we all need feminism

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Feminism simplified for the millennial generation.
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The cards had been printed, her clothes had been stitched, all preparations nearly done; how could she back out?

Examine what? An examination makes sense if one has been taught or has had a chance at learning at least

Children, adolescents, youth, adults, and elders can all become champions of gender equality today.
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Emotionally vulnerable and physically weak, this woman in one of Bihar’s most backward districts was forced to have a painful delivery at home
China protest 3

Posters reading “Indian feminists support Chinese feminists”, and “Free these Chinese women now” were ubiquitous at the protest.
Badlapur film poster

We are an active part of the system that propagates this institutionalised violence.
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Only one in four rape trials leads to conviction in India.
Asexual India

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The asexual community anywhere in the world faces the danger of assumed insignificance.
why do indians rape

'Why Indian Men Rape?' is a scathing take on the rape apologists and the misogynist public influencers.
menstrual taboo india

Menstruation, in fact, is a kind of paradoxical concept in our society.

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I will discuss the public lynching at Dimapur and present an alternate, albeit provocative, viewpoint.
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The prevalence of this evil in India of 2015 is a reflection of the deep misogyny harboured by our culture.

Her rape became the prism through which we saw her whole life. We refused to humanize her.
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Where the power dynamics are visibly tilted against women, this young differently-abled lady has the guts to take control of her own life.

Despite falling poverty, slums have been increasing in cities because they provide housing to millions who are not officially regarded as poor.

“I’m not the Park Street Rape Victim. I’m Suzette Jordan,” is what she would proudly say.

Does the Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Bill, 2014, give street vendors a reason to smile?
Greenpeace Activists

However small a victory for free speech you might deem it to be, it is a victory indeed.
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Why are certain hijabs questioned and criticized, while many others have been internalized and remain unrecognized?

“In certain cases, they would also return home without sanitary pads if all the salespersons were men,”
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The restaurant denied entry not only to Nipun Malhotra, but also to two senior citizens on the same day.

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