here on his way to Aligarh, where he is slated to address a ‘kisan mahapanchayat’ on July 9.

Do you think Rahul’s march would solve the problems of the farmers, or be able to root out the high level of corruption and Government inefficiency in Uttar Pradesh? Voice yourself in the comments section below.

[poll id=”5″]


On 9th October 2010, we posted our poll question to our readers and response has been phenomenal. The question was:

Do you think the UPA Government deserves to come to power again in 2014?

When UPA – II came back to power the hopes were high. The common Indian citizen had seen signs of development, and the historical victory of the Congress led UPA proved that people want development, and opportunities. Even at a time when the world was undergoing severe recession, India managed to sail through without facing the worst conditions. But, looking closely at what the state of affairs today is, the Congress led Government has had a lot to cover up for. Amidst the various corruption scam, including the biggest scam of the decade, 2G Spectrum scam, the common perspective emerging seems to be that the UPA should not be elected in the center once again in 2014. The results show that a majority (63.48%) want UPA not returning to power in 2014.

While people might debate who the next political power in the center would be, the reality is that nobody is a holy cow. So who are we left with?

Image source.

Our poll results showed the above facts.

Corruption has been a vicious and a deep rooted problem in India. From the lowest level clerk to the highest official, all have been plagued by the desire to earn more, under the table. Youth Ki Awaaz has been tracking corruption for quite some time now, and thus we decided to conduct a poll, asking our audience about their experiences with the bureaucrats and other Government officials.

On 4th of May, 2010, Youth Ki Awaaz released its Quarterly poll. As thought, the question was “Have You Ever Faced a Corrupt Government Official“, and as expected, the response was overwhelming. We received around 320 votes and the results were very clear.

In the first few days, the results were weighing equal, however, on 4th of August, 2010, when we closed our poll the story was completely differently.

Our poll clearly showed that a whopping 91% of the voters had faced corrupt Government officials. This was the startling result that this poll brought forth. Certainly not something that could shake us to the core. In a way, we did expect this, right? Well, there have been people who have disagreed as well. About 9% of the voters had never faced corrupt Government officials.

The result graph is as follows:

Our poll results showed the above facts.

The recent CWG Corruption has certainly been an addition to the list of corrupt practices. This poll proves that a number of us have been exposed to some kind of, however minor, corruption. Your voice matters. Have you ever been subject to any level of corruption? Have you ever faced a corrupt Government official?

Voice yourself in the comments section below or email us at [email protected]. You can also tweet us @YouthKiAwaaz.

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