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"I lost my job and every contact with educational institutions, especially those owned by Muslims. I was not permitted to work because of this case,"
swacch bharat modi

"Everybody else is doing it, why shouldn’t I?"
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I woke up one morning with a headache three years ago. It hasn’t gone away.
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"If we had any income here, we would give up the one roti we get when we work outside, to have half a roti in our home, our village, with our families."
Image source: Aditi Priya
Posted by Aditi Priya

We wait throughout the year to celebrate Diwali, but these clay workers in Bihar wait for it to earn a respectful amount of money.
reshma valliappan

Take the schizophrenic woman with alternate sexuality. Both these labels and existences are not born with her but are received when she reaches adulthood.
airline frisking

Airports have now become a space of interrogation, of reinforcing norms, of invading bodies with scans and pat-downs.
dildar diwali

On Diwali, by bursting firecrackers, we don't realise that we are severely affecting the hearing capabilities of animals.
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The society that we are a part of has inequalities so deep rooted that we have gotten conditioned to not realising or addressing them.
intersex bodies

The gender binary is just one way of ordering the world. It is not the only way.
mental health illness depression ocd
Guest AuthorPosted by Vidyashree

In July, I had my first baby. What followed was postpartum depression. Overwhelming feelings of sadness and unstoppable bouts of crying.
Dabur sexist ad

Marriage is an equal partnership of love, but Dabur's new ad propagates the archaic and stereotypical role of a woman as her husband's property.
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Posted by Atif Khan

According to the survey conducted by Ipsos MORI, one in four Indian women perceive a lack of equal career opportunities as a major issue in the workplace.
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The RTE warriors of Bada Lewa village in Hamirpur show us how empowering the benefits of the RTE Act can be.
Image source: Sami Siva/Medecins Sans Frontieres

For more than ten years now, Kisto has been using her voice to spread health messages in her community. Messages about a known but forgotten disease- kala azar.
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I am a passionate writer, and I know its a risky career. But no fear of risk should demotivate a person from pursuing their passion.
open letter to lgbt community
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I was a homophobe for as long as I could remember. I grew up laughing and mocking homosexual men.
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Posted by vaishali E

Lets celebrate this diwali keeping in mind that it's not our earth to keep, we have merely borrowed it from our children.
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In my 22 month stay in Gujarat, I have gained total control on my non-vegetarian desires.
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From seeing ourselves & others as male/female, Asian/Hispanic, lets change our lens and see ourselves & others foremost as human beings.
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Posted by Majid Alam

Today, violence against minorities, be it women, intelligentsia or lower castes is increasing, and it worries me.
Irom Chanu Sharmila
Guest AuthorPosted by Ravi Nitesh

Despite the government’s ignorance, and suppression, her faith in democracy and non-violence has not been broken.

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