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I am pained to see that Punjab is now affected by a vice that is destroying the lives of its youth.
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Posted by PM Deepak

I couldn't acknowledge that the only person who I thought loved me, had abused me.
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I recently came across the profile of a man who claims to be a women's rights activist, but his statements are problematic.
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Posted by Nikita Azad

I recently came to know that my blood pollutes the temple Sabrimala, and I am denied entry into it because I am a woman who menstruates.

Earlier this month, a fresh pinch of controversy was thrown into the Ayodhya pot.
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For 83 years, the beef ban was kept somewhat in the shadows, apart from some isolated cases of protest. Why the noise now?
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Posted by Lipi Mehta

The reactions that 10 survivors received after they disclosed abuse.
public toilet

Every time I have to go out, I make sure I don't drink much water lest I have to hunt for a public toilet.
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Conversations about sexual harassment within families can have a lasting impact on children.
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As a woman, I love your stretch marks, dark circles, love handles and cellulite, because that's life.
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With 246.5 mm rainfall in the last 24 hours, Chennai has drowned in what can be said to be its worst flood crisis since 2005.
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Cows, faith, anti-faith, slaughter, rumours, hatred, violence – and many other nouns can be attached to the ongoing Cow-nama in India.
vidya vanam school

At this school in Tamil Nadu, children grow at their own pace and not under pressure.
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Systemic sex-shaming equals to most of us having no information whilst growing up, or being ashamed of our curiosity about our bodies, sex and desire.

Stories of women in rural Bundelkhand who negotiate this space, jostling men and the gendered reality of public life as they go about their work.
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Many young Indian-Americans want nothing to do with India. On the other hand, some are too quick to see it through the lens of a young consultant.
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Guest AuthorPosted by Arun Babu

On many a hot tiring Chennai summer days, a traffic policeman at the junction near my office has brought a smile to my face.
Guest AuthorPosted by Anya Vohra

Diagnosed with a mild case of anaemia at an early age motivated me to delve deeper to find out more about its symptoms, causes and prevention.
school children

"As girls, we face some problems – I am going to write about them."
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Temperatures will drop to below 10⁰ Celsius when winter hits, and with the massive amounts of woollens turned to ash, the situation is desperate.
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"I lost my job and every contact with educational institutions, especially those owned by Muslims. I was not permitted to work because of this case,"
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"Everybody else is doing it, why shouldn’t I?"

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