The bad news Vishesh, is that formal education will fail you. But the good news is, life’s lessons won’t.
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14 year old Fardeen was 11 when he first came to Delhi to look for a job & a good life. He was sold off to a factory and illegally employed in child labour.
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As many as 415 million people in India have never attended any educational institute, of which 242 million (58%) are female.
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Does the freedom guaranteed to us come with strings attached and "conditions apply*"?
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Ashoo Mongia is a busy man. President of the Rashtriye Goraksha Sena, an organisation based in Delhi, he has his hands full, to be fair.
Activists from the Global Council of Indian Christians shout slogans
against the targeting of members of the country's' minority community
during a demonstration in New Delhi November 16, 2002. The activists
accused various political parties of sectarian violence and called on
the central government to preserve, promote and defend the secular,
pluralistic values of the constitution. REUTERS/Kamal Kishore


'Secularism' has become a word that has been so abused that it is now seen with cynicism, if not utter disgust.
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FTII students were arrested, detained and barred from entering the IFFI. Distressed with this treatment, 87 filmmakers write to the Ministers in charge, expressing solidarity with students.
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It is time we move ahead of what the media reported about Rahul Gandhi's visit to Mount Carmel College.
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I appeal, not only to every woman, but also to every man, to take this campaign to all different corners of the society.
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There are approximately 70 million drug abusers in India. While a crackdown seems right, perhaps we should first study the consequences of drug prohibition.
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On 9th October 2015, 10 individuals united by their love for riding bikes took on a challenge to achieve a milestone - nutrition for every child in India.
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From my interaction with refugee children what I have seen is that they have a great ardour of love, gratitude, and care in them despite all odds.
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Mira was married at the age of 18 to a handsome army officer. They made a picture-perfect couple to the world, but the reality of this marriage was...
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The Happy to Bleed campaign has brought into the mainstream discussion something that has long lived behind the rag, cushioned in layers of euphemism.
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On November 20, I wrote an open letter addressed to Sabrimala temple chief Prayar Gopalakrishnan on Youth Ki Awaaz, which went viral on social media.

It is so very difficult to say a goodbye to your ageing parents almost every time when you leave your hometown to your career cities.
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Kids, under the age of 10 were being made to say and repeat things like "I’m not gay but $20 is $20", "I get more ass than a toilet seat".
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People in villages had a problem with Dalit women going out and doing something of their own, that too a job that requires them to stay out for long,"
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At the Ramnath Goenka Awards for Excellence in Journalism 2015, Aamir Khan expressed his concern around the rising cases of intolerance in the country.
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Most of the questions demisexuals receive are invalidating or clearly show ignorance about the orientation on the asker’s part.
Student Mahesh Das polishes shoes on a pavement in the eastern Indian city Calcutta June 5. Mahesh supports his family and backs his education by earning 20 to 30 rupees a day which is less than a dollar. An estimated 20 percent of Calcutta's 12 milion people live in dire poverty.


It is time that we discard this idea of superiority and inferiority in work and treat everybody with respect and dignity.
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For many families, the only source of livelihood is threatened as they continue to incur losses.

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