Catwalks have long been a smile-free zone – well, you can smile at the end when the designer pops up to present you with a bunch of flowers, but during the show, the smile is a no-no.
maneka gandhi mental illness

The statement ignores the many people with serious mental illnesses who might be on the path towards complete recovery or may show remarkable improvement. 
school children classroom

The obsession with engineering depicts a frightening trend with parents forcing their kids to crush their dreams and barter passion for money.
street konnect 3

On 24th January, the North Western suburbs of Mumbai saw more than 4000 people take part in events meant to reclaim the streets of Mumbai.
sunny leone bhupendra choubey

The CNN-IBN interview of Sunny Leone with Bhupendra Chaubey just reconfirmed the low standards the Indian media has set for itself.

'World of Equals' – the new bilingual textbook on gender that has been introduced by the South Indian state of Telangana is a long overdue initiative. 

There is a need to curb political interference in student campuses or there is no guarantee another suicide against discrimination won't occur.
stethoscope on open book on a white background

I am not asking for any special treatment for doctors. All I am asking for is to give us security while we do our jobs.
DU safai karamcharis

10 Dalit safai karamcharis at DU have been on an indefinite sit-in dharna against their unjust and illegal dismissal from work since 1st of January. 

Renaming of cities/roads can be used to create a healthy discourse on the issue of identity, for us as individuals, members of a community, and as Indians.

Smriti Irani was in fact right when she said the issue is not 'Dalit vs non-Dalit'! But she was right for all the wrong reasons.
p sainath

"An attempt is being made to separate the suicide note from the 'life' of Rohith." - P. Sainath.
Source: Madan Kumaraswamy/Flickr

 The dress code is a severe blow to the subversive and liberating power of the Carnival, and might even lead to a reduced tourist turnout. 
Picture courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

It is time that interventions and measure taken to ensure safety are more inclusive and from a bottom-up approach rather than something that is top-down.

A personal account of how women submit to spousal abuse and why they shouldn't.

Women and progressive groups in Egypt are fighting laws that discriminate against women as well as entrenched patriarchal mindsets.
For representation. Source: Thomas Galvez

A student at Jamia Millia Islamia shares his personal experience of a visit to a nearby slum and the stories of people who live there.
hyderabad rohith vemula

Rohith Vemula's death has started a much-needed debate on caste oppression and our indifference to it.
For representation only. Source: REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee

Growing up Muslim in West Bengal under the Left regime, the political space was always sanitised of any traces of identity politics.

Modern democracies, such as the US and India, also have a dark side, involving what some would consider gross human rights violations.

The journey of a young man from being devout to atheism through reason and introspection traced by a friend.

Rohith Vemula had to pay the price for holding on to dreams that fuelled not only his political convictions but also his desire to transcend the boundaries of caste.

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