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The restaurant denied entry not only to Nipun Malhotra, but also to two senior citizens on the same day.

The portrayal of a trans woman in sympathetic light rather than something to be laughed at, sure strikes a chord with me.
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The professor's comments almost assumed the "rape-problem" to be an Indian problem, from which Germany can protect itself by banishing Indians.

“Saw a car on the side of the road today. You should have seen it; it was raped”, a friend remarked.
dimapur (1)

How and why does the society distinguish between rape done by an “outsider” and rape done by one of “our own”.
women in military

Is the Indian military doing well by its women, or not?

Under MGNREGA, both women and men are to receive equal wages and at all times at least 33 per cent of the beneficiaries must be women.

The hair-raising details of the Dimapur lynching call for a deeper speculation and analysis of our collective failures.
50 shades

What is it that our highly-moralistic government and the ever considerate censor board are trying to protect us from?
Kalli, a female farmer, riding her bullock cart in Uttar Pradesh’s Banda district. Photo Credit: Khabar Lahariya

Life as a farmer, labourer, goat-herder, mother of four, main wage-earner, and full-time housewife.
the dress

Why is it so hard to see black and blue?
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my story

One of my dearest friends is a lesbian, and I was an active part of her two-year struggle to come out to her parents.

People should see for themselves - how frighteningly identical their views are, to the views of the perpetrators.
manohar lal sharma

It is due to lawyers like Manohar Lal Sharma that women cannot feel safe in their own city and country.
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Women’s unpaid work, for lack of a better comparison, is like air – crucial to our survival but grossly undervalued and invisible

Could it get any worse? With the recent budget cuts, yes it could.
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We are obliviously, systemically, excluding a section of our population
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"Now this is un-mooing-believable..."
India's Daughter

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"Your ill-guided enthusiasm over your film should not be more important than a fair judicial process!"
Sex Education

Why are we so scared of talking about sex?

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Nirbhaya has been insulted alright, not by the British filmmaker but by all of us who prefer not to engage with the difficult truth.
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Who decides what is “right”?

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