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Cows are holy to a certain population in the same way pork is profane to another. The problem arises when one forces their opinions over another.
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Posted by Kanika Sori

The 'holy cow' myth is just food fascism. This culinary politics is nothing but an attempt to wipe out cultural identities.
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The human trafficking problem in the country is so huge that an organisation along the lines of Narcotics Control Bureau is being created to deal with its victims.
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Men are not usually "allowed" to be victims.

Someday, you might hear about a mob of straight people lynching a person because, say, he is ‘rumored’ to be a homosexual.
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India has changed in myriad ways after Independence, but not in the way Gandhi envisioned it. The problems of the past have now escalated.
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A mob lynched Mohammad Akhlaq following rumours of beef consumption. Akhlaq was brutally murdered, his son critically injured and family scarred for life.
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Not wanting to be outed is a perfectly valid expectation when you’re queer, but a jarring lack of visibility can be equally frustrating.
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Businesses having a better gender mix, research proves, reap greater results. And there’s cold, hard proof for that now.
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Children between the ages of 1 and 5 are most vulnerable to sexual abuse, and that the perpetrator is usually someone well-known to or a part of the family.
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Graham Staines, a Christian pastor was killed in 1999 because he was 'converting' Hindus. In 2015, a Muslim man was killed for consuming beef.

India has come a long way since the times of Gandhi, and unfortunately, a long way off from his vision of the perfect India.
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Coke harms your body in more way than one. And in just 60 minutes the damage done by your favourite drink is shocking.
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With the way everyone is talking and acting it feels as if my eating disorder fit in better with a food-obsessed society than my attempts to recover.

I write this, not to glorify the importance of critical examination, scientific temperament or reasoned truth in our everyday lives.
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How can I forget the night? I remember every little detail.
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I have often been asked to remove my hijab to show liberation of women. But isn't liberation wearing what you wish to?
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Innovations that reignite the belief that ideas have the potential to change lives.
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Guest AuthorPosted by Ekta Kapoor

The intention was to come up with a non-violent approach to tell the harasser that his behaviour is unacceptable and that he should back off.
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In front of my eyes, the man was burning, trembling in pain. I stood right inside my compartment just staring at him in shock, tears trickling down my eyes.
Women attending the special Gram Sabha. Kabza Gram Panchayat, District Dungarpur, Rajasthan
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The top five states of India with the highest percentage of women MLAs are also states with the worst sex ratios.
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We do have freedom, but in disguise. A true form of democracy can't be achieved as long as our freedoms are curtailed.

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