Bhadels in Goa

The Bhadels earn anything between 50 to 200 rupees a day.
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The grave injustice being done to wonder woman's pant-less avatars.
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Our inexplicable obsession with cow urine needs to stop before things get out of hand.
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my story

I will not apologize for not feeding the ego and pride of misogynist society

In such a restrictive society, Deepika’s talking about her depression was not only commendable, but also inspirational.
free speech

If we stand for free speech, we must accept every aspect of it.
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The new budget slash does not bode well for a country that has faced major healthcare crises since its inception.
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Of course, radical Islamic terrorism, let us call it by its name, does not exist. To say this is not intended to deny the horrors that the world faces...

The bigger take away is the debate on sexist jokes. Point made there, protestors!
ryan gosling feminism

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I admit my feminism may not be perfect, but I resent the notion that I can’t be a feminist.

"My skin was crawling when I saw the water. It was full of frogspawn, and was filthy."
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Here is the reason why the questions raised by Abish Mathew's sexist jokes, and the subsequent protests are hard to resolve
iit r

Do all this and whatever you want as long as you do not change anything, they seem to say.
Padmakesarpur Village

"It makes me very proud when communities are inspired to stand by me. It's a different kind of delirium!"

The activist was not only beaten, but she was also almost disrobed by the mob.
rape case

Blame then, is the name of the game. It seems to be the upcoming national sport of the nation.

Each recommendation was democratically passed by Delhi University students from various colleges
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Is old-age really an end of your passions? I thought so too, before I met him...
Herero and Namaqua Genocide

Before Adolf Hitler, the German General von Troth led an extermination campaign against the Heroro and Nama people of Namibia. Will they ever get justice?
we all need feminism

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Feminism simplified for the millennial generation.
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The cards had been printed, her clothes had been stitched, all preparations nearly done; how could she back out?

Examine what? An examination makes sense if one has been taught or has had a chance at learning at least

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