An Idyllic Odyssey #POEM

Somebody from the days of yore, Cries my name out. I hear it faintly. Somebody from that dungeon pleads, Must I come and rescue him.

Carnival Of Rust #POEM

Shivendra writes a poem about how life's struggles can bog you down but how important it is to take each hand and walk along the way and see better days.
Painting by Daumier, Honore: The Uprising

What Do I Choose To Ignore? #POEM

The common man is frustrated. When he sees terrorists resting in the Indian jails, when he sees corruption growing by the second, price rising every minute. And he expresses himself.

The Casting Shadows #POEM

When you are alone, isolated from life, There’s always someone with you. Always ignored albeit tightly bound. Knows your deepest secrets - what’s right, what’s true.

The Weight Of Destiny! #POEM

Some hands become treaties, That seal the fate of two nations, Or the course of a river. Some become weapons, Against the creativity of a questioning child. Some become fly swatters, During a summer political gathering.